The Overwhelming Enjoyment of a Blue Danube River Cruise

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Vienna is one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations. Each year, millions of people visit this city in an effort to rejuvenate their mind. The city is full of culture and history. There is now better way to explore it than through a Blue Danube cruise such as the one offered by Viking River Tours. During such a cruise, you will see not just Vienna, but many other cities as well.

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Budapest is the capital of Hungary and there is an abundance of history and culture to be enjoyed here. Make sure you visit Buda Castle, Andrassy Avenue and the Danube Promenade to name but a few. Anyone who likes architecture will have a true feast here, with the beautiful Baroque buildings and art of Bratislava. It is also a truly romantic city, one to give Paris a run for its money. Of course, don’t forget to try the local wine while you are here.

What to Expect from a River Cruise

When you are on a river cruise, you will basically be on a small scale five star luxury hotel. You can expect comfortable rooms will all necessary amenities. Some rooms even have balconies to enjoy the outdoor weather. Of course, aboard the ship, there will be ample opportunities to eat and drink, as well as various other facilities such as entertainment and fitness. Most importantly, however, you will have an opportunity to enjoy the breathtaking views of the banks of the Danube.

River cruises are comfortable, convenient and varied. Your ship is a form of transportation, while being a hotel at the same time. Everything around you has been designed with your comfort and mind and you will have an opportunity to get a unique perspective on the places you visit, including castles, villages, capital cities, beautiful fields and more.

More and more people are becoming interested in river cruises, a concept that was seemingly dead for hundreds of years. Of course, things have updated over the past few centuries as well. All ships are completely safe and decorated to modern standards, as well as having all necessary amenities. While not comparable to the floating villages that cruise the oceans, these cruises essentially offer a more intimate feel to a vacation.

When cruising the Danube, the list of places you should visit is nearly endless. If you have a chance, make sure you visit the Giverny gardens, where the great artist Monet got so much of his inspiration. There is also plenty for those who love architecture, or for the history or romance lovers who can visit any of the many castles. It is likely that your tour operator will also offer you a lot of suggestions in terms of things that you can do in the places you stop at, including a number of organized tours. It is up to you to decide whether you want to join on those, or whether you want to travel at your own space. After all, this is your vacation, so it is all about what makes you happy.

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  • This sounds like a wonderful Cruise would love to go on it with my husband.

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