Types of Online Casino Jackpots

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Maybe you’re new to the online casino world, or maybe just starting to play slots. Whatever path you’re on, knowing the online casino ropes and range of jackpot games is a great place to begin. You don’t need to learn much to get going either, and the rewards are plenty.

The online casino world makes sure players have a range of themes, great prizes and betting methods to choose from. The most work you’ll do is learn basic principles of casino games like slots and poker, and a good place to start is with the types of online casino jackpots – play here.

Fixed jackpots

Fixed jackpots are often otherwise known as a cash pot, standalone or flat jackpot and these are pretty much classic slots which pay out a specific amount with each win. Many slots offer a fixed jackpot, for example of 600,000 coins, no matter the amount a player decides to bet.

However, jackpot games could also reach 100 times your wager. While it won’t get any bigger, it is replenished ready to be won immediately when it’s hit. It’s possible to hit the jackpot twice in a row as the amount that can be won doesn’t depend on the amount fed.

Progressive jackpots

Fixed jackpot games are different to progressive jackpots in this way, because with this kind of jackpot the pot itself accumulates an amount up to seven figures until won. This jackpot, like W88, will then be cashed out, as with progressive jackpot games the total will keep building, making it more exciting.

With progressive jackpot games, there is a small percentage of each bet added onto the grand total. With slots, this prize keeps rising in value with each spin until a lucky player wins, once the jackpot is claimed it begins again. Any remaining monetary amount is redistributed as smaller prizes.

Network jackpots

With some casino games, they’re part of a ‘network jackpot.’ This is where every casino hosting casino games pools into the same jackpot. For example, if you were playing an online slot machine with an online casino, you’d be competing with the same online casino game at another online casino.

Due to the nature of this, these kinds of jackpots can reach sky-high values, but check out the pay-table and wagering limits to make sure you can meet the rules. For example, an online casino might have a rule where players can’t win free games, or the online casino might have a minimum bet amount in place.

Mystery jackpots

Mystery jackpots or mystery progressive jackpot games, give players another chance to win big as it pays out at random intervals. This is including when you don’t even have a winning symbol combination. The slot machine is programmed with a start value and choose at random a point between that and the maximum jackpot. Which online casino jackpot you play is a personal choice, but try out types with slots and see which excites you most before deciding.


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