#Win a Libman Spring Cleaning Bundle!

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#Win a Libman Spring Cleaning Bundle!

This spring cleaning Giveaway is sponsored by Libman and hosted by Mom Does Reviews.

It may not look like spring where you live, but it’s coming eventually, I promise! Plus, you can always clean the inside of your house before spring gets here, you just might not want to open the windows to air everything out.

Did you know:

To remove dirt deep in your carpet, use your Libman Large Precision Angle Broom to “sweep” your carpet thoroughly before vacuuming. The broom fibers will dig down into the carpet, moving dirt to the surface

Be sure to read Pam’s post on Mom Does Reviews for more great Spring Cleaning Tips from Libman.

About Libman:

For over 120 years, the Libman family has made quality their utmost priority. They make the finest brooms, brushes, mops and cleaning tools. Their mission is to bring the world a better way to clean through innovation, design and quality.

#Win a Libman Spring Cleaning Bundle!

Libman Products you will win:

The prize pack consists of these 8 products:

  • The Tornado Mop: This mop has a larger mop head you can cover 50% more surface area to get the job done faster and done right. The 3 green bands prevent tangling while polyester yarn resists odor causing bacteria making it the ideal mop for any surface.
  • The Tornado Mop Refill: Easy to change, machine washable mop head. 3 green bands prevent tangling. Larger mop head covers 50% more surface area.
  • Baked-on and Tough Job Sponges: Deep grooves remove all debris and will not clog with cheese or other sticky messes.
  • Multi-Surface Everyday Floor Cleaner: Cleans away dirt & grime, leaving a sparkling clean floor. Use on tile, wood, vinyl, laminate, linoleum, and other hard surface floors.
  • Gentle Touch Foaming Dish Wand: Your favorite dish soap can be added for better cleaning. Strong and durable design. Shaped to fit into corners. Cap-free design eliminates leaks.
  • Pot and Pan Scrubbing Dish Wand: Your favorite dish soap can be added for better cleaning. Strong and durable design. Shaped to fit into corners. Scouring sponges rinse cleanly.
  • Large Precision Angle broom with Dustpan: Precisely cut to reach under cabinets and tight corners. Guaranteed quality construction. Longer life, environmentally friendly fiber made from recycled PET bottles.
  • 4 Gallon Clean and Rinse bucket with Wringer: This 4 gallon bucket is excellent for all mop types. Convenient wringer option snaps in and out as needed. 2 buckets in one: one side for clean water and the other for the dirty water.

#Win a Libman Spring Cleaning Bundle!


One lucky reader will win this HUGE Libman Spring Cleaning bundle as described above.

The giveaway is open to US only, 18+

The giveaway ends 3/15 at 1159p est

Be sure to come back daily for more chances to win!

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50 thoughts on “#Win a Libman Spring Cleaning Bundle!

  • The kitchen because there is so many things that need cleaning plus my laundry is there 🙁

  • The kitchen. Everyone comes through all day long. Plus ours is in the middle of the house or the focal point.

  • The bathroom! Too much hair around, ugh.

  • My least favorite room to clean is the bathroom because it can get yucky.

  • My office. I hate dealing with paperwork. I feel like I need to keep everything, it all collects, and takes up space.

  • the bathroom is my least favorite to clean because it is always the dirtiest and germiest

  • Bathrooms are least favorite to clean.

  • I’m not a fan of cleaning the bathroom!

  • My least favorite room to clean is my living room because it carries the most dust.

  • I hate washing dishes.

  • I hate to clean the bathroom because…ugh.

  • My bedroom is my least favorite room to clean.

  • The kitchen is my least favorite to clean. Tile grout collects outdoor grime from two doors. I cook with gas which likes to leave a film on things and I have a lot of kitchen decorations that are on top of my cabinets.

  • Bathroom, never liked having to clean it

  • The Dining/home school room, it’s always a disaster.

  • My least favorite room to clean is the bathroom

  • The bathroom for sure, because ick!

  • I hate to clean the bathrooms and I have 3 of them! And after my daughter blow dries her hair , the hair I have on my floor is crazy!

  • I hate cleaning the bathroom. I think it’s so disgusting in there.

  • I don’t like to clean my eat-in kitchen, we use it so much and use it so often it needs cleaned often. Lucky for me my 7yr old daughter loves to mop and my 4yr old is a great helper.

  • I hate cleaning the kids shared bathroom. It is always a disaster and takes too long.

  • Not really a room, but I hate vacuuming. Worst. thing. ever.

  • I really dislike cleaning the shower in my master bathroom. It is a lot of work to keep that area clean.

  • I have cleaning the “Mud Room” it catches all the dirt & grime dragged in from outside…and yes I live in Snow country which is a pain too.

  • I don’t like cleaning my bathroom, the bathtub tiles are hard to reach.

  • The bathroom is my least favorite room to clean because I have 3 boys. LOL

  • Least favorite room to clean is bathroom because there are no windows in ours so it is always dusty and husbands shower has soap scum to scrub

  • My least favorite room to clean is the bathroom! I feel like it’s small and cramped and should be easy to clean, but it’s not!

  • I really dislike cleaning the study….Between the computers and the book cases… the desk.. I am always afraid I am going to knock something over and cleaning the books is a slow slow job…. even when i dust every week…

  • I hate cleaning my white tile kitchen floor. You clean it and it dries and within a couple of hours it looks like you haven’t done a thing to it. LOL

  • the kitchen is my least fav room to clean i hate doin dishes n mopping also

  • I hate cleaning my bathrooms, love when they are sparkling but hate the process. I’m going to have to say I hate the hair most of all, in the drains, on the floor, in the sink, yuck.

  • My least favorite spot to clean is in and around the stove. All those nooks and crevices.

  • I hate cleaning the bathroom because there are just so many crevasses and hard to reach places. I never feel like its fully clean. :/

  • I really hate cleaning the toilet because it just seems super gross to me.

  • Oh I have to say the kitchen! I love how it sparkles and shines when I am done!

  • My least favorite room or space to clean in my house is everyone else’s bathrooms because they can just be gross. I do not want to have to clean up other’s bathroom spaces.

  • I hate cleaning the bathroom because, well, it’s the bathroom.

  • My least favorite room to clean is the bathroom because it takes so long.

  • I hate to clean the shower and the bathtub. We have really hard water and lime stains can be tough.

  • The bathroom is always my least fave. I just get so annoyed by the dirt that accumulates around the toilet and the corners!

  • The bath room . I have 3 boys does that explain why I hate cleaning it lol. It gets so dirty fast

  • I hate cleaning the bathroom! It’s so gross to clean the toilet!

  • my bathroom,cant stand the thought of others hairs and cleaning the tub and toilet thought its really not that dirty since i clean 2 x a day ,

  • I hate cleaning the bathroom most with the hard to scrub soap scum in the shower and the pee smell.

  • My least favorite room to clean is the bathroom because I hate cleaning the toilet.

  • My favorite if I had to have a favorite is the kitchen because it is the space that I keep cleaned the most.

  • The bathroom. The thought of the germs that are in there despite that we clean it a few times a week –probably because of that though.

  • I hate to clean my bathroom, it’s a lot, it’s pretty big, but mopping is the worst

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