Apps That Make It Easier For Families To Stay On Budget

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One of the best ways for a family to keep track of their finances is through a budget. According to recent research, the largest chunk of the budget goes to housing at 33%, with transport at 15% and food at 12.6%. That leaves very little room for other things such as entertainment, education, and all the other things that make up daily life. While the figures might seem a little daunting, each household is different and a great way to stay on top of the budget – and get the whole family involved – is by using a budgeting app. Discover some of the favorites out there. 

Something For The Whole Family

Families that have their budget under control are usually those that know exactly what each person’s function is in the budget. Thanks to ingenuous budgeting apps such as Home Budget and Dollarbird, the entire family can share their part of the budget to stay on top of things. The budget can also be synced between multiple devices which means easy access, and more importantly, access on the go which is where the spending happens.

Budgeting Apps That Make Accounting Easy

What if there were a budgeting tool that had a sneak peek at your deposited funds and could easily calculate a potential overspend? Mint offers users a smorgasbord of budgeting options, including access directly to a bank account where savings, deposits, and payments can be done without setting foot in the bank. It also offers budget tracking tools and reminds users when they’re overspending. PocketGuard is another that offers a quick setup and easy access to the account while providing a host of related services such as bill tracking and more.

Making Room For Those Special Moments

Life shouldn’t just be about paying bills and putting money away for a rainy day, it should also involve some fun with the family. One of the best ways to spend quality times with the family is while on vacation, but these can cost more than a pretty penny. Simple investments apps such as Acorns take the small change and invests it in order to allow those with little room for savings to build up a small reserve. While on holiday, apps like Skiplagged and Skyscanner allow families to get the best deals on airfares and hotels.

Sticking to a budget is much easier when the whole family is in on the deal and with great rewards at the other end of achieving financial goals, it’s a no-brainer to start downloading those apps.

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