1800nycbagels.com Perfect Father’s Day Gift

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Want to surprise your dad this Father’s Day? How about a delicious, tasty package of fresh bagels delivered right to his doorstep. Better still, how about a monthly bagel delivery from 1800nycbagels.com. Now that is a delicious gift that keeps on giving.800 NYC Bagels

A family-owned business that has it roots stemming back to the 1800’s in Austria, 1800nycbagels.com believes that quality and customer service are key to their success. They also attribute the NYC area water to their delicious and unique flavor.

I received an assortment of bagels delivered to my doorstep here in Ohio. I received a variety of bagels including:

  • Everything Bagel
  • Poppy Bagel
  • Multi-Grain Bagel
  • Plain Bagel
1800nycbagels -03
I admit I had never tried a Everything Bagel before.  IT WAS AMAZING!!!! I tried a new bagel daily and used various toppings including plain butter, honey-nut cream cheese, plain cream cheese & jelly.  My favorite was the Everything Bagel with Honey-Nut Cream Cheese. I also used the Poppy Bagel and created a lunchtime sandwich with turkey, mayo, cheese, lettuce and avocado.1800nycbagels -02

I took a variety of bagels to work with me and everyone loved them. I shared how easy it is to have 1800nycbagels.com delivered right to your doorstep and have a nice variety of freshly-made bagels to choose from.1800nycbagels -01For a change of pace or sending a nice delight to your college student, I recommend 1800nycbagels.com for any occasion. They can ship right to your door in a New York Minute .  If you live in the NYC area or any of the five boroughs, you can get them at a reduced price and reduced shipping rate.  This is truly a unique and different gift idea that anyone would be delighted to receive!!!

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Be sure to visit 1800nycbagels.com and come back, commenting below on what flavors you would love to try.

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  1. Great idea for college student! Mine is leaving in August and this will make a great gift for her.

  2. Ive never tried an everything bagel. The toppings look good too.

  3. Lily Kwan says

    These bagels look very tasty. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Wanda McHenry says

    I’m a bagel finatic! I have only found one bagel in SC that I liked and they closed of course. I would take a drive into town in the morning for my poppy seed bagel and they knew me, so I didn’t even have to tell them my order. Not toasted, just give me the bagel. Butter was waiting at home!

  5. Kimberly Flickinger says

    I love bagels for breakfast, would love to try these!

  6. Lauryn R says

    Yum!! I love all bagels with all flavors of cream cheese! 🙂 If I had to pick a favorite though, it would be an everything bagel with plain cream cheese on top!

  7. These look so yummy,great flavors and combos..making me hungry ..awesome with a cup of Joe

  8. Holly Thomas says

    I have had these before and they are very good!

  9. Wanda McHenry says

    I will definitely be ordering from this comp;any. It’s a beautiful thing when you can actually get a New York bagel down here in South Carolina!

  10. Kimberly Flickinger says

    I would love to try the Poppy and the Multi Grain bagels.

  11. I would love a monthly bagel subscription! I’d want a variety of bagels….sounds amazing!

  12. Maryann D. says

    This definitely would be a nice Father’s Day gift. My husband would enjoy these bagels.

  13. Their bagels sounds wonderful to me, I would love to try some of them sometime real soon.

  14. This would be a nice birthday present for someone.

  15. Kimberly Flickinger says

    These bagels look absolutely delicious! Love to be able to try them, especially with cream cheese!

  16. Elizabeth A says

    This would be a nice and unique gift for a lot of occasions that I can’t think of something.

  17. Maryann D. says

    I would enjoy the Multi-Grain Bagel with scrambled eggs on it.

  18. Kimberly Flickinger says

    These bagels look delicious, definitely want to try these:)

  19. THis will make great holiday gift ideas for family this year! Including my household! 🙂

  20. What would be better than to have fresh bagels delivered for breakfast. That would be a perfect start to the day.

  21. great! another giveaway making chu jump through hoops by following their family tree, friends, neighbors, and their cats, dogs, and snakes. then chu end up NEVER winning anyway! quite snaky to me ! /s

    just kidding, but i do love some damn good gourmet bagels though! make mine some DOUBLE chocolate overdose, please =P

  22. Maryann D. says

    I am sure these bagels are fresh and delicious!

  23. My daughter would love the plain bagels with butter. I’d love the everything bagels with cream cheese!

  24. Kimberly Flickinger says

    I wish I had known about these a couple of weeks ago, I would have gotten some for my father, he loves bagels!

  25. Michelle Elizondo says

    I love blueberry bagels with cream cheese.

  26. I love how fresh and tasty their bagels are and the nice variety of flavors they carry.

  27. sheila ressel says

    What a treat it would be to have these amazing looking bagels delivered to my home. My family would love it!

  28. Maryann D. says

    These bagels certainly looks tasty and my family would enjoy them!

  29. Pat Schwab says

    My dad loved bagels. I love a really good fresh everything bagel with cream cheese or even plain and with sandwich toppings. Yum

  30. Samantha B says

    This would be such fun surprise. I like the chocolate chip and raisin bagels best!

  31. My Dad loves bagels so this would be nice for him to get for Father’s Day or even his birthday.

  32. Kimberly Flickinger says

    I would love to try these bagels, they look delicious! I am a bagel lover, love mine toasted and with cream cheese.

  33. I did not realize that this is a family owned business that has been around for so long.

  34. Monthly bagel delivery?! That sounds amazing!!

  35. These look so delicious ,a little cream cheese and mmm good to go

  36. rochelle haynes says

    Looking good love to have some

  37. Maryann D. says

    These bagels look wonderful. My family enjoys bagels on a Sunday morning!

  38. Wendy B. says

    I moved here from NYC in 1993 & gave up on trying to find a decent bagel. Didn’t know about this company until now, & I’m super excited!

  39. My kids love these

  40. Bagels are always a great treat to share at work. These are so good they would go in a minute.

  41. Dana Rodriguez says

    These all sound so good! I hadn’t heard of this company before.

  42. Bagels are delish,with a sweet f flavored cream cheese or with chives mmmm I’m hungryv

  43. Wonderful to know you can order bagels online that are fresher than commercial brands in the store! I’d love to try the everything bagel!

  44. I’ve never tried NYC bagels before. I would love to try these. I really love bagels.

  45. Pat Schwab says

    What a great gift idea for a loved one. My birthday is coming up and I would love some of these NY bagels. Yum

  46. I know how delicious New York bagels are.

  47. I love everything bagels with cream cheese. Super yummy!

  48. I like to make sandwiches with bagels instead of bread. Makes a special lunch.

  49. My mother is originally from New York, so I grew up knowing exactly how delicious their bagels can be. I love the idea of having them delivered!

  50. Dana Rodriguez says

    These look delicious! We love everything bagels with eggs and cheese for breakfast.

  51. Debbie Welchert says

    I have never heard of this bagel company before and they sound and look delicious. I checked them out and would love to try so many of them. Like the onion bagels or the garlic bagels and that’s just two of them. Oh heck, let’s face it, I want to try them all…..

  52. Wanda McHenry says

    Oh, how I miss those bagels. I grew up in New Jersey and the bagels up there are amazing. My cousin recently passed through on his way to Florida and brought a shopping bag of bagels, I was in heaven!

  53. I like their bagels very much and think that they would make a great gift for a student. What fun to have it delivered.

  54. Josh Dillard says

    I live in VA and never have I been to nyc. I hear legends from NY friends about the bagels, love to see if it’s true.

  55. Jarsofbutter says

    I love bagels… My favorite kind is a fresh onion bagels with veggie cream cheese.

  56. Cheryl Everitt says

    Fresh bagels are so good for breakfast and also a healthy snack.

  57. One of the things that I miss from living up in Connecticut is the New York bagels. Thanks so much for letting us know about this company.

  58. Robin Abrams says

    We love bagels here. We take onion bagels put a fried egg, bacon, cheese on them so yummy


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