Tips to Improve your Calculus Score

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Calculus is subject dreaded by many. So much so that there are numerous quotes and phrases people create to allude to the subject’s challenging nature.

However, in as much as you would rather avoid the subject altogether, a calculus class might be one of the pre-requisite math classes that will allow you to progress in your chosen field of study. 

As disheartening as this is, you will need to get over your dislike or fear of the subject, buckle down and give it your best attempt.

Here are some tips to help you improve your scores and inch you closer to your graduation.

1.     Go Through Course Rules

Course instructors usually make a point of clearly outlining course requirements and rules. While these might not seem like they have any bearing on your performance, they do.

This document, for example, will outline what the grading system is. Here, you can see how much Weight your assignments carry, the exams and CATS, and so on. If you get some marks for punctuality and class attendance, note these as well.

2.     Work on Your Attitude

If all you have heard about calculus is how difficult it is, this can affect how you study the course.

For one, you will get into it, expecting it to be overwhelmingly challenging. You are also likelier to give up on it because, after all, everyone knows it’s complicated.

This is the wrong way to approach anything. When you think about it, even in your class, there will be students performing exceptionally well in the subject. This means that it’s doable.

Look at it like any other challenge you might have faced before and push yourself to learn and get a better-one topic at a time.

3.     Seek Help

A common mistake most students make is sitting silently when they get overwhelmed or when they begin to fall behind in their classes. 

Unfortunately, doing this makes this gradually worse and can reach an irredeemable point.

Instead, strive to be proactive about your education. Talk to your lecturer for extra classes, consult with bright students in the class, or even hire a private tutor.

If your homework has piled up, check out this help site for some helpful options.

Without this, you risk falling further behind, which can lead to stress. Stress affects your ability to focus and concentrate, which will affect your studies negatively.

4.     Join a Study Group

Study groups are great because they help you learn more actively, which is good for memory and recall.

In a group, you get to listen to other students to explain concepts and their applications in a more relaxed setting.

You might also be called upon to contribute to group discussions, which will help you engage better and emphasize the knowledge you already know.

Both actions help you have a better understanding of calculus, which, in turn, will help you perform better in your exams.

5.     Practice Problems

The more calculus problems you solve, the better you will become at the subject.

Make it a point to solve two to three problems at the end of each topic. This challenges your brain and helps you put learned problem-solving skills into practice, which helps cement what you have learned.

It also helps you test your understanding and identify areas of improvement. Once you flag a few areas you are struggling with, make a point of going through your notes again or asking for help from your course instructor.

6.     Learn Progressively

Just like math, calculus topics build upon each other. It then helps to understand one topic thoroughly before moving on to the next one.

For this reason, work exhaustively, understand the concept, applications, and solve a few problems for each topic before moving on to the next.




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