Dog Ownership, The Ins And Outs

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Owning a dog isn’t necessarily a difficult thing to do. It’s very rewarding to look after a pet and have your dog be loyal back to you. They make excellent companions as you well know. But many dog owners make fundamental errors when it comes to their pets feeding habits, the general day to day care and figuring out what they really need.

Dog ownership can dramatically change your lifestyle. They become companions that can combat loneliness, they can become fitness buddies after making a commitment to walk with them daily, and they can be a great addition to the family and to your life. So how do you ensure you better care for them in the right way? With that in mind, here are some of the ins and outs to consider.

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Feeding the right amount

Some owners can be at risk of overfeeding their dogs. The truth is the amount of food they need has a lot to do with their age, their size, and the breed. For example, a puppy would need to be fed up to four times a day. Whereas the standard amount for an adult dog is twice. The amount you feed has much to do with the breed and size of your dog, which is why it’s essential to make sure you research this. Doing this ensures that you don’t make your dog overweight.

Do they have all of the things they need?

We can often go a little overboard when we first get a new pet in our lives. We think they need all of the accessories, gadgets and toys. The truth is, as long as they have a comfortable place to sleep, a feed and water bowls, and perhaps things such as worming medicine and flea treatments on hand for those six monthly checks, you really are good to go. There are additional things that owners like to get such as accessories in toys, things like collars when cute bowtie dog collars can be extremely appealing, dog brushes and grooming items, etc. But as long as you don’t go overboard you can always indulge a little bit.

Consider different routines for feeding times

Ensuring good feeding habits is essential for the health and lifestyle of your dog. So it is always worth considering new feeding routines and habits that could help both of you. Not only do you as the owner know your dog is being fed the right amount, but the dog is getting exactly what it needs. You could automate your pet feeding by using a special device. Or you could consider making it part of your own morning and evening routine.

Giving your dog the right amount of exercise that it needs

Exercise if one of those things that a dog needs regularly, but how much will depend on the age, breed and size of the dog. Some dogs will only require small walks, whereas others will have a boundless amount of energy and will need the opportunity to burn it off. That being said, they all need regular exercise so it is important to be aware of that before committing to dog ownership. This can be a great thing for you,as it encourages you to be more committed to your own active lifestyle. Dog training can also form part of this, and can be the perfect opportunity for you to teach your new pet obedience and listening skills. Whether that is off the lead during walks or simple commands such as stay and sit. Treats are an excellent reward system to help encourage dogs to listen to you more.

Make sure your dog is on the right diet

Essentially, your dog needs a nutritional diet just like we do. Accept it won’t be as varied as what we would have. However, they do need to get a good source of protein and energy from their food sources. Most leading dog brands will list the ingredients used and nutritional value. Try and stick with leading dog brands if you can. Alternatively, some dog owners like to cook their own food for their dog. This might mean including things like chicken and rice. There are many websites online with ideas on what to make your dog.

Have regular checks with your vet

Finally, make sure you take your dog for regular checks at the vet. This is where their weight can be monitored more closely. The last thing you want is for you dog to be over the weight it should be.

Let’s hope this has enlightened you on the ins and outs of dog ownership.

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