A Guide to Keeping Food Fresh and Tasty

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Are you sick and tired of throwing food away? Perhaps you find that your fruits and vegetables turn moldy mere days after being placed inside the fridge? The great news is that it is possible to keep your food fresher for longer. You just need to learn how. Here are some helpful hacks to put into practice.

Buy yourself a food dehydrator

Once you buy a food dehydrator, you will never look back! This handy appliance is designed to sap the moisture from food, ultimately drying it out and preserving it for extended periods. Most people who use a dehydrator for effortless food storage and preservation will use it for dried meats and fresh produce. The result is a richer flavor and an extended shelf life by up to two years!

So, what should you look for when investing in a food dehydrator? An adjustable thermostat means that you can use the appliance to dehydrate a wider variety of foods. You should also choose a model that provides ample drying space to help you save time — 15 or more square feet of drying space is ideal.

Use paper towels

You can extend the lifespan of your fruits and vegetables by several days just by lining your fresh produce drawers in your refrigerator with paper towels. These paper towels will quickly absorb any excess moisture, thus preventing wilting and mold growth from taking place.

An apple a day…

Keeps your potatoes sprout-free. Storing an apple alongside your potatoes is sure to keep them edible for a lot longer. This is because apples are known to release a gas called ethlylene. This gas is another lifesaver if you have any fruits or veggies that you want to ripen faster, such as bananas or avocadoes. However, if you do not want to speed up the ripening process, it’s best to store your apples separately.

Freeze your herbs

Have you accidentally picked more fresh herbs than you need to use when cooking your next meal? Freeze them! It is best to store herbs in larger bunches. Rinse and place inside a Ziplock bag to protect them from freezer burn and use within one month. There is no need to defrost; simply chop them up and throw directly into the pot.

Reach for the vinegar

Berries are some of the most expensive fruits in the store, and the ones that tend to go moldy the fastest! Keep them mold-free by bathing them in a mixture of white vinegar and water before placing them in the fridge. The vinegar will eliminate the bacteria and mold spores to keep them edible for an extended time.

Find some foil

Some foods keep better when they are wrapped in foil. Celery is an example of one of these foods. The foil encourages the escape of the gas responsible for causing celery to wilt, rather than trapping it like most plastic packaging does. The great news is that foil can be re-used multiple times, so don’t be too quick to throw it away!

Here’s to fresher, tastier food for the whole family.

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  • I use lots of tubs and bags.

  • I always stick a paper towel in my produce bags, like lettuce. It really does extend the life. Thanks for posting!

  • Thanks for the great kitchen hacks.

  • This is a great list of tips.I have used the foil hack with celery and it really works!

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