Win a Hydralight Flashlight that Runs on Water! 

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Win a Hydralight Flashlight that Runs on Water! 

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Don’t let a power outage catch you without a working flashlight! Have you heard of the amazing Hydralight? The Hydralight is powered by simply removing the revolutionary “hydra-Cell” fuel cell and immersing it in water. When water enters the fuel cell, it immediately begins to generate power. Place the fuel cell back in the HydraLight, and you have a functional flashlight.

Key features of HydraLight:

  • The HydraLight can be switched on and off like a regular flashlight, and can run up to 100 continuous hours on a single water charge.
  • With a rubberized armor coating, the HydraLight is rugged, durable, and made to last. It can safely be used in even the worst weather conditions.
  • With a handheld light, you need one hand to hold the light…but with the HydraLight, you now have both hands-free!
  • It’s perfect for outdoor camping activities. It can even hang inside your tent. It’s perfect for your boat, or for anytime you need a hands-free light.
  • The HydraLight is the perfect long-lasting light for emergencies of all kinds.

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Hydralight Flashlight that Runs on Water!

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36 thoughts on “Win a Hydralight Flashlight that Runs on Water! 

  • I want to buy some more fuel cells. how ??

  • All the time! My kids always took them and left them on, then when we needed it, it was dead.

  • Numerous times actually; several years ago we would constantly lose power in our park. I at least have back-ups to back-ups to back-ups on flashlights now (lessons learned). Recently, my big one went out while I was hiking with my kids up a local small mountain at night…. I had given them each a flashlight as back-up anyways before we left LOL Good thing.

  • yes. all the time

  • All the time. I can never find a flashlight that works when I need one.

  • I sure could have used this during Hurricane Irma here in Florida. We were without power for several days last. I will need to purchase this in preparation for next hurricane season.

  • It’s happened a few times but always while I was at home.

  • What a great idea. I would love to see how it works and give back a great review.

  • Many times! I usually fill them up and forget to change them, since my flashlights take D batteries, I never have extra on hand. It’s one of those things that you don’t think about changing until you need them!

  • I have and it definitely makes a difficult situation even worse. It’s kinda of strange that we expect flashlights to work when we need them, but it’s one of those things we fail to check the batteries regularly to make sure they are still good.

  • I have and it is not very fun. We lost power during a fall storm for a few days, it was horrible with our little one. This would have been perfect!

  • I have had dead flash lights before hate it when the home power has gone out that been the worst time.

  • We have so many flashlights and only like 2 will work most of the time.

  • Yes,that literally happened with my flashlight two days ago.

  • I’ve definitely been in situations without either a working flashlight or it’s mia. Just the other night a breaker blew and i couldn’t find a flashlight, it can be frustrating.

  • Yes the batteries died & exploded inside leaving me without a working flashlight

  • Almost everytime. I will have them stored and ready and the kids or whoever move them and never put them back.

  • Yes! It’s a terrible feeling. I think this would be great as part of our earthquake/disaster kit.

  • Yes, and we had to use candles until we could go to the next county and buy batteries and supplies. This would be a great flashlight to own.

  • Yes, I have and quite a few times last summer.

  • Yes, it is usually when I need it the most too.

  • Yes I have! The batteries had ran out!

  • I have and you fumble around in the dark

  • Yes, it is terrible to be caught with a non-working flashlight.

  • Power here goes off far too often for no apparent reason usually. 99% of the time I am in the bathroom when it goes off. I have no way to find my way out to get a flashlight. Once I spent over 5 minutes carefully walking 3 rooms away where a flashlight is. I unhappily found it was dead. Another time I had had surgery and couldn’t get out of the chair unassisted. The power went off and I screamed for an hr. and threw things to try to wake up my husband to no avail. Finally, I crawled back to where a flashlight was only to find he had took the batteries out until he could get new ones. I woke him up with it to let him know about it. He had to get candles out then. So, yes, flashlights never, ever work when you really need them.

  • The power went out and I did not have one working flashligt and had to use my cell phone!

  • Yes!

  • I can’t remember any specific time that I’ve been without, but probably did before flashlights were on phones. Thank you for the chance to win!

  • Yes unfortunately

  • yes once the lights went out in my apartment and I was caught without a flashlight! It was pretty scary! I would love to win this giveaway! Thanks for the chance!

  • There have been several times that I’ve been caught without a working flashlight.

  • I’ve been caught without a working flashlight during bad storms here!

  • Definitely. It sucks!

  • We’ve been caught without a working light, so I got an oil burning lamp. I make sure I keep oil on hand. This hydra light would be amazing to have!

  • dying to see how well this really works

  • I have- and it’s always at the worst times! Last time, I had a flat tire at night…. I remembered that I had a flashlight in my glove department… and the batteries were dead!

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