Tasty Fresh Fruit Pizza Recipe using Chick-fil-A Fruit Trays #CFAMoms

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As part of my ambassadorship with Chick-fil-A, I was challenged to think outside the box a bit and create a few recipes using items right from their catering menu.

This recipe is fun, easy and tasty.  I created a fresh fruit pizza using various ingredients, including the fresh fruit platter from Chick-fil-A.

Chick-fil-A Fruit Tray

CFA Fresh Fruit


Chick-Fil-A offers so many tasty choices on their catering menu, including this delicious fresh fruit tray.  I love how the colors are bright and appealing and they taste even better than they look. Creating a fresh fruit pizza is easy and fun.  This recipe is something you can create with your kids and really get them involved in the entire process.


Here is everything you will need to create this tasty dish:


  • Chick-fil-A Fresh Fruit Tray
  • 2 rolls – sugar cookie dough (I used Kroger brand)
  • 1 package – soft cream cheese (I used Kroger brand)
  • Any extra fruit for taste or color (I added Kiwi for both)


Start by rolling out the 2 rolls of cooking dough onto a large cookie sheet (17″ x 11″).   Once you have it completely rolled out, cook in the oven according to the baking instructions and temperature on the roll of cookie dough.  I will come out golden brown and about 1/2″ thick when done.  When removed from the oven, allow to cool for 15-20 minutes.

Rolled Cookie Dough

Once you prepared cookie dough base is cooled, apply the cream cheese evenly over the entire cookie, leaving a little room around each edge.

Cooked Dough Cream Cheese

The next step is easy and fun and you can get really creative in how you want to place your fruit (i.e. patterned, color scheme, etc…).  You can add as much or as little fruit as you like. Simply apply your fruit and give a few minutes to let it settle into the cream cheese.

Chick fil A Fruit Pizza

The final step is the best, slice a piece and enjoy.

Fresh Slice Fruit Pizza

This dish is delicious, easy to make and would even be great for a party event or office pitch-in dish.  The best part was the convenience of using the fresh fruit already prepared by Chick-fil-A.

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  1. Gale McCarron says

    What a great little way to get your kids to eat more fruit. I like what the one lady suggested about sleepovers. Fantastic idea! Thank you!

  2. A fun dessert idea for a sleepover party!

  3. This would be good with blueberries or blackberries.

  4. This looks good. I wonder if chocolate chip cookie dough would work with it. Chocolate is a big favorite in our house.

  5. I would change up some of the fruit and I then think it would be really great.

  6. You could let your kids pick out the additional fruit and then have fun assembling the pizza.

  7. Rita Leonard says

    Seems to be really easy to make. The kids should love this.

  8. This would be a great dish to bring to a spring potluck.

  9. Ann Cluck says

    A great summer recipe to go with a BBQ!!! Healthy and fresh!!

  10. It’s always great to get kids involved in meal preparation: they’re more likely to eat it if they helped fix it. Nice pizza.

  11. Michelle Salais says

    Oh yeah! I love fruit and sweets. This would be good to make at our big family gatherings.

  12. Dorothy Boucher says

    wow, how easy is this, great recipe and so yummy looking, I am looking forward to trying this recipe myself 🙂 thanks for share and i’ll do the same.. @tisonlyme143

  13. Rita Leonard says

    This looks delicious and would make a great, different dessert.

  14. I love it! A big pizza cookie with fresh fruit; I don’t know a kid who would turn that down.

  15. I’ve seen recipes for Fresh Fruit Pizza but have never tried it. It does look very good, though.

  16. Found my dish for our ladies brunch! This looks just too easy and so delicious!

  17. This looks so good. I love the fruit from Chick-fil-A! It is always fresh and chilled. Makes a great change from fries in the summer.

  18. I love how you used the Chick-fil-A fruit tray to make this fruit pizza! That makes this even more easier to make since you don’t have to peel and cut all the fruit!

  19. This is a great idea! Chick Fil A catering fruit is so good and fresh. What a delicious dessert!

  20. This looks amazing! Iim trying to eat healthier and I’m loving the fresh fruit ideas I’m finding. I stop by chickfila during the week for a fruit cup for my yogurt in the mornings.

  21. Kristin

    This looks dessert looks delish! I love easy desserts and what a creative idea to use Chick-fil-A fruit from the catering menu!

  22. WOW! That looks amazing. You had me at the crust is a BIG COOKIE! haha.


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