Are There Any Genuine Passive Income Streams?

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You might have heard a great deal about the concept and idea of passive income, but is it actually something that you can genuinely make money from? The truth is that you can indeed earn a passive income, and it’s something that anyone can do if they put their mind to it. But you do need to make sure that you are doing it sensibly, not trying to do too much too fast, and that you are happy to put some work in early on to make it happen.

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As long as you do that, you should find that you can soon enough make a lot more money each month through some of these options. So let’s look now at some of the best, genuine passive income streams that you can try out for yourself, and see how you can approach them.


Perhaps you want to try your hand at crypto, which is one of the easiest and simplest ways to earn money on the side. This is something that is actually surprisingly easy to do, but you will probably find that you need to think hard about which approach you want to take. That’s simply because there are quite a few ways to make money through crypto, and it’s going to be important that you are aware of them all.

If you want some help with this, you might need to do some research, and it can be helpful to look at this article on How to Buy, Sell, and Trade Bitcoin: Helpful Tips as a place to start. Soon enough, you could be earning a considerable amount of money just through this method, so it is certainly something that you should think about.

Real Estate

You’ll need a bit more capital upfront to be able to make money through real estate, but nonetheless it is an area that you should be aware of if you are keen to really make a lot of money throughout your life. The thing with real estate is that it is a relatively simple and straightforward way to make money, and a fairly sure one too. People will always need homes, so this market is one that is likely always going to grow and grow. That is something that you should bear in mind here.

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One of the best real estate streams is simply buy-to-let, where you get someone to rent the place and you earn monthly rental income that way. That can end up being a huge earner, so it’s something that you should focus on or at least try your hand at if you want to really make a huge difference to your finances.

You can also just hold property until it accrues value and then sell it on. If you have done that, it’s going to help you to make quite a bit of money on the side. All in all, this is a passive income stream that you should definitely try out if you are keen to make more money easily.

Stock Investment

There is never any certainty when it comes to stocks and shares, but nonetheless it is a really valuable and useful way that you can try and make some money, and you might be surprised at just how effective it can really be if you get lucky. To invest in stocks, you need to research what businesses you think are likely to succeed over time, and then try to buy some stocks to a level you can afford.

With this kind of investment, you will ideally want to wait a few years for it to develop, and make sure that you only sell it on when you are happy with how the market is doing and how that business in particular is performing. Stocks investment can turn out to be quite lucrative if it goes well, so that’s something to think about.

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Bond Ladder

Essentially, a bond ladder is a series of different bonds that mature at different times. When you get the cash back from one, you can then use those funds to invest in the next one, usually at a higher value. That ladder can then build and build, until eventually you are getting back quite a lot of money that you are able to then invest or save in other ways. It’s amazing how much this can actually earn you, so it’s well worth thinking about at the very least. You’ll find that you have a much better income stream as a result.

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