The Strictest States for DUI Offenses

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The basic laws regarding DUI in the US are the same countrywide but there are some significant differences depending on which state you are in. Make no mistake, DUI is a serious offence in every state however, in some states you will merely be punished whilst in others you could have the book thrown at you. If you ever find yourself in need of a Pennsylvania DUI lawyer, be thankful you aren’t in any of these states!


The strictest state of them all is Arizona. An everyday DUI will get you up to 10 days jail time, fines of around $1200 plus a 90 day license suspension. If the breathalyzer shows you have a high blood alcohol level the penalties are even higher. 30 days in jail and a fine of £2500 are common place. Arizona is one of the states that has mandatory IID’s, Ignition Interlock Devices, for those found guilty of a DUI offense, and one must be installed in every vehicle driven. Unless you are lucky enough to have an understanding boss and a shedload of cash, a serious DUI conviction in Arizona could very easily see you jobless and seriously in debt. Whoever coined the phrase “a DUI can wreck your life” was clearly in Arizona when they said it!


The peach state comes a close second to Arizona in terms of the severity of their DUI punishments. The nightmare of being charged with DUI in Georgia starts with at least 10 days in jail followed by your license being taken away for a full 12 months. Your finances will also take a serious battering at you can easily rake up over $1500 in fines and the fees you have to pay for participating in an alcohol education program. If that wasn’t bad enough, those crazy folks who do it a second time face a 90 day jail sentence and 3 years without their license.


You will soon regret being convicted of a DUI in Alaska. The agony for first time offenders starts with a 3 day jail sentence and a 90 day license suspension. It will cost up to $500 to get the license back and you will have to start from scratch again with a new licence. This lengthy process will include written and vision tests and the possibility of a road test. You will also see your insurance rates shoot up. If you are arrested for a second DUI within 15 years of the first you get to spend 20 days in jail and lose your license for at least a year.


The laws of DUI in Oklahoma have been described as brutal. First time offenders get to spend 10 days in jail and your licence is suspended for 180 days, the longest suspension in the US. The $500 fine will quickly go up once court fees and the cost of recovering your car from the pound are added on. A first offence hangs around for 10 years and those dumb enough to become a second-time offender will find themselves with a licence tainted by a felony.

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