Why Giving Credit Where It Is Due Is Important

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Most SMEs have a website. They use it as a way to be found by the millions of people that start their search for products and services online. That means that the website needs to rank well. Ideally, to appear in the top 3 positions of the search results.

Regularly, updating the site and adding new content can help with this. The more of your customer´s questions, concerns and interests you address the more relevant your site becomes. Each new page you add creates a new opportunity for you to be found in the search results.

Learn how to create APA in-text citations

But, if you use other people´s research and content in your blog posts, you need to follow the advice you will find on this website to ensure that you give them the proper credit. If you click the link you will get access to a free tool that makes it super easy to create these citations in the right format. There is also a very good explanation of the different formats you can use and which one is likely to be the most appropriate.

OK, so that is how to create citations and give credit. Now, let´s take a look at why it is important to do this.

It is right from an ethical point of view

If you use something someone has worked hard to produce, it is only fair to give them the credit for all their hard work. Most of us would feel aggrieved if someone used a batch of statistics that had taken us hours to research, without mentioning us. We would feel that the person who wrote the content was trying to make it look like they had done that work.

It will help you to make a good impression

When you do use citations to give credit, it helps you to make a good impression on your readers. They can see that you have taken the time to do some research and pull together the facts. As a result, they believe that they can trust what you are saying.

It will help you to build relationships with others in your industry

When you give credit it helps you to make connections with others who are involved in your industry. Networking in this simple way can end up having huge benefits for you and your business. For example, it opens up the chance to ask that person to do a short interview with you on a subject that you know your readers will be interested in. This is a very easy way to create more content for your website. It can also open up the chance for you to guest post on their site and reach a new audience.

A word of caution about using other people´s content on your website

Clearly, using citations in the right way to give credit is important. But, it is important to understand that simply doing this does not mean that you can legally use anybody´s content. It is not as simple as that. The laws surrounding when and how you can use the content that others produce are extremely complex. But, you do need to understand them. This article, which has been written by an attorney that specialises in helping businesses to protect their intellectual property, is a great starting point.

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