Therafit Athletic Sneakers Review

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As I get older, I have begun to suffer from body aches and pangs from walking and running a lot.  I have been in the market to try out a new and durable shoes that I can wear for my busy lifestyle.  I was excited when received the opportunity to review a wonderful pair of athletic shoes from Therafit.  Stylish and comfortable, these shoes are perfect for me.

Posed Shoes


Therafit shoes were developed by Dr Lisa Masterson from the award-winning television show “The Doctors”.  She wanted to enable women to feel good and empowered with their footwear.

“Built into each pair of Therafit by Dr. Lisa,  is their patented cutting-edge technology; the outsole can be adjusted to allow an increase or decrease in impact resistance. The Therafit Personal Comfort System (PCS) Technology also utilizes three specially designed dual-density adapters located within the shock-absorbing wedge that can be removed to change the shoe’s impact resistance and cushioning. Tired, aching feet? Remove one, two or all three of the Personal Comfort Adapters to change the resistance. Ready for a different feeling on your feet the next day? Pop them back in and get going!”


Arriving in a decoratively wrapped box, it felt like my birthday when I received and opened up my package of Therafit shoes.

Therafit Box


I quickly opened them up as I was ready to give them a test run and noted that it game with a handy tote bag as well. The bag is perfect for keeping my shoes stored and clean when I am not wearing them.

Inner box


I selected the Deborah’s Women’s Sneakers in Pink/Black and let me tell you, I LOVE THEM!!!

More about the Deborah:

Deborah is our lightweight athletic trainer for your active lifestyle! Made with breathable mesh and soft, synthetic materials, the Deborah is one of the most comfortable shoes we have tested. These top rated shoes are available in black/pink as well as other bold colors that complement your personality. With a molded, removable footbed giving even more cushion and support, this is the 12-HOUR shoe for your 12-HOUR day. Each pair is individually inspected to make sure it is perfect before it is wrapped and placed in its box. This product has been reviewed as one of the best walking shoes for women and is suitable for working out in the gym or for the casual stroll!




I have been wearing my Therafit shoes for 2 weeks now and have noticed a tremendous difference in my pain level.  I have worn them for up to 12 hours in a day and I am not tired, achy or in pain.  I think Therafit is the perfect shoe for anyone who runs, walks, are on their feet for long periods of time or experiences pain with their current athletic shoes.


Be sure to check out Therafit’s full line of shoes available including sneakers, sandals and much more.  I have enjoyed my Therafit Athletic Sneakers Review and thank them for providing me with this opportunity.  Also, be sure to head over here for your chance to win a pair for yourself.

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156 thoughts on “Therafit Athletic Sneakers Review

  • These have removable impact resistance and cushioning….a nice feature!

  • Wow! Adjustable resistance. . . you could wear different shoes every day, keep your feet “on their toes” 😉

  • Sounds amazing! Would love to try these out!

  • great review…sounds like something I need to look into….also have aches & pangs…and bad knees…hard to find shoes to fit that are comfy (mostly wear flip flops)

  • You did such a great job on the review of these shoes and they look so very comfy and look like they are great shoes.

  • Great job on the shoe review.Alot of very good info for women trying to find the right shoes.thank you.

  • Thanks for review I love that you wore them so much to test.

  • It is so hard for me to find shoes that feel good and after reading your review, I think these would be perfect.
    I love that they arrived in a decoratively wrapped box.

  • I had never heard of these shoes until now, and after reading your review I really want a pair! I’m trying to lose baby weight and I think these are the next walking shoes I’ll get!

  • just what I need . I walk a lot because I don’t drive.

  • I like a lightweight sneaker! I would love to try them.

  • Reading this makes me want a pair so bad. I love that they are working well for you! I need a good pair of shoes badly.

  • I’ve never heard a shoe you can adjust to your comfort. Amazing! I definitely need a pair of these. 🙂

  • I love the color combination and I do have trouble with my feet and would love to have a pair.. I have tried different shoes and none seem to feel good, these sound very comfortable. Thank you

  • I would love to be able to try the Therafit athletic sneakers, I have heard so much about the shock absorbing wedge. I love this technology and could really use this for my treadmill workout. I absolutely love Dr. Lisa too 🙂 Thank you for a nice review!

  • I love that they are adjustable. I have been experiencing pain on the pads of my feet where most impact occurs. Awesome shoes and I love pink!

  • These shoes are exactly what I have been looking for in a shoe,stylish,comfortable and you can adjust them to your needs.I have both feet pain from standing long periods of time on my feed on very little padding in my shoes and back pain .I believe these shoe’s would be a great thing to relieve both my foot pain and back pain .Please pick me as I am in need of some relief.Thanks.

  • I usually buy what’s on sale and my feet ache, would love to try these great looking and comfortable shoes.

  • I am in pain everyday and these shoes look awesome. I would love to try them.

  • These shoes look really well made & I like that a doctor designed them.

  • The colors are beautiful! It’s really cool that you wore them for 12 hours with no pain. Sneakers like that would really come in handy. I have problems with pain in my feet and back when I wear my sneakers for too long.

  • I so need new walking shoes and these ones look very comfortable

  • My dang body went and got old and achy on me too-So glad to know Theresa shoe out there that actually helps with this nonsense.12 hours of wear and NO PAIN!! Almost sounds like a miracle cure…gonna hafta check these out

    • and they are cute too-an added bonus

  • I really like that there are 3 pieces you can remove from the shoes to fit your own level of needs. Excellent idea.

  • These are exactly the shoes I need. They are cute too.

  • I still yet to find a pair of shoes that would last all day with me and not be too painful. So excited to learn about this brand! I cant believe you wore them for 12 hours with no pain at all.

  • I have many aches and pains from my back, legs and neck and I would love to try these shoes, to see if I can get a little relief!

  • It is awesome when something that helps us is also so stinkin cute…no reason healthy has to be ugly..but usuall is. Would love to win these…feel better while looking cute…smilz

  • these are really cute and look super compfty i would use these to work out and go shopping

  • These Therafit Deborah Sneakers are very AWESOME looking!They also look so comfortable! I could really use a great pair of comfortable, fitting shoe right now! Would help with my Bunions,Hammertoes,and my Arches in my painful feet! Thank You for a chance to win them!

  • I have major back and leg issues & pain so I think these shoes might be good for me. I have bad balance so I have to use a cane to walk. I wonder if these would help that. I love the colors and style. Great review by the way 🙂

  • The days I work, I work for 12 hours so these shoes sound like they would be comfortable and decrease my feet pain.

  • These shoes are very nice-looking. If they are comfortable as well, they would be my new favorite shoes!

  • I definitely need to try these! My 12 hour shifts at work leave my feet, legs & back killing me. I just recently had 2 spinal surgeries & am beginning physical therapy in order to get back to work soon. These my be just the ticket to ease me back into the work scene.

  • these shoes are so cute and sound so comfy.

  • These shoes sound perfect for me I shattered my ankle and had to be immobile for almost 8 months I think these shoes would be perfect for me to start my walking and exercising in I put on too much weight not be able to move I would love these shoes

  • I have pressure sensitive skin and hard to fit feet, so comfortable shoes have always been a big issue for me. And that is even more true now that I am older and have Diabetes. These look great, I’d love to find out if they are as comfortable as they look.

  • I hope the Personal Comfort Adapters stay in the shoe if you want. Thank you,, Jerri Davis

  • these are super cute!

  • So cute! I walk everywhere I go and suffer from knee and ankle injuries, these seem like they would be a great shoe that wouldn’t cause me any additional pain.

  • Oh my gosh! I really want to try these shoes. I love the adjustable insert concept!

  • I have been walking everyday since May and I am still looking for good walking shoes. Maybe these will be the ones. Thanks for the information!

  • These sound amazing! Your review has me convinced I need these!

  • These look so comfortable. After two kids I have really packed on the pounds and I tried running to lose weight but my knees and calves hurt soo bad after my runs including days after of soreness. From the review it looks like these would be perfect for helping relieve some pain! I would love to try these!

  • I’ve been aware of these shoes for many months now and have been trying to win a pair as I have achy feet when I exercise. I would love to try a pair of them. How nice that it even comes with a bag.

  • I love their shoes great style and colors to Therafit makes wonderful shoes would love to have a pair

  • I love the 3 adapters. I have noticed the insoles that I buy arent always enough so its nice that they come with adjustable ones

  • I just love the colors of the shoes and I need a good comfortable pair of shoes.

  • I’m interested in the Personal Comfort Adapters. I like the idea of being able to customize the level of resistant to my needs.

  • thanks for the thorough review. I love the look of these, make me want to put them on and start moving.

  • I like the way they look and that the impact resistance and cushioning can be changed.

  • My GF loves these shoes.

  • They sound VERY comfy. I like that you can “adjust” the comfort too!

  • After reading your review, I’m more convinced than ever that Therafit shoes could be the answer for me. I’m no longer able to spend all day wearing shoes I used to think were comfortable, without finding my feet, legs, and back getting sore and tired. I’m heading over to the giveaway page now! Thanks for the review.

  • The shoes is actactly what I’m looking for, something that doesn’t make me achy or tired after a log day!

  • love the look of these and the added health benefits!

  • I think that these shoes will be awesome to have. It’s very hard to find an athletic shoe that doesn’t hurt my feet after a 3 mile run. I am willing to give these a try.

  • How innovative! I love that they can be adjusted; I would probably pull all 3 out all the time!

  • I am thrilled it has impact resistance.

  • Love the colors and the fact that they help keep your feet from aching. I have a lot of knee pain so I think this would be awesome.

  • It sounds good if it helps eliminate pain, but have you tried working out or running intensely with them?

  • awesome. now send me a pair

  • I have arthritis in my knees. If I am on my feet for too long one day, I may not be able to be on them much at all the next day. These shoes sound like something I would like to try.

  • I have arthritis in my knees. If I am on my feet for too long one day, I may not be able to be on them much the next day. These shoes sound like something I would love to try out.

  • The shoes is actactly what I’m looking for, something that doesn’t make me achy or tired after a log day!

  • These look great. I need a great pair of shoes. Mine are pretty old and falling apart.


  • These shoes sound amazing! I broke my foot a few years ago, and I can’t tell you how many athletic shoes I have bought, but can’t wear. I love to walk for my health, but have to cut my walks short because of the pain in my foot. These sound like just what I need!

  • I love that they can be adjusted for resistance. I would love to try them.

  • I too have a lot of body aches, and I am always looking for the most comfortable shoe. I would love to win a pair. If they worked out for me, then I would have a go-to shoe that I could purchase more than one pair.

  • This sounds right up my alley. I suffer from degenerative and herniated disc problems as well as nerve pain and many other back and neck ailments.

  • Cute shoes. I think my daughter would really like a pair. She just started college after being out of school for 5 years. To deal with the stress of balancing a job, college classes and studying, she has started jogging.

  • I have bad ankles and always wear running shoes. These would be perfect for me since my name is Deborah and the fact that Dr. Lisa designed them for bad feet and ankles makes these perfect for me.

  • I am on my feet all day at work these look like they would be a good fit for my lifestyle. The only question I have is how wide are they I need a wide shoe and a lot of womens shoes are not wide..

  • i love these,so hard to find good shoes..and the bag to keep them in.i so need,i ruin more shoes then any one i know

  • I think these shoes would be great for me as I have an arthritic knee and suffer from knee & leg pains. I need new sneakers so these would be a blessing.

  • I love the color! Those would be perfect for my shoe collection. 🙂

  • I love the color & I’d love to try anything that could help with the pain! thanks for the review.

  • These sounds like great shoes. I could really use a new pair.

  • I love that the shoes are adjustable. The tote bag is a nice added touch too. I could really use a pair of these. Great review!

  • I am an avid walker and think that these could help with my aching feet

  • I love your review on these shoes and you are right, when we get older we really need a good pair of shoes that have lots of support. Our feet get more sensitive as we age.

  • First off, I LOVE the colors! More importantly though, I love that you can wear them all day. I’m the kind of person who leaves her shoes on all day so I’m always looking for comfy shoes that won’t leave my back aching if I stand too long on the tile floors, etc. I’ll have to check these out!

  • I have wanted to get back into running for a while now and like you I’ve been feeling the pangs of pain as I’ve gotten older. Seems at 40 the warranty expires and all bets are off! I’d love to try these since they seem to have worked well for you.

  • Thanks for this great review learn this shoe is durable & supports the foot well.

  • Sounds like a great pair of shoes. Love that a doctor designed them.

  • My feet easily get swollen if I stand or walk too much. This one looks quite comfortable to walk.

  • Love the look of this shoe and all the pretty packaging. For a shoe to help relieve pain for 12 hours that is a winner in my book. I have a bunion from years of high heel usage and my running exercise years. This shoe would be some relief.

  • These shoes sound like something I need to get. A shoe that helps reduce the pain and aching from being on your feet for long periods of time. Nothing worse than having to work and stand when your feet hurt. I really like the idea of having adapters that can be removed to change the impact resistance and cushioning. Thanks for such an informative review.

  • I was amazed at the fact that the soles are adjustable! Sounds like the answer to my foot issues!

  • These sound amazing! I hope to be able to try a pair! Thank you for the great review!

  • As a physical therapist, these shoes would help my feet so much. Standing and walking for 10 hours a day really takes its toll.

  • Love the colors and that they are light weight and breathable. Perfect to help me out with my back and neck problems. Shock absorbent is great!

  • I would love to try these shoes.I have a bad knee and these would be wonderful.I like that you can change the resistance in them.I love the color that you picked they are very nice.

  • These sound wonderful, I agree as I age I’ve noticed that I have moire & more aches & pains. Especially in my feet & back so great sneakers would be awesome.

  • these sound amazing,love to try a pair.

  • These sound like very comfy walking/running sneakers. The fact that are cute makes them even better!

  • I have flat feet so I could really use shoes that reduces impact.

  • Awesome packaging and seems like great shoes! Wanna try 🙂

  • I love the review and the great pictures! They look like great shoes!!

  • I think they look soooo comfortable and I love that they were developed by a doctor!

  • I love that the outsole can be adjusted to allow an increase or decrease in impact resistance

  • I usually wear either work boots, heeled boots or flip flops. I am in desperate need of a new pair of athletic shoes especially with winter coming up! These look awesome and comfortable!

  • I like this review willing too try this shoe . Like one that is durable & supports the foot thanks

  • Wow! These sound like the shoes I’ve been looking for! I just took up running in May and at 50, I could use some extra support!

  • love the review. these sound like shoes that i could really benefit from. i have had alot of leg cramps and muscles aches here lately.

  • these sneakers look and sound awesome. i have very bad knees and im sure these would help with the cushioning as i walk. I LOVE THE COLORS of them also. would love to own a pair of these!!

  • I absolutely love the colors! It’s exciting that you have already gotten relief. Thank you for the information. I MUST have a pair!!

  • How cool is it that they come with a tote bag… glad to hear these are durable and comfortable the two things that are essential to me also.

  • love your review now i want them even more! ty 4 the chance to win!

  • These sound like awesome shoes! My current running shoes are a pair of cheapies and they are not very comfortable or supportive :/

  • These shoes would be great! My sneakers are old and I need a new pair – Therafits would be wonderful!

  • Thank you for your wonderful review! I suffer from arthritis in my back and knees, so these shoes sound like they may be just what I’ve been searching for!

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  • Very informative, great review. Would love to win these.

  • I just had back surgery and I need to start walking and need a good pair of shoes

  • These sound like a great pair of walking shoes and as long as they have good arch support which I didn’t see anything about they would be great for me. I’d love to try them. I love the style and color.

  • I have such a hard time finding a comfortable pair of shoes and love that they are made to make impact easy on your ankles

  • I honestly don’t wear gym shoes anymore cause I haven’t been able to find the right ones and I usually wear cheap slip ons or flip flops out here in the desert.

  • I love the fact that you can adjust the impact resistance on these shoes! I have sacroiilitis and RA so my back is in constant pain. Even if I don’t win I will be sure to be looking into investing in a really nice pair of these shoes!

  • Great review, would love to win these, it is great that it helps with foot pain, need that too.

  • I like the fact that you can remove the absorbing wedge that can be removed to change the shoe’s impact resistance and cushioning. , I had polio as a child and it is very hard for me to get shoes but these I could wear. You did an outstanding job on your review, you described the shoe, what areas it helps, great job

  • I’d love to finally have shoes that look good and feel good.

  • would love to try these my feet hurt all the time

  • These shoes look great. I’m glad they helped with your pain. I imagine these would work well for me too.

  • This would be a wonderful prize to win and how I love the color and I know my feet would love them too!!!

  • I have tried all brands of shoes except these… I cant wait to try them for my very bad feet… It is so hard to walk if the shoes are not right. Sounds like a “Perfect FIt” for me. Hope I win.

  • These shoes sound like it’s what I need. I had extensive back surgery in June. Walking is very painful. I would love to have the chance to try these. They sound simply amazing.

  • I have had a hard time lately finding a decent pair of walking shoes. I just love the wrapping on the box. I like this color scheme and the pink ones.

  • These sound amazing and I love all the bright color combos they have!

  • I have lots of trouble with my feet. It’s nice to know that these were developed by a doctor….who clearly addressed comfort AND style. Can’t wait to try them out! : )

  • Love that they are shock absorbing. Thanks for the chance…

  • I love the review…and the bag to keep the shoes clean

  • i realy need some of these my aches n pains are due to alot of stress on my legs n feet. ty

  • sounds like the kind of shoe i would love to wear!!

  • love how it helps with pain

  • I need some really good shoes for my really bad feet.

  • These look like very comfortable shoes, I have been wearing high heels so long my toes have become a bit pointy and I need a great shoe and the Deborah shoe looks like it could be it after
    I read your review.

  • These shoes sound awesome, it sounds like they can help with back problems that other shoes cancause

  • I have has several foot surgeries and know what foot pain is, so I would agree with your review because fit and comfort is everything as we age

  • Thank you for the great review. You have given me the confidence to give the shoes a try.

  • I’m a 2nd grade teacher and I’m on my feet most of the day. I have scoliosis, so a good pair of shoes makes a big difference in how I feel. I’d love to win these!

  • Omg these shoes are amazing looking. Hands down the most elegantly displayed packaging and I love your color choice. I own exactly three pairs of shoes, my oofos I use daily because my sneakers though sketchers are over two years old. Not only do they feel it they look it too. My final pair is a pair of timberland boots with a six inch heal. I have been begging fiance for a new pair of sneakers but we can’t afford it. Winning a pair would be just awesome as I desperately need them

  • Thanks for the review. I’m going to mention these shoes and your review to my Mother who has had knee issues but wants to continue to exercise and be healthy.

  • I *NEED* a pair of these shoes! I have a lot of difficulty find truly comfortable shoes as my feet hurt a lot!

  • Love that they are shock absorbing.

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  • Thank you for the review I would love a pair of these I was ran over by a car at the age of 11 years old.I am now 42 and have really a lot of trouble with my legs and feet.

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