Biz Stain & Odor Eliminator Keeps Your Clothing Looking Bright and New

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The holidays are a wonderful time of year of family, close friends, and of course delicious food! Now, that the Christmas feasting is over, I can pretty much tell what was served by the stains left behind. If you are like me, you practically need a bib! I can’t seem to eat or drink anything that it doesn’t land on my shirt! Maybe I really do have a hole in my lip?! From the greasy gravy spot to the large ugly brown stain from the chocolate pie, the evidence tells the story. Oh, well, it tells the story of how delicious it was! I’m not too worried over the stains because I know that with the help of Biz Stain Fighter, my shirts will live to be worn again.

Biz Stain & Odor Eliminator Keeps Your Clothing Looking Bright and New

About Biz Stain Fighter

Your laundry detergent is not always enough to fight tough stains. Adding Biz to each load boost your detergent’s cleaning power, eliminating stains. Biz has been a trusted stain remover for Over 40 Years!!

Stains are not all the same and no one ingredient will eliminate them. That is why I prefer Biz Stain Fighter. Most detergents and stain fighters only use a single ingredient, but Biz doesn’t cut corners! Biz has more stain fighters than other brands. That’s why it works better.

Biz Stain & Odor Eliminator

Biz works on the TOUGHEST stains! And, did you know that Biz is the only brand with Enzamix™? It is a unique blend of enzymes that are designed to quickly dissolve bacteria causing stains and odors from grass, sweat, blood and more.

I prefer the Biz Liquid. If you have a really tough stain, the Biz liquid is easy and convenient to use as a pre-treatment. And, used in the laundry, it brightens whites and is also safe for colored clothes.

For tough stains, pre-treating is a way to give it an extra boost. Simply wet the stained area and apply a small amount of the Biz liquid to the stain. Wait 5-10 mins and launder as usual. If you have a particularly stubborn stain, it may require an additional treatment before drying.

Biz Stain & Odor Eliminator

When you are ready to wash your load of clothes, simply add to the dispenser in your machine. Sit back and let Biz work its magic!

Biz Stain Fighter is the secret to keeping our clothes and linens looking their best! Why spend a fortune on a new blouse to have it ruined by a stain? Or, what about your kids’ sports clothing or your nice table linens? Fight back with Biz Stain Fighter to brighten whites, keep colors looking their best – all without ugly stains!

Biz comes in both liquid and powder. They also offer Biz Liquid Boosters and a convenient Biz On-The-Go Pen! These days, clothing is expensive so add Biz Stain Fighter to your laundry arsenal to keep your items looking their best!

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  • I like Biz products. I want to try this one

  • Biz has been around forever! this sounds so good but if it’s not natural, I won’t use it.

  • I usually use Shout, but now that I know of this product, I will try this.

  • This sounds like something I need to try. I think I would like the liquid.

  • I need to try this no matter what I do the stains will not budge. Thank you for the info

  • Love anything with oxi clean in it.

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