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So much going on in the media lately with privacy and violence at Airbnb’s. With this in mind, let me tell you about a handy little gadget that you will want to have with you anytime you travel, shop or just want to know where all those hidden cameras are.

About Scout and SpyGuy:

Launched in 2019, Scout is a beautifully designed counter-surveillance product that finds hidden cameras in Airbnbs, hotels, dorm and locker rooms, and public restrooms. was created in 2014 and has served over 75,000 customers, ranging from concerned parents and victims of workplace harassment, all the way to the DEA and Department of Justice. SpyGuy brings transparency, expertise, and great customer service to help people who need surveillance products to solve emotional or financial distress.

Airbnb has a big hidden camera problem, yet many people are still totally unaware that some hosts are spying on guests in bedrooms and bathrooms. A new survey shows that over 50% of Airbnb guests have been worried about hidden cameras in their rental.

Scout, the new hidden camera finder that empowers everyday people to protect their privacy, launched today with an unprecedented combination of ease of use, affordability, savvy design, and professional-grade technology. Scout is like a security team in your pocket: it works on all cameras, is easy to travel with, and is the first high-quality camera finder priced below $100.

Hidden cameras have gotten smaller and less conspicuous over the years, and Americans are increasingly concerned as they are found in places like locker rooms, bathrooms, hotel rooms and vacation rentals. Some cameras are smaller than a button, built into mundane items like coat hooks and USB chargers.

A recent survey by IPX1031 found that 58% of Airbnb guests are concerned that property owners may have hidden cameras within their Airbnb, and more than 1 in 10 Airbnb guests claim to have found a hidden camera in their rentals.

In the past, travelers were limited to a few insufficient options, like expensive hidden camera-finders that cost hundreds of dollars, or numerous, error-prone steps like scanning Wi-Fi networks, carefully inspecting many suspicious items, or using smartphone apps that claimed to detect cameras but fell short of that promise.

Scout is a breakthrough new option. It employs six special, high-powered LED lights to help users easily “scout” for hidden cameras in sensitive places. Plus, it comes with a pinhole camera to practice on so you know what you’re looking for. Scout requires users to take just a few simple steps:

  • Stand in the middle of the room
  • Hold Scout up to your eye, and turn the power on
  • Scout flashes high-end LED lights that bounce off all camera lenses
  • Alert local police to any hidden cameras found

“Hidden cameras have become a huge problem for travelers,“ said Allen Walton, designer of Scout and founder of Spy Guy. “Nobody realizes how easy cameras are to hide. I get alerts all day long from media outlets, Reddit users, and other places that talk about the latest spy camera that was found in an Airbnb or Starbucks bathroom. Scout helps find cameras so you don’t have to worry about what some stranger is going to do with videos of you in a private moment.” 

Scout draws on Walton’s decade of experience as founder of SpyGuy, where he has served more than 75,000 people like new parents and law enforcement officials with surveillance and counter-surveillance solutions. Numerous high-profile hidden camera incidents and calls from concerned individuals inspired him to design this new, intuitive solution that helps everyone safeguard their privacy.Learn more about and purchase the Scout hidden camera-finder at online.

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