All You Need To Know About Growing a Big Audience on YouTube

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If you’re an aspiring creator on YouTube, you will want a big audience. You will want a lot of viewers to watch your videos and listen to what you have to say, and for them to adore these videos and express their thoughts into the comment section.

Having a big audience is every artist’s dream. If you’re looking to go big on YouTube, here are some tips that will help you. But beware, the road to becoming a celebrity on the internet isn’t an easy one. Not everyone can be beloved like Keanu Reeves. There are, however, shortcuts you can take if you buy YouTube views. Albeit controversial, you can buy YouTube views, which means that you’re essentially paying to ask more people to view your YouTube videos.

Become The YouTube Algorithm’s friend

The first and most important thing you should do be the algorithm’s best friend by working on your SEO. SEO (or Search Engine Optimization) is an array of techniques used by webmasters to make their sites easy to find on the internet’s search engines, according to users’ demands.

For example, if you search “Potato” on Google, it should know what Potato actually is and what is trending according to the word “Potato” right now.

YouTube, which is also a search engine, will rank your videos according to specific standards. And if you’re up on that standards, YouTube will rank you better.

Use an easy Keyword

Keywords are words that a search engine uses to catalog your content. By implementing a popular keyword in your content, you’re making it easier for other people who are searching for that keyword to find that content.

For example, if your video is on finding Area 51, instead of making your title as “How to find 37.234332396 -115.80666344”, write “Helping fellow aliens find Area 51”.  Not only will this make it easier for other people to help you find the video, but you will also be adding humor to your title.

Keep your videos to-the-point and concise

Your YouTube videos should contain all the content related to your title. “Fluffing-up” your video will make it harder for the viewers to keep their attention focused on it. Furthermore, the viewers will also find difficulty in finding the main point of the actual video.

Keep the video short. An ideal video should be around 3-5 minutes long. Don’t add too many ads. Everyone hates ads in the middle of an interesting video.

Create long-lasting content

Videos on YouTube stay there forever unless someone copyright strikes the video or YouTube deems the video unworthy of their standards.

Your focus shouldn’t always be on “right now.” Instead of making videos on something that will die out in a day or two, create content that lasts years and still stays fresh. Songs are an excellent example of “timeless” content because they get more views on YouTube than most other videos.

Be “up and personal” with the viewers

Most of the viewers on YouTube are sick of big corporates and their professional, formal mannerisms. Try to stay as close to your community as you can, listening to their demands.

Sure, you can’t fulfill every demand, but there are a lot of invaluable tips given by commenters on your YouTube videos.

Buy YouTube subscribers and views

Albeit controversial, you can buy YouTube views, which means that you’re essentially paying to ask more people to view your YouTube videos.

Yes, not many people endorse this activity, but it is not illegal. A lot of prominent YouTubers have done this at one point in their lives. Buying YouTube subscribers and views also helps you rank better on YouTube SEO and gain organic viewers more efficiently. Plus, more views look good on one’s channel too.

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