Visually Connect and Exercise Your Brain with OUISI Card Game #MegaChristmas21

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Time to get the gets off their screens and keep their mind sharp with OuiSi. I love playing games with my kids, and I am so happy to add this to our game collection. This would make for a great gift for the upcoming holidays! 

Selected by Creative Child Magazine as “Creative Game of the Year,” OuiSi (We See) is an open-ended card game that fosters curiosity and “breaks the ice” across all ages. Game co-creator and NYC photographer, Paul Brillinger, wanted to start a conversation on mindful gameplay where everyone wins through collaboration and creativity.

Brillinger views OuiSi as the perfect opportunity for players of all ages to connect with each other and create something unique – no two games are ever alike. OuiSi began as a successful Kickstarter campaign and became so popular among families during lockdown that it sold out of stock.

About Ouisi: 

We believe that making real connection is the ultimate contribution, and OuiSi is an expression of this calling. We believe that “everything is connected” and that life is a richer experience when we are curious about each other. We are passionate about collaboration, conversation, co-creation and open-ended play.

OuiSi blossomed as an idea in 2015, when Paul met Kaz at the THNK School of Creative Leadership. Both enjoyed exploring the world through the camera lens. The reoccurrence of patterns, colors and shapes in daily life and nature fascinated them. In other words, everyday surroundings were constantly asking the question “what does this remind you of?” 

OuiSi (“we-see”) is an award-winning set of 210 visually-connecting photo cards, with activities and games that foster creativity and ignite curiosity, regardless of age.

Whether you are looking for a true all-ages game for the family table, or for a healthy and fun screen break for the kids at home, OuiSi offers something for everyone.

210 beautiful, 3”x3” thick photo cards

Instructions for seven creative activities like OuiSi Storyboarding and OuiSinoes.

Instructions for two competitive games that demand visual acuity and strategic thinking.

A guide to open-ended play and mindful discovery.

Visual connections happen when different things share similar patternsshapescolors – anything you can imagine! OuiSi is like “this reminds me of that” in photo form. It’s intuitive and challenging for kids and adults alike.

Once you have the hang of visual connections, explore the guidebook for games and activities that will best suit players.

You can purchase Ouisi game on their Website

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We have added the Ouisi Game to our 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

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