Uglee Pen Giveaway!!!

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The Sublime Media Connection had the pleasure of reviewing the Uglee Pen. The Uglee Pen was developed by Dr. James Lee, a physician, after years of hand cramps from taking notes in medical school,Dr. Lee developed the Uglee Pen, the worlds most comfortable pen.

Belinda of Pinterest Fanatic says “This pen is by far the most comfortable pen I have ever used. ” Check out her review here.


Pynk of Pynk Nymphette loves that you can order ink refills for this comfortable writing instrument. Check out her review here.


April of Saving for My Family is saving her son, a young writer, from hand pain with the Uglee Pen. Check out her review here.


Aleesa of Giveaway Fanatic is a student, find out what she thinks of the Uglee Pen by reading her review here.


Melissa of Melissa Say What? feels frantic when facing the possibility of having to use any other pen. Check out her review here.


One lucky reader will win a 3 pack of Uglee Pens. Enter via the rafflecopter form below for your chance. This giveaway begins on 8/22 and ends on 9/5/12.



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221 thoughts on “Uglee Pen Giveaway!!!

  • I would love this pen for work!

  • I love pens hope I win!!!

  • I use a pen for work everyday and this is ugly but look comfortable.

  • would love one

  • Looks comfy, yellow is cool. My daughter will love it!

  • All day everyday!

  • <3 I use a pen everyday …. I hope i win a UGLEE pen i would use it everyday!! THANKS FOR THE CHANCE!!

  • Awww its so ugly its cute!! LOVE IT!

  • Every day

  • I use an ink pen every day

  • I use a ballpoint pen all day/all night long – it’s all I use to write!! And I LOVE to write!! 😉

  • I love to use a pen, a good one that writes well and is a pleasure to use.

  • Daily at work and home.

  • I use pens probably 20 times a day. Wether it is a grocery list, honey do list, or a letter. I love to write, must be generatiional! Yes, as many people do….I secretly want to write a book, write a book with a pen!
    Yep, I need the UGLY pens!

  • Quite frequently, usually when I get to use one it’s for a lot of writing

  • everyday !! i have to write myself reminder notes lol

  • I use pens everyday all day! THis would keep others from stealing them!

  • all the time. this would really help me because i have carpal tunnel

  • I use pens daily

  • I use a pen everyday. It’s usually a different pen everyday because I am constantly losing them.

  • Every day!

  • daily

  • I use large barrel pens all the time. I have never seen this one before.

  • I always use pins.

  • Every day – almost

  • Everyday!

  • I use pens everyday for many reasons.

  • That pen is correctly named. However, it will not be hard to identify if someone “borrows” it when I’m using it daily!

  • 50 hours a week at work! ha home possible 2 hours max

  • I like a comfy pen….who cares if it is ugly…maybe people wont steal it!!!

  • I use ink pens several times thru out the day. I keep several in my purse and in multiple places around my house.

  • Would love to try it. I do alot of writing at work !!

  • I use them everyday

  • everyday

  • Who cares how ugly a pen is if it does the job intended 🙂

  • Every day, the entire day at work!!!

  • Several times a day, everyday!!

  • Everyday! From college homework to office work, even signing my child’s homework.

  • Every day user here.

  • Daily!

  • Every day

  • I use ink pens every day- and most days I have to scramble around to find one!

  • Only everyday!!

  • Nice ugly pen~

  • Nice ugly pen~

  • Cool pen

  • I use an ink pen everyday.

  • I use a pen everyday several times daily

  • Ugly, but useful.

    • I use a pen everyday at home and work.

  • I use pens all day, every day!

  • I use a pen atleast 12 hours a day…everyday.

  • Every single day 🙂

  • everyday!

  • Daily….. I am an engineering technician who does a lot of technical reporting!

  • I use a pen practically every day

  • I will use it all the time I need it !!!

  • I swear I seem to ALWAYS have a pen in my hand. Writing info from schools, bills, and well the normal everyday doodling!

  • I home school my three girls, so I am using pen throughout the day every day.


  • i use ink pens daily

  • all the time 🙂

  • I use a pen everyday 🙂

  • I use a pen daily. A comfortable pen would be a blessing with how often I write. 😀

  • I use a pen daily.

  • I write as little as possible because my hands cramp but I’d love to try the uglee pen cause it just might help ease that

  • I use ink pens on a daily basis!

  • Just about every day.

  • Used everyday it would great for my arthritic hands. Thank You!

  • Everyday!!! 🙂

  • I use pens all the time, and I’m always looking for one and can’t find one!

  • Every Day! It is an ugly pen, but my son who is going to college next month would LOVE it!

  • every day! 9 hours/day!

  • I use pens everyday, if they are ugly, maybe my coworker won’t steal it!

  • I use a pen daily and have arthristis in my hands. would love to try this pen. thank you

  • Everyday

  • I use pens daily.

  • once a day

  • I’m always looking for a good pen!!

  • I love pens. I’ve loved them since I attended my college prep elementary school back in the day and I have the lifelong callouses to prove it. I am a hardworking educator who would love to try these pens and share them with my students too! Thank you!

  • I use pens everyday!! I have to keep track of everyhting that I need to do or get from the grocery!

  • Just about everyday!

  • I use ink pens all day long.

  • every day

  • everyday

  • everyday

  • We use pens every day, my husband is always looking for one that writes well and is comfortable.

  • Every day

  • Interesting looking pen!

  • I use an ink pen numerous times every day 🙂

  • I use an ink pen everyday for hours and my hand is usually killing me by the end of the day. Thanks for the opportunity to win this

  • I use an ink pen every day…multiple times a day

  • I hope this contest is open to Canadians…I love that pen…

  • I always use pens! Everyday I use pens! I would love to try this special pen!!

  • I use and ink pen every day!

  • Daily


  • Everyday

  • just about every day

  • every day! lol

  • Multiple times a day

  • i use an ink pen every day..several times a day. i am a pen collector and would love this pen!!

  • I use pens every single day 🙂

  • Everyday, all day long

  • Would love to give this a try!

  • i use one everyday

  • Every day, all day long!

  • every day!

  • Oh ya and I use an ink pen atleast 5 times a day LoL

  • I love having a comfortable pen so I can’t wait to see if I get to try this one, but I must say…it’s uglee LoL

  • I use a pen every day! I am a mommy (ie chef, chauffeur, maid, etc) plus a full time college student. cannot manage with out a pen (or 5) in my purse

  • Several times a day!

  • Everyday!
    cozycreations07At aol dot com

  • I use pens at least once a day!! This would be awesome! Thanks for the chance!

  • I use pens daily.

  • I use a pen every day!!

  • I use ink pens daily!!

  • Daily use!!

  • I use an ink pen all the time! I have grown to hate using pencils…

  • I use a pen off & on all day long to take notes for the Facebook pages I admin on. I would love to try your pen. 🙂

  • I use a pen every day!

  • I use a pen everyday!

  • As a student, pretty much every day!

  • I use pens ALOT. Who cares if they’re ugly, just work well

  • Daily!

  • I use a pen everyday, all day, even on weekends

  • That pen is really ugly!

  • I am a pen geek & need a pen daily. I love writing note especially to my kids. Thanks for the chance.


  • Every day, several times a day.

  • Every day! and i never can find one when i need it cuz everybody walks off with them! lol

  • I use ink pens everyday.

  • OOPs, I mean almost every day. Thank you for the opportunity

  • Almost evry day.

  • daily for work

  • Every day…doesn’t everyone???

  • Ok I posted here and said i post to fast but has not shown up, so dont want it to look like i fibbed,, but i do use pen daily to write down websites LOL or i forget where i have been,, and due to hand surgery i use built up pens

  • I use an ink pen every day!! I would love to win a pack of these!

  • Everyday of my life! Lol

  • I use a ink pen almost everyday

  • I use an ink pen daily!

  • everyday all day long

  • All day at work…love a pen that flows well and to be comfortable is a plus 🙂

  • I use a pen at least once a day.

  • I use a pen daily to copy down web sites to remember lol ..I have to use built up pens due to a surgery on my hand would love to be able to try one of these out

  • I use them everyday!

  • I use a ink pen every day. I work where every thing has to be on paper as well as computer. Plus i know whats its like to have your hands hurt from just writing. These are ugly but cute. Got to try if i win or not. Thanks Joannies

  • I would like a really ugly pen!

  • Everyday…I use pens constantly 🙂

  • I use ink pens daily!

  • I want an ulgy pen they look wicked cool

  • I use an ink pen everyday at work

  • I use a lot of different pens, trying to find one easier to manage with my tremors.

  • I use an ink pen everyday

  • everyday

  • would love to win these

  • Im a pen addict I’m always collecting them trying to find one I like

  • I use a pen all the time! Especially at work.

  • every day, several times a day.

  • I use ink pens every day, a bunch of times a day

  • I use pens all the time to take notes.

  • I use pens EVERY day!

  • Everyday, but mostly during class.

  • I use a pen almost every day, and that is a very ugly pen, but does actually look comfortable… I wonder if that would help cut down on pen thefts??

  • I use ink pens everyday. =)

  • I use ink pens everyday for one thing or another.

  • Daily… I’m an exec assistant, so I have to take notes all the time!!

  • I use a pen every day.

  • I use ink pens several times a day!

  • Every Day!

  • Daily for never ending paperwork!

  • Daily for never ending papaerwork!

  • i use ink pens every day, throughout the day!!!!

  • everyday
    vmkids3 at msn dot com

  • Almost every day.

  • every day

  • On a daily basis!

  • I use a pen all day long!!

  • I use pens all the time!

  • I use an ink pen every day, all day! Hope to win!

  • I use them daily,I LOVE A GREAT PEN!I truly would love to add this pen to my collection.

  • I use an ink pen every day.

  • I use ink pens everyday! Thanks for the chance to win one of these “ugly” pens!!

  • everyday

  • I use a pen each favorite one goes with me everyplace I go. (lol)
    I’ve kind of collected pens since I was in high school.

  • every day at work and at home

  • I use pens every day at work!

  • I use pens daily

  • I use ink pens every day.

  • I don’t care what the pen looks like, I have to write all day long. I need something to keep my hand from cramping.

  • I use a pen every day! I correct my kid’s schoolwork, make list, take notes, jot down ideas, etc.

  • I use a pen everyday. That is one ugly pen but if it is comfortable to the fingers , who cares how ugly it is.

  • I use a pen everyday for work!

  • I use them everyday!!

  • daily

  • It’s so ugly but I bet it is amazing and I would use it everyday!

  • Everyday! I work in a clinic

  • everyday!

  • I use an ink pen every day.

  • I use a pen every single day 🙂 Im a waitress

  • i would like this pen for my grandaughter who has trou ble writing

  • I use an ink pen every day!

  • every day of course

  • Leaving blog post I hope…I use ink pens daily 🙂

  • Daily I use a pen.

  • everyday

  • I use an ink pen practically every day! LOL

  • well i hope i win

  • That pen is ugly

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