What Is The Best Way To Position Fans To Cool A Warm House?

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The temperature of your house determines a lot; from the way you feel, to how well you can do your activities, and right to the perception of your visitors about your house.

In the presence of excessive warmth, it becomes impossible to deny the need for a fan or fans. When it comes to fans, there is a wide variety; with being some static while others being rotatory. However, the variety also comes the need to know how to position fans in a way that explores their full potentials. Knowing about fan positioning is crucial because it is very possible to have a fan that seems to be big and strong, yet the air it blows does not circulate across the room.

While a fan and a Danby portable air conditioner will both change the temperature of a house, it is best to understand that they achieve this aim using different means. An air conditioner cools a warm house by dropping the temperature, but a fan cools a warm house by circulating air. For proper air circulation, positioning is a key factor. Hence, a lecture on the use of fans will be incomplete without learning a few tips about fan positioning to cool a warm house.

Tips on Fan Positioning To Cool a Warm House

Keep the air passage free

If you are trying to change the temperature of a place, then you must ensure that there is no obstruction between the fan and the area you want to keep cool. Many people hardly notice that air will be diverted if there is any object or body in its way. Creating an obstruction might not be intentional, but the house’s décor or the way the house is arranged may affect airflow. Hence, look to place the fan in a position that will not be affected by the way the house is arranged.

Position Your Fan Lower to the Floor 

As a rule, hot air rises while cool air tends to drop. Hence, the cool air in your house is positioned really close to the floor. The trick is basically making the cool air rise, so the entire room can become cool. To achieve this, position the fan lower to the ground level. By doing this, it becomes easier for the cool air in the room to rise upwards. In this case, to ensure that the cold air rises evenly, place an iced bowl of water just below the fan. The iced bowl of water will enhance the cooling action of the fan by causing the air to rise better and faster.

Position the fan right at the window

This also works, as the fan somewhat acts like a heat-evaporator. By placing the fan close to your window, it brings the cool air from outside into the room, while having hot air consequently escape.

Final Thoughts

The thought of sitting in a very warm house is not a nice one, the reality of it is even worse. Hence, use these fan positioning tips in your house today. This way you would keep yourself and your guests happy.

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