Summer Fun Indoor Activity Ideas for the Kids

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We’ll be the first to proclaim summer the official season for outdoor frivolity and sensational travel adventures. However, sometimes finances, schedules, or restrictions put the kibosh on traditional summertime vacations. If you and your family have to skip out on the summer travel scene, don’t worry. There are tons of fun indoor activities to explore that can be just as enticing as a trip to Dollywood.  Well, that might be a stretch, because Dollywood is super-cool. Nevertheless, indoor activities can bring the family closer, render belly laughs and make lasting memories. Read on for fun indoor antics and ideas for summertime entertainment.

Get Cooking:  Whether your idea of cooking is microwaving a bag of popcorn, or whipping up a drool-worthy beef bourguignon, the kitchen offers tons of opportunities for merrymaking. Not to mention, you and your family can eat all the yummy concoctions from the kitchen! You and the kids can opt for a day of cookie making or testing new muffin recipes.  Or maybe you can try something different like exploring the satisfying world of canning.  Make and jar your own salsas, jellies, jams, or even try preserving potted meats. As a fun summer indoor activity, canning and cooking can be both enjoyable and educational as you teach your kids the art of getting creative in the kitchen.  

Get Sciency:  Channel your kids’ inner Einstein or Marie Curie by conjuring up some wicked-awesome science projects.  Ideas for these indoor activities can range from making your own slime, building a working volcano, or exploring the world of bacteria under a microscope. Conducting science experiments at home can open up your child’s imagination and create long-lasting memories. From making a pin camera to stirring up a tornado in a bottle, science poses hours of educational fun.

Get Spiffy:  Spend a summer afternoon pampering and primping. Gather up essential beauty tools and wrangle the whole family for day spa delights.  Try out trending hairstyles, test a new moisturizer or get savagely creative with wild makeup applications.  Oh, and if you think the boys are out of this summertime indoor activity, think again.  Little dudes need pampering too.  You might be surprised how the boys might love to whip off their socks, dip their tootsies in a foot bath followed by a deluxe pedicure. 

Get Crafty:  Before you fluff off the idea of doing crafts with the kids, you might want to reconsider. Sharing time with the family while doing crafts is a great way to communicate, talk and spend quality time together. The list of indoor crafts is endless too. From face painting to making friendship bracelets, there are tons of crafts to keep the whole family stitched up in fun. Getting crafty doesn’t have to be expensive either. You and the kids can erect a replica of the Eiffel Tower with popsicle sticks, or spend an afternoon tie-dying t-shirts. From candle making to origami, the world of crafting offers heaps of indoor enjoyment.

Get Dirty:  Okay, so this isn’t exclusively an indoor activity, but getting dirty with gardening is a superior summertime adventure for kids and adults alike.  It doesn’t have to be extravagant. In fact, planting a few seeds in Dixie cups and watching how they sprout can be an eye-opening and wonderful experience to share with the family.  Or you can go fancy by recruiting the kids to build a whole vegetable garden.  Not only is this engaging for the family, but you’re also showing your kids the value of garden-to-table eats. If gardening isn’t your thing, you can opt for easier projects such as planting flowers or even working on a bonsai tree kit with your child. Whichever direction you go, dirt-centric activities are excellent for giggles, creativity and growth on all levels.

Last Words About Summer Indoor Activities for the Whole Family

If you and the family are stuck inside this summer, you’re actually primed for some super good times. It’s true that travel is a great way to strengthen family bonds and experience the world. However, staying at home and engaging in stimulating activities can be equally effective at building relationships.  Start making sensational memories this summer by sharing time with the family while kicking up creative fun.  You’ll find that staying home during the summer isn’t a limitation; it’s actually a liberation!

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