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dolbycinemaamc_logo_cmykThis weekend is the opening weekend of Marvel’s Doctor Strange. My family and I enjoyed the ULTIMATE viewing experience of this action packed movie in Dolby Cinema at AMC Theatre. amc-theatresWe ventured to the theater early Saturday morning anticipating our preview of the latest release from our favorite studio, Marvel. While this was not my first experience inside the AMC theater, it was for my family and they were in for a huge surprise. dolby-cinema-at-amcfamily-movie-day-at-amc-theatreInside the theater is spacious, comfortable and really makes me feel I am in the comfort of my own recliner inside my living room, but with the viewing experience of the a movie theater. amc-amazing-soundAnother feature I love about AMC theaters is their delicious snack stand. With tons of tasty treats like popcorn, candy, soda and nachos, it provides all of the provisions needed for the ultimate movie-going experience. My favorite feature is the digital drink station from Coke that allows you to customize and get your own drinks, making refills free. theatre-seating reclining-seatsOnce seated inside the theater, we got to relax and prepare for our movie in total comfort with the reclining seats. Each seat reclines back for a lounging, relaxed experience. It is not over-crowded and there is not a bad viewing seat in the entire theater. doctor-strange-amc-theatreThe screen is larger than the average theater screen, and is curved to allow the ultimate viewing experience. As we settled into our sets, the show began and we immediately felt the true impact of how amazing Dolby theater at AMC is. You can feel the sound! The vibration and clarity of the sound is unlike any I have ever experienced. We were truly captivated from the moment the previews started.marvel-studios-doctor-strangeDoctor Strange was the perfect movie for my family to first-hand experience in Dolby Theater are AMC. Watching was exciting and breathtaking from the get-go. We “Marveled” as the opening scene provided visual effects that will blow your mind. dolby-amc-theater-doctor-strangeThe movie opens as The Ancient One (Tilda Swinton) and Kaecilius (Mads Mikkelsen) battle from one dimension into another dimension that are unimaginable and not visible to the human eye. Kaecilius is taking information that could change the world as we know it (and don’t know or see it).

Enter Dr. Stephen Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch), a neurosurgeon who has an innate gift of specialized medicine, and who’s ego is as large as his talent and skill. After an unfortunate accident, his life is forever transformed as he has to reinvent how he thinks, sees and feels things.

Upon searching for an answer to cure his nerve damage in his once, skilled hands, he becomes part of a world of sorcerer’s defending our Earth from the dark one, Dormammu, who is intent on feeding his ultimate hunger of devouring our world.

Under the teachings of The Ancient One (Tilda Swinton) and Mordo (Chiwetel Ejiofor), Doctor Strange quickly discovers there is a picture vastly larger than he could have ever imagined. He utilizes various ancient relics and powerful objections like a sling ring, Eye of Agamotto and the Cloak of Levitation as he transforms into a Sorcerer Supreme. doctor-strangeWhile I don’t want to give away all of the details of the movie, I will tell you that experiencing this movie in Dolby Theater at AMC was the perfect, most rewarding experience of any movie I have seen to date. doctor-strange-at-dolby-cinema-amcThis movie is only in the Dolby Cinema at AMC for 1 week! With 41 Dolby Cinema locations worldwide, you too can enjoy the luxury and quality experience. Be sure to Sign up to Dolby Cinema at AMC news to get the weekly information on movie releases and special events in your area.
enjoy-the-showHead to your local Dolby Cinema at AMC today and experience Marvel’s Doctor Strange while you can. Grab some popcorn, a cold Coca-Cola, some sweet snacks, and then recline back, relax and Enjoy the Show!

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  1. Katt Lewis says:

    I’ve never seen a theater like that! I’ll have to see if there are any that nice in Gainesville, I might actually go see a movie, but usually they are way too loud for me.

  2. Nora Grahe says:

    Wow, Thanks! My grandson will love this!

  3. nidhi chauhan says:

    Very comfortable seating. I can watch movies again and again seating on that comfy chair.

  4. my son just loves watching these movies and his favorite is marval. he is glued ro the screen when he watches movies.

  5. Babette Thurston says:

    We can’t wait to see that movie! We have a theater like that in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. but it is an hour away! Our theaters are good down here but that one looks awesome!

  6. Jerry Marquardt says:

    I like the nice large seats, which are probably very comfortable. The seating arrangement would have professional sound that would really crank.

  7. Linda Szymoniak says:

    I took my daughter to see this for her birthday this weekend. It was amazing!

  8. Holly Thomas says:

    I would love to have seating like that!

  9. You’ve got to be kidding me… That theater looks RIDICULOUS! (In an incredibly, amazingly, wonderfully good way, I mean.)
    This looks like SO much more than the traditional or typical movie-going experience. “Here’s your popcorn. Find a seat and try to get comfortable– hehehe good luck! Okay, now we’re going to lower the lights and turn on the flick. Later!” It looks like you were really treated as guests– invited to experience, enjoy, and almost even take part in the movie you were there to see. You were part of the event!
    I’m so happy you all got to see this movie; it looks like you had a great time! And thank you for the lovely review, too. 🙂

  10. I’d like to see most any movie in this setting. Not sure about seeing this movie.

  11. Ordered my tickets to see the movie but at a regular theater. Thank you for the review.

  12. The comfy seats are so great! This movie is fabulous too.

  13. I have not been to a nice theater like that one. I bet it make watching the movie better. I wish we had one like that when we go see the movie.

  14. nidhi chauhan says:

    Looks like an awesome movie.

  15. It looks like there was a good time to be had by all. I like those theaters. Thank you for the review.

  16. I bet it would have great sounds for this movie. I love those chairs.

  17. Tracy DeLoach says:

    Wow, it’s been so long since I’ve been to the movies that I had no idea they had such terrific seats. I’ve always loved the #AMC experience. Thanks for showing me something new today. 🙂

  18. Looks like a great movie!

  19. That looks like an awesome comfortable theather to see such a great movie in! I wish we had one that nice!

  20. I talked to my son last night and he took his whole family to see the movie. they loved it. I guess I will have to go see it. Thank you for the review.

  21. Becky Richardson says:

    This is amazing!

  22. Wow, what a gorgeous theater! It looks very comfortable too, perfect for enjoying this movie! It looks really good, I definitely can’t wait to see it with my family. 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

  23. What a large and interesting theater.

  24. Geri Sandoval says:

    Wow!!! What an awesome theatre the movie must have been great to see. Thanks for sharing!

  25. Lori Thomas says:

    Love the seating!!! My son would enjoy this movie.

  26. I really like the theater. It looks like a good movie too. Thank you for the review.

  27. Gloria Walshver says:

    Sounds great to see the movie in this amazing place.

  28. Becky Richardson says:

    Wow! Very nice.

  29. I love that theater. I wish ours was that nice. I hope you had a good time.

  30. Christy Caldwell says:

    That theater looks amazing! The movie sounds very interesting.

  31. I have not seen this but my DIL has and she loved it. It sounds like a good show. Thank you for the review.

  32. Looks like really comfortable stadium seating! Very spacious!

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