5 ways to keep your home cool without air-conditioning

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If your air-conditioning isn’t working, or maybe you just want to keep those bills down, this article is just for you. This summer is one of the hottest yet and seems to be here to stay, but it’s not all fun indoors. Those electric bills can be punishing when we are trying to save some money and they needn’t be quite so high. So please take a seat and read the rest of this article because we’re going to save you some money! 

Use natural light

Let’s start with some common sense, summer months are the lightest of the year so think about making the most of that natural resource in your home. Many of us simply turn on the lights at 8 or 9 and we could easily get at least another 60 minutes from mother nature instead. If you must use lights, think about using LED options as a more sustainable alternative. Did you know that traditional light bulbs can heat the room up more than 10 percent?  If you swap out those dark paint colours and wallpaper for something a lot lighter, that will also make your home feel lighter way into the evening.

Cook in the garden

So it’s barbeque season already, why are you stuck in that hot and stuffy kitchen instead of enjoying the great outdoors? This is going to save money and reduce any extra heat from your home. If you must cook, remember to open the windows and patio doors that you bought from Windows in Guelph last summer. Barbeques are great for family get togethers and they make quite ordinary food taste quite special.

Draw the blinds

Okay, although you absolutely love looking through the stunning glass from your recent investment from Windows in Barrie, try to draw the blinds in the day time. This will keep those powerful rays out of your home and the temperature will stay nice and cool all day long and right into the night. This can reduce the internal temperature by more than 10 degrees and you will soon start enjoying the cool benefits.

Ceiling fans

These bad boys use way less energy than air-conditioning and can really help to cool the home down. Just ensure that they are spinning counter-clockwise in the summer to get the most out of them. These help to increase the cooling from your skin and the air flowing around your home.

Plant shade

We are back to natural assistance here and if you plan forward, or rather plant forward, you can benefit greatly by choosing the right shrubs and trees. Something like a fully-grown sunflower plant can actually block a massive 70 percent of the sun from entering your home. This will reduce that internal temperature nicely and apart from the watering, will cost next to nothing for upkeep. Other suitable plants are corn, lemon grass, palms, mimosa trees and banana plants.

So there you have it, we hope these 4 cool tips can help you to save some cash in the summer without too much effort.

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