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However, the type of SD card that most phones and other mobile solutions, such as tablets, will use the so-called micro SD card. What’s the micro SD card? You might be asking. Basically, this is a much smaller SD card that’s going to be around the thickness of the fingernail. However, unlike their appearance, these little helpers are capable of storing up to a few gigabytes of data.

In your lifetime you have never been thinking about SD cards: you have one with your first camera and have used it ever since. Or perhaps you just purchased new ones with time passing and camera resolutions gone up.However, the purchase of a cheap SD card based on its cost per gigabyte is often false. For example, while shooting a couple of images of a slow motion subject, slow, business cards are work fine. If you switch to a device that can take additional pictures a second, however, the device is unable to write on a slow card, and you will find yourself losing images.

How to mount an SD Card?

Various mobile phones have different ways to mount MicroSD cards, but the SIM card tray is actually the most popular one on high-end smart phones. You may require a little pin or SIM tray opener to mount the SD card. Just push the pin into the tray’s small hole and open the tray. Places the MicroSD card in the appropriate spot on the tray and then slide the tray back to the phone. It’s so simple and clear!

What is the minimum capacity you can go for?

How big is your card supposed to be? The smallest card to find is a 32 GB card for most users, with 64 GB potentially the better choice. So this takes us to our first term-all 32 GB cards fall into the SDHC category when 64 GB or more cards are known as SDXCs.

The longer response is; what sort of photographer depends on the size of the camera. You should be looking for the card that saves between 1,500 and 2,000 photos in any camera you own today, if you are a really keen snapper.

If you shoot less often, you’ll probably get enough of a card that can fit 1,000 photos. You want a sweet spot here – a card which won’t run out of room just as things get interesting, but which obliges you to save and backup relatively frequently. If you shoot video, your camera’s card is likely to hold around an hour of high-quality film.

You will need more if you are a videographer, particularly if you shoot 4K. If you don’t wish to load your images and back up every night or two when you are away from home, you ‘re not looking at anything less than 128 GB, probably 256 GB more useful.

 What is the best SD Card you can buy according to your needs?

Ou just want to buy an SD (secure digital) or microSD card for your DSLR, dash cam, drone, smartphone or tablet. But not everyone fits one size. When you pound your head against the wall, we understand the confusing array of memory card logos and specimens. For most common memory card applications, we will give you the quick answers. (Pro tip: test the memory card guidelines manual for your device.)

We have also delved deeply into the SD Card Standards if your needs are very particular to help you understand the difference between class 10, V30, UHS-I, A1 and U3, so that you can choose the right device for any purpose. If you want a MicroSD Card according to your needs, https://www.hugdiy.com/micro-sd-card-c-10


You can buy the best SD Cards from Amazon or other online selling stores. You just have to make sure that the SD Card you are going to purchase fulfils your needs whether you want to store 4k pictures that require more speed to render and give the best results or you just want to expand your phone storage because you are running low on storage. I would suggest if you have a DSLR Camera and you want to take good-quality photos, go for at least a 128GB card that has minimum of 20MB/s write speed.


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