Why Air Duct Cleaning Will Save You Money

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In this day and age, homeowners will always be on the lookout for ways to keep more money in their pocket. In many cases, it is possible to spend money to save money. This is especially true when it comes to ductwork cleaning. While the costs associated with professional vent cleaners can be a little expensive, the benefits are downright enormous. In fact, it is safe to say that home vent cleaning will actually pay for itself in the long run. Why is this the case? You’ll find out below. Improves Airflow And Efficiency

A lot of homeowners will eventually notice that their HVAC unit doesn’t seem to be putting out a sufficient amount of air. While this may be a sign of excessive wear, it could also be directly linked to clogged air ducts. When the ducts have become overwhelmed with dirt and debris, your HVAC system will have a much more difficult time pushing air into your home. This is why cleaning vents on a regular basis is pertinent and cost-effective.

After the dirt has been extracted from the duct system, the air will flow more freely. This will decrease the HVAC system’s workload and decrease your energy bill. This is one of the many ways that a vent cleaning service will improve your system’s efficiency and cut down your energy bill.

Don’t forget, always use a professional air duct cleaning company to do HVAC vent cleaning job.

Energy Efficiency Benefit

Air and duct cleaning services will definitely save you money over time, because it will improve the efficiency of your heating and air conditioning unit. Vent cleaners will perform the task according to the state codes and regulations, so you can rest assured that your air duct system is in good hands with a reputable HVAC company. Ductwork cleaning is a necessity for systems that are filled with debris and contaminants. The debris will sit stagnant inside the ductwork until the unit is switched on, at which time the onboard fan will push it back up into the home. The dirty air will circulate throughout the home and the heating and air conditioning system, causing the unit to work harder to keep up.

When this occurs, it decreases the energy efficiency of the heating and air conditioning system. The unit will need to work harder and longer to maintain a comfortable indoor environment. The end result will be an increase in your electric or gas bill. In fact, this is how most homeowners discover their air duct system needs to undergo ductwork cleaning.

Extends Longevity Of The HVAC Unit

As mentioned above, the heating and air conditioning unit will need to work harder and longer, when the air duct system is dirty. The only solution to ensuring the longevity of the unit is home vent cleaning, which is completed by skilled vent cleaners. During the air and duct cleaning services process, the technicians will clean both the air duct system and the outside unit. By removing all the debris from both systems, the HVAC unit will work more efficiently.

Vent cleaning service will extend the service life of unit, so you will not need to replace the unit as often. If you fail to commit to routine duct cleaning, you will discover that your HVAC unit will not offer an extended service life. In fact, you may find that the unit needs to be replaced every 8 to 10 years, as compared to a well-maintained HVAC unit and air duct system. By getting a longer service life from your unit, you could potentially save $1,500 to $5,000 over a 10-year period.

Fewer Filter Changes

The filter’s job should be no secret. The filter is responsible for trapping dirt and debris as they flow through the HVAC system. In return, this helps to improve your home’s air quality, while also preventing the dirt from entering into and damaging your HVAC equipment. In order to maintain maximum effectiveness, your filter needs to be changed on a regular basis. This is another reason to spend time cleaning air vents. Duct cleaning will be able to help you keep your filter around for a little bit longer.

With home vent cleaning, there will be far less dirt inside of your HVAC system. Therefore, your filter will remain cleaner and effective for a longer duration. By cleaning vents regularly, you will be able to avoid purchasing filters too frequently. And of course, filters can be very expensive. Therefore, a vent cleaning service could save you a few hundred dollars each year.

Detect Insulation Problems

Your home’s air ducts should be equipped with a sufficient amount of insulation. This will help to trap in the heat and prevent it from escape. More importantly, this will allow the heat to enter your home instead of entering your crawlspace or attic. If you happen to live in an older home, it is likely that your air ducts are not protected by an appropriate amount of insulation. The professional that is carrying out the duct cleaning will be able to spot this problem and notify you immediately. While cleaning air vents, the expert will carefully inspect your ducts to ensure they’re in good condition.

If your ducts are leaking or do not have enough insulation, the expert will tell you about it. Then, you’ll be able to add insulation and improve your home’s energy efficiency. This is simply another way that cleaning vents can help you save money from month to month.

Spotting Leaks

Another thing to remember is that an air duct professional will inspect your home’s entire duct system while cleaning air vents. In some cases, the professional may spot leaks. Leaks can greatly decrease the effectiveness of your HVAC unit and this could send your electric bill through the roof. And of course, the professional will be more than happy to help you rectify the problem. Therefore, air and duct cleaning services go well beyond just dirt and debris extraction.

These services can also be used for maintenance and for spotting problems. Fixing an air leak will decrease the stress placed on your HVAC unit and cause your electric bill to decrease by a noticeable amount.

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