Everything you need to know about Asylum Interview

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Asylum interviews are extremely important for applicants. In one day, their luck can quickly change. Getting an asylum would allow them to turn their whole life around and to do something good for their family.

However, as this is a tricky situation, lots of things can go wrong. Let’s start from a simple fact that people who left their country seeking asylum are usually in dire straits. They might be low on cash, they might be lacking documents and even basic life necessities. Interview just adds to the overall stress. But, it is something you need to deal with and to pas with flying colors.

For example, while you might hire an immigration lawyer from Houston, TX to help your case, you should also be aware of some basic stuff along the way. You shouldn’t blindly let yourself into hands of others but instead learn more about the process.

Here are some tricks that will help you do just that:

  1. Learn about what you wrote

When you fill all the forms and submit all the documents, there will be a lot of information to go through. Asylum officers will ask you a lot of questions based on these documents and you will have to have a proper answer to all of them. So, make sure that all the documents work in your advantage. Also, make sure to learn what you wrote in these applications. Pay extra attention to numbers and dates as this is where people often mix things up.

  1. Make sure to bring all the documents

This will be a bit tricky as previously mentioned, but you will have to bring as many documents corroborating your story. Luckily for you, almost anything can be used for this purpose including photos, social media posts and documents received from private companies. It is very important for officers to learn more about your whereabouts, how you got into country and why would you seek an asylum. Even if you don’t acquire everything straight away, there is an option of delivering some of the documents later on. Just make sure to communicate it properly with the officers and notify them in due time.

  1. Everything needs to be in English

While this is a pretty obvious thing, most people don’t consider it due to previously mentioned reasons. All documents have to be in English, translated by a certified translator. In fact, you will also need to speak in English during the interview itself. Most people are struggling with this as there will be a lot of tricky, legal stuff. It is good that all applicants can ask for an official translator to help them out. This will save you a lot of money and will reduce the stress. But don’t worry; government will get you awesome professionals to help you out. If you ask for a translator during interview, this can be a problem as you won’t be able to get one. So, think ahead of time!

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