5 Best Gadgets you can fit in your pocket this year

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I can name hundreds of gadgets that can fit into your pants pocket. However here we are only talking about five. Many people don’t keep things or gadgets in thier pockets. For example, for women most of the time things go into their purses, but sometimes they do if they have no other choice. These devices we will talk about today can be carried by everyone and fit into pockets or purses.

Mini Projector

If you’re on the go you will find that a mini projector is a great thing to stick into your pocket to amuse family and friends. These little devices can be connected to your phone, tablet or laptop. to produce a beautiful picture on your wall or screen. Videos of your travels or vacations can easily be seen in vivid display. It can be connected via Bluetooth or USB cable or HDMI cable.

The prices range at about $280. It can be purchased at most any online retailer. In comes with a USB charger. The car charger is sold separately. This mini projector is a wonderful tool to have if you’re an instructor in a school setting or any other instructional setting. A really handy gadget to have in your pocket indeed.

Mini Camera

A mini camera could be a massive boon to any worker or manager looking to record a meeting or record issues in the workplace.

One of these small cameras can be put in a pocket or purse and put on the table when in a meeting to record. These camera can take wireless hidden video as well and can come in many shapes and sizes. A lot of them have evolved with the ages of smaller semiconductors and micro tech and can even come in things as small as pens.

Key Finder

This little pocket gadget retails for $25. The device is called Tile. Put is on your keyring. It works via BlueTooth and is connected to your phone. When you search for your keys that maybe your cantankerous young child has lost, just use the app on your phone and it will emit a sound so that they can be located.

This will always be in your pocket most of the time. There are many online sites to purchase this wonderful gadget. It is also available at some brick and mortar stores. It is adapted to most types of vehicles.

Karma Wifi

Most people nowadays need a constant internet connection especially if they work remotely. Just load this little darling with data and throw it in your pocket and you’re all set. You will have to subscribe to a data plan with Karma. It provides up to five connections. It retails for $149.

The plans can be pricey, but if your need is for reliable internet connect this is the pocket gadget for you. Many students use them for thier school work when they are out and about and remember they have a test or quiz the need to study for.

Laser Keyboard

Retails for $39. Now, this is a real gem. It is a real working keyboard that is projected onto a flat surface. Your typing motion is detected by motion sensors in the camera. It’s a really handy tool for people who need a keyboard in an emergency or otherwise traveling. Test runs have sown that is works as well as a physical keyboard.

It is Bluetooth connected to your laptop or tablet. Students of all ages can use this handy device. If you’re a writer and like to get out in nature to be inspired the laser-keyboard is so very helpful to put our ideas down. It is small enough to fit into your shirt pocket. Again this is a great invention to use.

Credit Card Light Bulb

Here is one for travelers or camping enthusiasts. A small credit card-sized LED light bulb that puts out tremendous light. This is very pocket-sized. You could keep this lightbulb in your pocket at all times. When you go to grab your keys and wallet you can grab this at the same time.

It is flat so that it easily fits into your back pocket or purse. If you’re stuck out in the car waiting for someone in a store or somewhere else this little light will illuminate whatever you need to see. Just push out on the backside to operate. It retails for $5.

Now we have mentioned that these are pocket devices and which you really can put them into your pocket. The term pocket device is just a title of course. These really can be put into your backpack or suitcase for travel or hiking. If you search on the internet you may find better deals on some of these gadgets.

The prices shown here are not precise but pretty close to what you would pay for them. Now here we have only talked about five different devices that are handy and can be easily carried, but there are many more. Check all the reviews on these products and decide as to what gadget most suit you. There are some really good reviews online to help you choose. Technology today has enabled the invention and use of these handy little gadgets for our use. Use wisely and have fun.


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