Upgrade Your Cooking and Kitchen with LG Combination Double Wall Oven from @BestBuy @LGUS #ad

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Looking for a little upgrade to your kitchen? Now is the perfect time to check out the LG Combination Double Wall Oven from Best Buy as they are having a HUGE sales event! But first, let me tell you a bit more about this great oven.

Get even more cooking flexibility and convenience with this LG combination double wall oven – delivering the even cooking of convection to the speed of a microwave, and more.

Cut Cook Time in Half

With LG’s TurboCook™ Speed Oven you get the hustle of a microwave with the quality you expect from a convection oven. Bake whole chickens, potatoes, pizzas and more—no preheating required. With speeds 2 to 4 times faster than a traditional oven, you’ll have more cooking flexibility and more time to enjoy your meal.

The infrared heating in the upper oven is a great alternative to outdoor cooking. Perfect when Ole’ Mad Winter has you stuck indoors!
Cook with Confidence

True Convection delivers precise heat for crisp, delicious food. Bake with the greatest of ease with LG’s True Convection oven. LG’s convection technology evenly distributes continual precise heat so food is delicious on the inside, and crisp on the outside.

The wide view window of the lower oven is the extra-large size you need to check your meals no matter how many are in the oven.
Style That Changes Everything

LG Black Stainless Steel Series brings luster to kitchen spaces. It elevates the traditional stainless steel look that has become the standard in today’s homes with a satin-smooth, warm and sophisticated finish unlike any other—for a timeless expression that pairs beautifully with any style or color of surrounding cabinetry.

The soft close door means you don’t have to slam it shut, rattling the wall or pinching any fingers.

LG SmartThinQ® Technology (lower oven)

Cooking your ideal meal has never been easier with help from LG wall ovens with SmartThinQ® technology.

I don’t know about you, but this oven makes me want to do a kitchen remodel soon. This will save time, money and energy.

Save Now!

Purchase a 5-piece LG Kitchen Package through 3/6/19 at Best Buy and save $500! That is a tremendous savings and a great reason to upgrade your kitchen this season.


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  1. This oven looks very nice. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Sherri Gagnon says

    Love baking! Love cooking! A double oven would definitely be amazing! I’ve always wanted one!

  3. This double oven would be awesome for cooking/baking!

  4. Looks like a great oven I would love to get one

  5. The oven looks like its high quality and would be great to use.

  6. Devon Pickford says

    I love lG, amazing kitchen

  7. Laurie Nykaza says

    True Convection in the oven sounds amazing to cook with. Love the look of it as well and I need a new one with these features.

  8. LeAnn Harbert says

    I could use this when we have family dinners at my house.

  9. A double oven?! Wow! That is really something!

  10. Holly A Thomas says

    My husband would love this!

  11. Antoinette M says

    I like the size and look of this LG oven, and the SmartThinQ technology.

  12. sarah conaway says

    We had one of these at our old house and I miss it.

  13. kathy pease says

    This oven looks so awesome and would be a godsend especially around the holidays

  14. Elizabeth Miller says

    We have a wall over and this will be a great option for us when it comes time to replace it. I love that it speeds up the cooking times.

  15. Cassandra D says

    I like the LG’s TurboCook™ Speed Oven,because this can cut down on my cooking time.

  16. Looks like a nice, usefull product to have in kitchen.

  17. I love LG and I can’t wait to upgrade to a great oven!

  18. Antoinette M says

    Love the black stainless steel finish on this LG oven.

  19. Debbie Yoder says

    LG products are great! Love the looks of this oven, it would get alot of use at my house!

  20. That extra large size lower oven would make my life much easier. Hate trying to fit everything into my small oven.

  21. Jessi Housel says

    I love the double oven~ make so much sense to only use the energy you need based on what you are cooking. Like the look too.

  22. Lyndsey Rullman says

    This would be so awesome to have. It would get tons of use in my house!

  23. donna porter says

    I like how the double oven does not take up lots of kitchen space. It looks neat and compact.

  24. Derrick Johnson says

    I have a couple of friends who love this!

  25. Florence Cochrane says

    I wished many times that I had a double oven. This sounds amazing. I don’t have the room in my kitchen for one.

  26. Florence Cochrane says

    I have wish many time that I had double oven. Sounds amazing. No room in my kitchen.

  27. Barbara Montag says

    Oh wow this is nice.
    Would be so much fun to cook with.

  28. My sister would love this. She does a lot of entertaining.

  29. Dorothy Boucher says

    I love the set up in this kitchen and I would love to have an LG double oven, wow! the things I could cook with the grandchildren.

  30. Holly Thomas says

    LG makes great products and this oven looks like one of them!

  31. These appliances have such a sleek and modern look that would be great for a remodel.

  32. My kitchen appliances are starting to wear out, and it will be time to upgrade soon. I do love the technology of LG products. I really like the flexibility of the LG’s TurboCook™ Speed Oven. I will certainly check this out.

  33. donna porter says

    I have never owned any LG products. My friends give me only positive feedback about this brand.

  34. Dorothy Boucher says

    I miss having LG products, I grew up on them , would love to own the LG fridge and double oven some day.

  35. Dorothy Boucher says

    I don’t know about everyone else but we grew up on LG products and still today love them. Although I live in a small apartment with no LG (bummer) products, but would love to have my LG fridge and stove, miss them so much.

  36. This is a nice looking oven. It would be great to have for my baking.

  37. I love double wall ovens! Very sad there is no room for one in my tiny kitchen

  38. Would love to have a double oven! Growing up we had one as there were 7 kids. Love love loved it!

  39. Elizabeth Vader says

    Oh Man!!!! I would love a double oven

  40. IF I was looking for a little upgrade to my kitchen – the place to check out the LG Combination Double Wall Oven is from Best Buy, because they are having a HUGE sales event! Plus I love Best Buy’s prices and guarantees!

  41. This oven looks to be high quality.

  42. I would definitely look into this when I am ready to redo my kitchen. What a help the oven would be for family gatherings.

  43. I have always dreamed of having a double oven! If I ever get the chance to buy something new, this is definitely what I would get! It would be amazing to be able to cook two things at once in different ovens/temps!

  44. I’m sold! Love that it cooks evenly with convection and yet has speed of a microwave.

  45. donna porter says

    This double oven would be great for me since I love to bake. I will check into this!

  46. That’s an awesome deal on the LG Kitchen Package! Definitely worth looking into!

  47. I would love a double oven! It looks so convenient and I won’t have to wait between batches.

  48. Julie Lundstrom says

    I would love this double oven. I love to cook and bake. I never have enough room for all the cooking I like to do. This would be so cool and for Holiday cooking too.

  49. Minta Boggs says

    Love this oven it has so many cool features. Love to have a kitchen that looks like this also.

  50. Terri Quick says

    Thank you for sharing this

  51. Selene Montgomery says

    This double oven would be a great addition to any kitchen. It would sure up the speed of cooking delicious meals!

  52. Barbara Montag says

    I do not buy appliances.
    If I did and had enough room I would like this.
    thank you

  53. This would make it so much easier when entertaining

  54. Teresa Kunberger says

    What a score! These are fantastic deals! Checking them out!!! Thanks for the information!

  55. Teresa Kunberger says

    What a score! These are fantastic deals! Checking them out!!!

  56. A double oven would be so nice to have in our kitchen!! That would make the most perfect gift for me!

  57. Jennylyn Gross says

    oh wow, with me and my hubby’s schedule this faster cooking stove is something we need

  58. Kimberly Way says

    Wish I had a kitchen big enough for it.

  59. WOW!! Where were these deals when we were doing our kitchen years ago!?? I understand that the technology wasn’t around then, but I do love a good deal and to save money! I clicked in the link in the article and found this from Best Buy:
    Save $500 on your appliance package when you buy five or more LG appliances. Products must be purchased on same receipt to receive savings. Must purchase a minimum of one product from each of the following categories: refrigerators, wall ovens, cooktops, microwaves, and dishwashers. See offer details.
    I would have jumped on a deal like this when we purchased all of our appliances! Double oven and all!

  60. crystle tellerday says

    reminds me of the food network

  61. This looks so nice! It’s crazy that there’s no preheating required.

  62. Thank you for sharing! Fast is always good for me! This sounds like it would be a big help

  63. When remodeling my kitchen,I looked for different items that would complement each other.

  64. Nancy Burgess says

    Love this double oven it would be great to have.

  65. Donna L Holder says

    i really love this. doesnt take up room.


    What a beautiful home. The DWO looks ideal.

  67. Dana Rodriguez says

    We love in a rental house but I would love to own one of these someday. Very nice!

  68. I would love to purchase some new appliances from Best Buy for my kitchen. The appliances look great!

  69. Nice, a double oven would be great to have.

  70. Looks amazing! i love that it does not take up space

  71. That’s a nice looking kitchen. I really could use a kitchen makeover.

  72. sheila ressel says

    Maybe someday I will be able to own a double oven. It would sure make cooking weeknight meals much easier and quicker. I would probably actually WANT to cook more often!

  73. Rena Walter says

    I would love to have these.

  74. They are beautiful, I love the matte finish, and the features are soo good, I want to consider these for my place! Nice, and sure look great in this kitchen.

  75. I’ve always been impressed with LG products. I want to get a double oven someday. It would make cooking for family get togethers go a lot quicker!

  76. We have a few LG products in our home and love them!
    Ironically, we also bought them at Best Buy! I wish I would have known about the double oven, when my kids were growing up! I have run out of room in my oven a couple of times back then. I had to pin this! The kitchen is just beautiful!!

  77. Charlene Carr says

    This oven looks so small, which is great for small Condos. It sounds like it cooks a lot faster then a regular oven whivh is wonderful because there never seems to be enough time in the day to come home and start cooking.

  78. Beautiful kitchen! I would love to cook there!

  79. Great review!! I would love to own one of these, especially around the holidays and the fact the doors don’t slam shut is a bonus!

  80. I would love a double oven. I have lots to cook with a big family and a second oven would make it so much easier

  81. Richard Hicks says

    Double ovens are great. Always wanted one and this one is nice looking too

  82. What a great way to simplify cooking! Thanks for sharing.

  83. Every holiday I have to plan my menu around oven real estate. This would be wonderful to have.

  84. I really need this. I am always cooking, and entertaining and need 2 ovens. This is beautiful and I love LG products.

  85. rochelle haynes says

    This is lookin good

  86. Oh I’ve wanted one of these puppies for a while now. Not in my budget, but I love that it’s so compact and faster cooking times.

  87. Double ovens are amazing for big families.. I used to have one in my bakery.. Loved it!

  88. This looks great! i will keep these products in mind for my upcoming remodelilng project.

  89. Margaret Smith says

    I would love a double oven. My family and I love to cook and can really put a double oven to use.

  90. Kim Pincombe-Cole says

    I’ve always wanted a double oven! And with the TurboCook™ Speed Oven, you get the best of both worlds (the hustle of a microwave and cooking quality of a convection oven). Holiday cooking would be a breeze…

  91. charlotte Hagfors says

    This double oven makes cookie baking for five kids a breeze, I had one of these at my old house and I do miss it almost everyday!


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