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Electronic devices are very common among all ages including the smallest of the small. I know that when my kids were little, I loved it when their cartoons or music was turned down or off because it gave me a little less background noise. Normal headphones can damage hearing. So, was it damage your children’s hearing or your sanity? No question in my mind, but with On and Off Headphones, little ones can give mom and dad a break from the kiddie sounds, but also can be reassured that their children can’t turn it up too loud to hurt their hearing.

On and Off Headphones are pretty neat. They come in several different colors, have fun stickers to customize them (each child can chose their favorite), and they are called Buddy Headphones because your child can attach another set of headphones and share whatever they are listening to or watching with their best friends.

I mentioned earlier that you can protect your child’s hearing with On and Off. There are several decibel settings you can chose from for your child. The volume can be adjusted by an adult and set to the suitable level for your child. There are three different settings including 75, 85 or 94 decibels, taking into account things like background noise or children with sensitive hearing.

My teenagers have fought over these headphones since I received them. Now, mind you, these are meant for small children but it doesn’t matter with my kids. They are 13 and 16 and they each can wear them. They love the sound quality, the way they adjust for their head size and they have a built in microphone for when their phones ring.

Other qualities that they have are that they are safe with the three different volume settings, has the buddy cable so that friends can listen along with your child, there is a built in microphone, they are extremely durable made for small children, and are great for traveling.

If you are looking for a great gift for a little one or if you are trying to find a perfect pair of headphones to keep your sanity while traveling with your kids, jump over and check out Buddy Phones from On and Off.

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