Candy Crush and Beyond: How mobile gaming is evolving

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Gaming has been a growing industry for years, but this year sees the potential for mobile gaming apps to make more profit than even console games. Whether this is a surprise to the industry or not, the fact is that there is a clear line of divide between those that count themselves as hardcore gamers and those that are dismissed as casual players. Yet it is those casual gamers who are driving the gaming industry forward, and there are more changes to come. As people spend more time on their phones, they are also spending more time playing games on their phones, and that is why even traditional gaming companies are looking at the mobile market with renewed interest.

The impact of the smartphone

The world has changed significantly in the last decade, and one of the major reasons for that is the rise of the mobile phone. From old Nokia models that would just about let you send a text message, to the latest smartphone that allows you to chat instantly with anyone in the world, mobile technology has transformed the globe. Not least of those changes is the rise of the gaming industry, and even for hardcore gamers, the phone is becoming an essential resource. It’s a common sight these days, on public transport and waiting rooms the world over, to see people staring that their phone and rearranging candy pieces or controlling angry birds as they travel to their jobs or wait to see the boss.

Online safety

As mobile games continue to improve with regards to graphics and playability, there comes with that an increased chance of security risk. It’s an often saddening fact that there is a malicious element in society that will use your love of a game to break into your accounts or simply infect your phone or devices with malware. That’s why it’s essential that you treat all of your online activity, including your gaming, with the same level of security concern. For those players who spend time gambling with real money, the risks increase, which is why it’s important that you use resources like UK Casino Reviews who identify the safest platforms to use and ensure that you are only playing on reputable sites.

Transforming Reality

Looking back, it would have been hard to imagine just how far technology has come, and the fact that we would all carry around powerful computing power in our pockets on a daily basis. What’s more, that technology is continuing to evolve, and the latest breakthrough technology is set to be a combination of buzzwords like VR and AI. It may seem like science fiction, but the recent trend of Pokémon Go and similar augmented reality games have shown that the very reality around us is able to become part of the online experience. With an increasing number of AR games on the market, and the increasing presence of artificial intelligence to improve gaming functionality, it won’t be long before we’re looking back at even the latest games and wondering how we ever coped with such poor tech.

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