Treat Those Sunburns This Summer with The Original Sunburn Soap

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100 million Americans get burned by the sun every year and are seeking relief, yet no one wants to deal with messy aloe vera, and most lotions and creams have synthetic ingredients that may hurt more than help.  A new product from WILD Organic Skincare, a woman-owned American skincare company, can help sunburn sufferers feel better faster.

I know I burn very easy and I always hate that feeling when I get in the shower and the water hits the burn. Using the Sunburn Soap will definitely help me feel better and help it fade faster than using the regular sticky aloe gel. Wild Organic Skincare has all kinds of products to help you heal and feel better so you can enjoy your summertime sun! 

About Wild Organic Skincare:

WILD Organic Skincare is all about finely handcrafted, affordable, sustainable, organic skincare that’s good for you and the planet. WILD Organic Skincare’s story started in Colorado Springs, Colorado, where Monika and her husband both lived. Monika was climbing the ladder in her career, but she was unsatisfied, unhappy, overworked, and stressed out. As she began to learn the benefits of a natural lifestyle and introduced organic into her diet and skincare routine, Monika found herself looking at every label and becoming more critical of what synthetic-free and all-natural really meant. Her desire was to find the perfect store to satisfy all her natural skincare needs. Sadly, such a place did not exist. 

Monika applied for a position at the local apothecary so she could learn more about handmade soap making and natural formulations, and also channel her passion for sharing organic skincare with the world. To Monika’s disappointment, the apothecary turned her away. This only fueled Monika’s ambition even further, as she took it upon herself to learn everything she could about natural soap making. 

Fast forward several months, and Monika is selling her soaps at the local market. Monika had become so good at making organic soap, she was not only selling out every market, but was drawing business away from the very same apothecary who had previously turned down Monika. The apothecary, who also had a booth at the local market, stopped showing up because Monika’s soap was attracting a majority of business.

Monika and Brandon have since moved back to Raleigh, NC, where they grew up, to give WILD Organic Skincare a strong grassroots foundation for true, organic growth. After 10 years of formulation and product development, WILD Organic Skincare continues to evolve as it discovers new and innovative ways to share organic skincare with the world.

It’s not getting the sunburn that hurts the worst, it’s the shower you take right after getting burned. It makes you feel like your skin is on fire! This sunburn moisturizing soap not only glides on smooth when washing in the shower, but the organic, all natural ingredients rehydrate and exfoliate your skin to help decrease redness, irritation, peeling, and pain.

That’s right! This SunTan soap helps your skin turn those summer rays into a golden tan. So, get on outside and have some fun already!

Aloe Butter combined with a few other beneficial ingredients, makes a lotion that eases sunburn, bronzes your tan, and deeply moisturizes.

Sun exposure drains your skin of vital moisture, and re-moisturizing after a sunburn is essential. The Original After Sun Recovery Spray contains powerful Hyaluronic Acid, which can hold over 1,000 times its weight in water. This sunburn spray helps lessen peeling and flaking, and aids in sunburn recovery.

Available for purchase on Wild Organic Skincare’s Website

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