The Top 7 Flavours of E-Liquid

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With literally hundreds of different e-liquid flavours out there, simply choosing a few for your first purchase can seem like a daunting task. From crazy and unique combinations you’ve never heard of, to classic favourites like Banana Nut Bread and Gummy Bears, the world of e-liquids is practically an all you can vape buffet of flavours. While we can all agree that variety is the spice of life, when you’re shopping for e-liquids you don’t want to take the chance that you’ll be buying a flavour you’ll wind up giving away in disgust.

Thus, most people choose flavours that they’re familiar with in the beginning, and then expand to more interesting flavour combinations later on. With that said, let’s look at 7 of the most popular e-liquid flavours on the more conventional side of the spectrum:

1. Tobacco

Tobacco-flavoured e-liquids remain a popular choice because a large percentage of e-cig and vape/mod users are former smokers that are trying to replace their habit. As such, this is a highly recommended flavour for both tobacco enthusiasts and aspiring cigarette quitters.

2. Strawberry-Kiwi

It’s really not surprising that this flavour made the list, considering that it is an extremely popular choice in the world of beverages and candy. This combination is a perfect choice for people with a sweet tooth and/or exotic flavour enthusiasts. Stats from a leading UK vape shop show that this flavour is consistently ranked as a top-seller.

3. Vanilla

This is another classic that probably comes to mind naturally when you think of the top flavours on any list. Vanilla’s subtle flavour makes it a favourite with cloud blowers, as large amounts of vapour can be inhaled without overwhelming the user with sweetness.

4. Banana

Banana is another subtle and familiar choice that doesn’t overpower the user with flavour. As such it is a common choice with novices and people who want a fruity yet not-so-sweet variety. Banana is often mixed with vanilla or strawberry e-liquids for an added flair.

5. Coffee

There are actually a wide variety of coffee-type e-liquids on the market, from cappuccino to hazelnut blend and everything in between. If you’re a java lover you’ll probably enjoy having some coffee bean flavour infused into your vaping sessions from time to time.

6. Menthol

Who doesn’t enjoy the feeling of smooth mint here and there? Mentholated e-juices come in numerous flavour variations and are ideal for ex-smokers who used to smoke menthol cigarettes.

7. Raspberry

Raspberry comes in just ahead of the slightly less popular blackberry and blueberry e-liquids. While still a sweet flavour, raspberry has an extra exotic punch to it, and it isn’t quite as tart as the strawberry or other berry-flavoured e-liquid varieties.

In closing, we should leave you with a bit of comfort by advising you not to stress too much about which flavour you’re going to try first, as most varieties are relatively cheap. Start with a few small bottles of different kinds to get an idea of what you’re looking for and then make it a goal to try out a new flavour once or twice a week.

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