What Does SARM Do to Your Body?

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More than 90% of people say that Sarms for sale are effective in helping them increase their muscle mass.

Transforming from skinny to jacked has never been easier. It’s not a wonder then that scientists use these drugs to cure wasting diseases such as cachexia or osteoporosis.

How? Sarms exert their anabolic effects by improving the amino acid deposition process in creating new muscle fibers. Hence, when you work out and induce stress tears on your muscles, you recover faster, and they get bigger—improving your athletic performance.

Top athletes use this drug because of its high selectivity on androgen receptors in muscles and bones. This characteristic means that you won’t affect any other tissues in your body, leading to fatal side effects.

Isn’t that the best supplement? It is!

Is SARMs a Type of Steroid?

No. Sarms give you the same benefits as steroids, but you won’t get the unwanted masculinization or organ damage effects. Hence, these products are suitable for men and women aspiring to be the best in their fields and push the limits of human potential.

For example, some studies report that you won’t experience rebound gynecomastia, prostate cancer, acne, or infertility later on in life as opposed to traditional anabolic steroids. And for women, they won’t get a deeper voice or chest and beard hair growth.

However, you can’t use Sarms continuously. Include Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) to relieve your body from the stressful process of synthesizing hormones. You want to benefit from these compounds for a long time.

Think of your cycle as training your body and brain to produce optimal levels of circulating hormones.

Does the World Anti-doping Agency (WADA) restrict athletes from using Sarms? Unfortunately, yes. Authorities ban people all the time for using these drugs. Don’t risk it.

Sarms under the ‘Other Anabolic Agents’ category in WADA include Ostarine, Testolone, Ibutamoren, etc.

What Do SARMs Do to Your Testosterone?

Sarms like Testolone and Ligandrol boost your testosterone levels. Other products like Ibutamoren tune your body to promote natural testosterone production.

These body changes include increased muscle mass, weight loss, and stress tolerance.

Interestingly, testosterone also provides those effects. So, you’ll enhance the positive feedback cycle, thus experiencing more benefits on your body and overall well-being.

Studies also show that you won’t experience a dip in testosterone levels through continuous use of Sarms, unlike anabolic steroids. Moreover, there are no reports of harmful increases in testosterone levels either—you’ll get just the right amount.

Is SARMs Illegal in Australia?

Yes. But you can import the products to the country with a permit. Otherwise, you risk jail time or a hefty fine and lose your money.

The government allows you to order your prescription through verified distributors. Alternatively, you can get your doses from a pharmacist or a qualified medical practitioner.

How Quickly Do SARMs Work?

Most users report an increase in strength and endurance over 5-7 days because Sarms are fast-acting. However, use the drugs over a 12-week cycle for better and more significant results. Take a before picture and record your weight to track your progress.

Reviews vote that YK-11, RAD-140, and S-23 are the most potent—giving you results fast.

But note that Sarms are not magic pills. Remember that you still have to put in the work. Your gym sessions still have to be intense, progressively overloading your muscles, and it’s best to eat a high-protein and high-fat diet to promote muscle healing and support hormone production.

The dosages and results depend on your body type, metabolism, and age. So, consult a doctor before starting your cycle.

How Much Do SARMs Cost?

That’ll be $60-199. But costs depend on the dosage you need and the company you’re buying the Sarms from. Some companies in Australia also sell the products as a stack; you can enjoy great discounts.

Buy from reputable companies to avoid laced products that ruin your health. Vet those vendors through online reviews and whether they provide third-party laboratory test results.


Sarms are new-age performance-enhancing drugs boosting your strength, endurance, healing capabilities, and muscle gains. The best part about these products is that they have the same benefits as steroids but without fatal complications. Buy and use Sarms wisely.

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