3 Technological Advancements that Are Changing the Small Business World

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The world of small business is one that is constantly evolving as entrepreneurs look for more and more ways to increase efficiency and boost business. Because small businesses generally don’t have the resources of a large company at their disposal, advancements and developments must be made in affordable ways that are easy to implement.Technological advancements of recent years are making it possible for small businesses to improve their operations in multiple ways. Here are three such developments that are changing the world of small business for the better.

1. Call Center Software

Even when a business operates on a small scale, the necessity for excellent customer service still exists. In fact, some might argue that it is more critical for a small company to practice great customer service than it might be for a larger business with a vast number of clients. In an effort to improve customer service practices, small businesses have seen the value of implementing call center software.

Such software can be customized to fit the needs of your company and even come with cloud-based solutions. This makes it easier for your customer service team to operate from wherever they are. The ability to keep existing customers happy and bring in new clients is crucial to the survival of any small business. Call center software might just be the solution that your company needs in this regard.

2. Intranet Software

When it comes to the internal operations of a small business, streamlined and efficient communication among employees can be the key to increasing productivity across the board. One technological advancement that can help improve the communications within a small business is intranet software.

The benefits of implementing such software at a small business are almost too many to list. They include the ability to request feedback from workers regarding employee satisfaction, as well as the option to connect employees from various locations. They also give your workers the ability to upload and download information easily, as well as to share documents and collaborate with one another on a seamless system. In using this system, you present employees with the opportunity to increase productivity and end up more satisfied with their own performance.

3. Outsourcing Human Resources

Many small businesses have discovered the benefits of outsourcing certain tasks that would traditionally have been handled in-house. One of these areas is human resources. Not only does the outsourcing of HR-related tasks save a small business money by circumventing the necessity of having a full-time HR representative on hand, but such human resources software also gives employees many options.

Employees can access any relevant HR documents or paystubs from remote locations using an app, and employers can enjoy access to HR expertise that might not have been available to them before. They can also complete employee satisfaction surveys with complete privacy and anonymity. HR software can drastically improve the efficiency of human resources matters and contribute to an overall increase in the satisfaction of your employees.

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7 thoughts on “3 Technological Advancements that Are Changing the Small Business World

  • Technology is changing so fast. These sound like some great programs. Thank you so much for sharing

  • Technology changes every year! I can see all of these helping small businesses, but I’m not sure they are the best for customers. Of course, if companies can save money then hopefully so can the customer!

  • We have a small local business so this is helpful. Thanks!

  • I’d love to do proper work from home but is difficult with a fatigue disorder as it’s hard to do work everyday and when you need to.

  • They sounds simple but are really very important to small businesses.

  • One technological advance that I simply cannot stand is the automated call systems that make it so difficult to actually speak to a human being. I find that in most cases their “options” are overly simplistic and do not include the issue that I am calling about. If I am calling chances are I do not have a question with a simple solution and I need to talk with an actual person (and one who actually knows something…not an untrained outsourced customer service rep who cannot answer anything that is not in their scripted answers). Sorry, but automation has it’s limits!

  • we are advancing so far so quickly these days!

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