What’s New at Freddy’s for Back to School- Find out More Here #ILoveFreddysCinci #ad

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It is that time of year when  families are sending their kids off to school. Whether it is for the first day of Kindergarten or the first day of their last year of college, it is always a bittersweet moment for parents and kids.  I know that for me, we make the first day of school special with a homemade breakfast and end the day at one of our favorite restaurant, Freddy’s Frozen Custard and Steakburgers. Let me tell you about their delicious limited time offers available now. 

A Little Freddy’s History

Co-founded in 2002 by brothers Bill and Randy Simon, along with their friend, Scott Redler, the 3 named the restaurant after the Simon Bros. father, Freddy Simon, who is a WWII veteran who earned both the Purple Heart and Bronze Start for his service. 

Freddy’s offers delicious food and really provides that hometown feel in each restaurant. They serve fresh, made-to-order burgers, hot dogs, shoestring fries (my favorite) and the best assortment of flavor custards and toppings you will find anywhere.

What’s New This Month

This month really packs a punch and brings the amazing mixture of spicy and sweet. For starter’s, you can dine on a delicious spicy Jalapeño Pepper Jack Steakburger. Two sizzling steakburger patties topped with pepper jack cheese, grilled jalapeños, a pair of crunchy onion rings and Freddy’s Jalapeño Fry Sauce, all on a homestyle bun. Talk about delish! This steakburger is juicy, made fresh and is packed with amazing flavor. Pair it up with some french fries and you have an amazing dinner in your future.

Leave Room For Dessert

Make sure to leave room for a delicious dessert to make your meal complete. This month’s special concrete is one of my favorite flavor combinations yet – Key Lime Pie!


Fresh & creamy frozen custard, blended with an entire slice of tangy key lime pie, crust and all. Topped with whipped cream and sprinkled with a hint of graham cracker crumbles make this concrete a “MUST TRY” while it’s available. Speaking of Custard, did I mention that, when it comes to freshness, Freddy’s creates new and fresh custard ever 2 hours? That is as fresh as it comes!

Each of these delicious options are only available for a limited time. Be sure to head to your local Freddy’s location today and make dinner easy. You will love it with all of that back-to-school paperwork and homework in your immediate future. Freddy’s is open 7 days a week (hours and days may vary by location). Be sure to head to your Freddy’s location today and try all they have to offer. Trust me when I say you will adore your trip to Freddy’s Frozen Custard and Steakburgers and will want to go back again and again and AGAIN.

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122 thoughts on “What’s New at Freddy’s for Back to School- Find out More Here #ILoveFreddysCinci #ad

  • Their food looks so delicious! I wish we had one here!

  • I’ve never seen one of these Freddys before but if i did i would stop by. The food sounds amazing love to try it. Key Lime Pie shake sounds great love one.

  • Bring one to idaho!!

  • Freddy’s looks like a great place you could take the whole family to eat. Everyone could find a dish they really like.

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  • I have a Freddy’s down the street from me. I love their skinny french fries and a turtle sundae that is delicious.

  • “Let me tell you about their delicious limited time offers available now.” So these are limited time offers! Do they
    have different offers every month? Well I guess I would just have to go see what they have every month, if I can or look up the menu on the Internet – yummy

  • Ummmmm, looks so yummy I would LOVE to have one of those burgers right now!!!

  • That burger @ Freddy’s is oozing deliciousness

  • I wish we had a Freddys in our neck of the woods..It looks awesome!

  • I live in Wichita – the home of Freddy’s so I’ve been lucky enough to have enjoyed their delicious custard, burgers and fries since they opened here 17 years ago. My favorite meal is the patty melt, fries with jalapeno fry sauce and a turtle concrete. And they built a Freddy’s within walking distance of my house so I go there often. It’s a favorite for sure!!

  • The lime frozen custard sounds so good. Thanks for sharing.

  • I have never been to Freddys before! It sounds like they have some delicious food though! Their burgers look amazing! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  • This looks like a great place to take the family to eat!

  • I love restaurants that give a military discount I think they deserve it Thank you Freddys !

  • that burger looks sooo yummy! 🙂

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  • I just love burgers like that, with the cheesy, ooey, gooey goodness. It looks so good.

  • Their burgers, fries, and custards sound super delicious. I wish that there was one in my area. I would definitely give that key lime pie concrete a try.

  • I could really go for a Freddy’s Original Patty Melt!

  • Freddy’s creates new and fresh custard ever 2 hours and I would love some real, fresh, delicious, custard!! Chocolate

  • Freddy’s always offers a military discount to active as well as retired military Happy labor day everyone !

  • I am ready to eat again. How about starting with desert first? custard, please.

  • Wow…the steakburger looks delicious!

  • Ready Freddy’s
    You’re about to have a lot of hungry readers from this blog looking for something to eat!!

  • Would like to try the Fresh & creamy frozen custard,

  • Wishing for a great school year for all of our kiddos ! # Love Freddys

  • Did someone say “custard”? Yes, please

  • I love Freddys all of this looks so good.

  • I’d love to go there and try every flavor of their frozen custard. That would be a day well spent!

  • I would love to try them!

  • Going back to school it is always a bittersweet moment I start to miss them after the first day. Would love to try Freddys some day

  • I can’t wait to see what the new menu item of the month will be tomorrow! I can’t believe it will be September already!

  • I would like to see a Freddy’s Frozen Custard and Steakburgers out in my area.

  • I’d love one of those custards right now. It would be so cool on this hot day.

  • ooooh looks good I wish we had one in our area

  • Their Signature Turtle Sundae looks so yummy!

  • My grandson would love this place burgers and custard 2 of his favorite things

  • I want to have Hot Dogs and Shoestring Fries..

  • I want to have Hot Dogs and Shoestring Fries.

  • This is S-L-O-W torture looking at all these scrumptious pictures!! I can’t even enjoy this food for real . Enjoy these tasty dishes for me everyone

  • Every time I see these photos, I get a little more hungry. The food looks sooooo tasty.

  • The steakburger looks absolutely amazing!

  • would like to try spicy Jalapeño Pepper Jack Steakburger

  • I really like the looks of the Key Lime Pie dessert. I want one.

  • Sounds like a great product.

  • Waw, looks nice.

  • I mentioned this to a relative in Cincinnati. They raved about it. It really is as good as it looks, I guess!

  • I wish they had one of those here in SC!

  • Freddy’s Jalapeño Fry Sauce yum love the spicy stuff

  • I would love to have a homemade breakfast!
    I can eat eggs and toast – yum This is good to know

  • I’ve never heard of Freddy’s and wish one was close to me the food sounds amazing

  • Freddy’s is my kind of restaurant. You get delicious food in generous amounts for a reasonable price. Spare me those other places where you get tiny amounts of ‘pretty’ food at unholy prices!

    • I love their frozen custard!!

  • I wish we had this place here in New York. Thank you for your review.

  • Their burgers look really good! I want to try their custard!

  • I’ve never heard of Freddy’s before. I wish we had one close by the burgers look so good.

  • Love Freddy’s!

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  • I want to try the chocolate custard.

  • I have a sweet tooth, so the ‘concrete’ definitely calls my name, lol. That looks delicious.

  • I wish we had one here. Their food looks so good!

  • I can have custard, shakes, and soups. I hope they have soups!

  • I really wish that we had a Freddy’s restaurant in our area. Sounds like some good food.

  • The spicy Jalapeño Pepper Jack Steakburger sounds delicious

  • Burgers and custard two of my favorite things ! Looks so yummy

  • I like that Freddy’s creates new and fresh custard ever 2 hours. It is really fresh.

  • I’m back to the page of torture for me!! I get so hungry and so sad, because looking at this wonderful tasty food isn’t easy for someone with no teeth
    Until tomorrow & I have do this all over again!

  • My brother was in Cincinnati last week. When I look at that Key Lime Pie Concrete…I think I should’ve gone, too!!

  • I love this restaurant!! We eat there all the time and their food is amazing!

  • I keep looking at those golden fries
    They are a weakness of mine! Yummy

  • haven’t been to one

  • I hope a Freddys comes to our town the food looks good

  • I want to try the spicy Jalapeño Pepper Jack Steakburger.

  • That Steakburger sounds awesome! Pretty sad that I haven’t tried it yet. The fries look good as well

  • I want the Key Lime Pie one!

  • I wish we had one in our area

  • I had to share this on Facebook so my family can enjoy this fine eating at “Fantastic” Freddy’s yum

  • I know my family would like this “Fantastic” Freddy’s food!
    I shared on Facebook so I can inform my family of this fantastic delicious place! TY

  • I love Freddy’s custard! So good!

  • We recently got a Freddy’s in our town, so I’m looking forward to try them. The Key Lime Pie shake looks yummy!

  • tasty looking food

  • Ummmmm looks really yummy, wish that we had a Freddy’s to visit.

  • There are Freddy’s in Cincinnati but I usually stay on the Kentucky side of the river when I go out to eat. Sounds awesome though so I might have to make an exception. Some of their menu items are to die for!

  • We do not have one in our area but the Jalapeño Pepper Jack Steakburger. sounds really good

  • They closed the Freddie’s near me. Very sad!

  • I will have to visit here when I go see my son.

  • I live near Wichita, KS, where Freddy’s was founded. Our entire family loves Freddy’s. I especially love their shoestring fries. I love their custard as well!

  • This is so hard for me to come back here and look at these delicious pictures! I have had all of my teeth removed and I can’t get dentures, because my gums are not healing, because of my Diabetes

  • no freddys near getting hungry though

  • The Key Lime Pie treat sounds so good!

  • Love it

  • Awesome! I live in Kentucky right across the river from Cincinnati but have never been to Freddy’s.

  • The burger looks great as does the ice cream. Love it

  • We do not have one in our area but it all looks so good

  • We don’t have a Freddy’s here but I sure wish we did. That food looks amazing!

  • This looks so good, I wish I had one near me.

  • Their food looks so good

  • My husband and I got to Freddy’s all the time. I get a #1 with no onion and regular fries with a TON of fry sauce.

  • Those steakburgers look so good. I love burgers with lots of melty cheese.

  • I went to their website and found out there is one a little ways from our place. YEAH!! I would love to try their menu items!! I shared this on Facebook and Pinterest. Thank you for sharing!

  • I went to their website and found out there is one a little ways from our place. YEAH!! I would love to try their menu items!! I shared this on Facebook and Pinterest. Thank you for sharing!

  • I need another Kansas City run. Love your stuff!

  • Wow – so sad we don’t have one here!

  • If there were a Freddy’s by me I would be sure to have some frozen custard.

  • That looks absolutely delicious! I wish we had one here!

  • The frozen custard looks so good!!!

  • Looks good. Wish we had one here.

  • I have never heard of them. The food looks delicious!

  • This all sure looks good, and now I’m hungry for lunch already! We don’t have a Freddy’s, but if I ever travel and see one, we’re stopping to enjoy!!!!

  • Key lime frozen custard sounds awesome! Key lime is one of my favorite flavors.

  • Wish we had in our area

  • I would love to try the key lime frozen custard and one of the steakburgers.

  • that looks so good even this early in the morning. I want to try the Key Lime Pie shake.

  • I want that burger please

  • Living in Northern KY, and having family in Cincinnati, I’ve heard about Freddy’s, but I haven’t been there yet. I really want to.

  • Sounds tasty, we dont have that in wisconsin to try

    • Freddy’s Jalepena Fry Sauce sounds like it tastes amazing. I need to try that.

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