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How are you keeping germs at bay this cold and flu season?

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  1. Clean, clean, clean! I also keep hand sanitizer in the car and require everyone to wash their hands when they come home! I’m a bit of a germaphobe. lol

  2. Amber cheras says

    Stocking up on vitamins and juice washing hands frequently

  3. I combat germs during by washing my hands frequently, getting enough sleep, and staying hydrated. I also will sometimes use saline nasal spray if it feels like my nose and sinuses are getting dry or congested to stave off any colds or infections.

  4. Washing our hands often, and, if I have it, by spraying Lysol in the air, on pillows, phones etc…

  5. Jennifer W says

    I wash my hands constantly and try not to touch my face with them.

  6. Mary C Mcmenamy says

    I bleach every thing I Purcell hand santitizer wash my hands all the time

  7. Mostly I wash my hands. And eat lots of healthy foods, veggies and fruits!

  8. denise low says

    We get plenty of rest and drink plenty of water.

  9. I constantly am washing my hands to keep germs away

  10. Alyce Poalillo says

    I am lucky enough to be able to avoid gatherings of many people and children which lessens the chances and I take extra vitamins to strengthen my immune system.

  11. airborne!

  12. I’m always washing my hands! I rarely get sick, which I think is attributed to all the handwashing. If I can’t wash my hands, then I will use a wet one wipe.

  13. I clean the door knobs, light switches & toilet handle with disinfectant wipes!

  14. Neiddy Ruiz says

    Washing our hands often and using hand sanitizer. Thanks for the chance to win!

  15. We wash our hands with soap and water and we also like using thieves oil.

  16. Joanna Rose says

    I wash my hands & keep a clean house.

  17. We wash out hands in warm water whenever we get home from anywhere

  18. Katie Bellamy says

    We wash our hands a lot! And I’ve got a full supple of Clorox wipes and cans of Lysol!

  19. Angela Hendricks says

    Lots of hand washing and going over with my children repeatedly to cover their mouths when they cough.

  20. I am the daughter of a Nurse, so I am always avoiding germs. My hands are washed in warm soapy water and I cover my mouth when I sneeze to prevent futher spreading of germs.

  21. Anita Duvall says

    Lots of hand washing and dish washing with anti-bacterial soap. Bleach, and Lysol.

  22. Robin Abrams says

    We take our vitamins daily and wash our hand often

  23. Sabrina Templin says

    Washing hands a lot, disinfect and Vitamin C and sleep

  24. I am forever getting my grandsons to wash their hands.

  25. Jennifer Tilson says

    We try to keep germs away with frequent handwashing, plenty of rest, and staying active to stay healthy.

  26. Nancy Bowers says

    I wash my hands whenever I return home from being away.

  27. aaron reck says

    I like to wash my hands after I touch public doors or anything like that. Though nothing worse than out in public and someone sneezes all over you. It’s like that just really happened.

  28. Molli Vandehey-Taylor says

    we do a lot of handwashing. we should probably do more…

  29. I wash my hands and face often, take vitamins and drink fluids.

  30. We make sure to wash hands frequently.

  31. If friends or family are sick we avoid contact. The kids was their hands frequently. I tell them not to put their hands in their nose, eyes or mouth. Lastly we CLEAN, CLEAN, CLEAN (Hands, house, backpacks, etc.)

  32. Sarah Mathias says

    We wash our hands a lot and use hand sanitizer.

  33. We try to wash our hands a lot. We wash when we get home from going anywhere also.

  34. Stay home when sick..disinfectant on all surfaces, knobs, switches, mouse, phone..sneeze into elbow
    Wash wash wash hands

  35. Washing frequently and home cooked meals.

  36. We scrub and wash our hands many many times per day and also use hand sanitizer in between washes.

  37. try to get rest and drink lots of orange juice

  38. We try to always wash our hands when we get home from being out and about. We try to keep those germs out…but some always sneak in on us.

  39. We wash hands often.

  40. Jodi Hassel says

    Wash your hand all the time

  41. We wash our hands well and use germ wipes.

  42. James Robert says

    We use lysol spray, sanitizers and lots of them. My youngest daughter has a phobia with keeping her hands clean at all times.

  43. Tara Smith says

    Keep warm socks, wash hands often, wipe down everything & comfort foods galore

  44. We wash our hands very often.

  45. Wash your hands, many times a day!

  46. I wash my hands compulsively. Well, not compulsively, it’s not like I’m OCD or anything. Then again, my sister just reminded me that when I was a kid I would separate the mixed vegetables into separate piles on my plate so take back what I just said, apparently I’m incredibly OCD.

  47. I take vitamin C and wash hands often

  48. Terri Goolsby says

    Lots of hand washing, and purell

  49. Melissa Storms says

    I use Lysol spray and lots of handwashing.

  50. Elizabeth Tarlow says

    We eat healthy and wash our hands frequently!

  51. Pam Halligan says

    I wipe down everything with Lysol to keep germs at bay.

  52. I wash hands frequently and use hand sanitizer.

  53. BARBARA SCOTT says

    I wash in hot water, spray with disinfectant, wash hands often.

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