6 Exciting Hobbies That Pet Parents Love

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If you’re a proud pet parent, there’s a good chance you already take your fur baby for walks and venture out to the dog park from time to time. There’s also a good chance you’re no longer fond of spending your free time without your pet.

So, if you’re looking for new ways to spend time together and keep your pup happy, here are six exciting hobbies to consider.


Suppose you enjoy exploring the great outdoors when the opportunity arises. In this case, why not take your pet with you?

Hiking with your dog is a great way to bond. Beyond a bit of quality time, your pup will love exploring nature. Hiking is also an excellent opportunity for you and your pet to get enough exercise to improve weight management and boost your and your pet’s mental wellness.

But remember to invest in a good pair of hiking shoes for dogs to keep your pup’s paw pads protected on the rugged terrain. It’s also important to bring travel pet bowls, bottled water, and a few snacks for your pup.

Training Your Pet

Of course, you have spent some time house-training your dog and teaching them to sit or go to bed on command. But you don’t need to stop training your dog there; you can turn training your dog into a pastime. In some time, your pup could learn to fetch and play several other games. You could also teach your dog to retrieve items, complete obstacle courses, and many other tricks.

If you decide to take up training your dog as a hobby, it’s important to get all the essentials you will need depending on the training activity. These items could be tasty treats, a dog whistle, and training hoops.

Visit Dog Restaurants

Indulging in cuisine might not be a hobby, but it is a great way to bond. So, if trying new restaurants is a beloved activity of yours, you could include your pup in your outings by looking for pet-friendly restaurants.

Most dogs hang around and eagerly wait for floor scraps of tiny treats when their parents are cooking or eating. There’s no doubt that they will enjoy routine outings to restaurants where they also have a place at the table.


Dogs are natural swimmers. And if they are able to get in and out of a pool without assistance, there’s a good chance they will enjoy the water. If you’re concerned about whether or not your pet will enjoy swimming, keep in mind that when pups can’t reach to pull themselves out of the water, they consider the pool a scary place. So, make sure there are dog-friendly steps that lead in and out of the pool.

That said, swimming is a great activity for pups in summer. Not only will your dog be able to cool down in warm weather, but they’ll get tons of exercise splashing around.

If you decide to start swimming with your dog, it’s worthwhile to get a few pool toys that can make the experience fun for everyone.

Running And Jogging

If you’ve been looking for a jogging or running partner, your dog is the most worthy candidate. Not only will they be able to keep up with you regardless of your running speed, but they will also enjoy the routine of running every time you do.

While you don’t need dog shoes unless the terrain is tricky, you should get a retractable lead and harness, as these are more practical for running rather than walking. You won’t get tangled in a retractable lead, while a regular one might.

Doggy Playdates

Pet parents often arrange playdates with their pups. There’s no reason you can’t. Even if you don’t have friends with pets, you can easily find like-minded pet parents on social media communities.

You’ll get to spend quality time with friends, make new friends, and socialize your pup routinely, which could improve their behavior and mood.

There are tons of great ways to spend time with your pup. Whether you decide to take up hiking, start swimming together, spend time training your dog, or arrange playdates with other pet parents, be sure to make your new bonding activity a routine event. This way, your pup will latch onto the routine and behave well instead of feeling overwhelmed with excitement. Over time, they won’t be over-excited about heading to the park or to the hiking trail, which is why routine is important for pets.

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