Different Ways To Get More Likes on Instagram

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Getting more likes on Instagram can be likened to a car getting more fuel because a car replenished with fuel would cover more miles. The same goes for likes on Instagram because the more people like your post, the more views it is likely to get, and this will, in turn, pull in more likes. It can even go farther than any car you could ever imagine.

The more likes you get on Instagram, the higher your ratings on the platform’s algorithm and its user news feeds. This would, in turn, have an attendant effect in the exposure of your future posts. More people will get to view your post, and most times, they might go ahead to see your whole page. This can sway the viewers to like and hit the follow button.

However, these likes do not just come like that or as straightforward as some people think. A conscious line of actions is needed to be carried out to get more followers on Instagram.  Therefore, the main course on our plate today is how to utilize this set of actions, and bring in the likes that we desire and push our brands to an optimum spot.

Different ways to get more likes on Instagram

Always post high-quality content

Putting out high-quality content will get you more likes on Instagram. We all appreciate a well-taken picture or a well-designed image. Whatever the content you are posting on your Instagram page, you should ensure they are well taken with a good camera, and you can take the due diligence of applying excellent filters, but it doesn’t end there.

Apart from posting high-quality images or short videos on your account, you should ensure that they are unique. You can go out of your way to learn more about how to put out unique and high-quality content on your page to get more likes on Instagram.

Use interesting captions

This is one of the most important ways to get more likes on Instagram after high-quality content. You should use engaging and exciting captions. These captions should be in line with the image and should be relatable, especially to your target audience.

Also, your caption should tell a story. To do this, you should avoid using just a word or phrase as your caption. Like earlier said, you should make your captions appeal to your audience and do not forget to be unique.

Know your target audience

Whatever you are going to post will be appreciated in different degrees by a different set of people. By putting this into consideration, you should post content that your target audience will relate to.

There are Instagram pages dedicated to specific products, lifestyles, animals, memes, among others. Posting random content is the niche of some accounts, but that can cause more harm than good, especially if you are just starting.

Create your niche and know your target audience. This will inform you of what to post, how to post, and use captions, how to use hashtags, and market your page. Also, you can ask people to like your post in your caption.

Use the correct hashtags

Using the right hashtags will help get your content to the right audience and, more importantly, fetch you a desired number of likes. It is essential to use hashtags that relate to your content if you want to get more likes on Instagram, be it on general topics or of a particular niche.

However, when using hashtags, you should ensure they are not too small or too much. Moderation is essential, and an average hashtag of 13 is recommended. Having too many hashtags would likely make your most less appealing and uneasy to read. There are sites where you can get hashtag options either on general topics or niche-related topics.

Tag related accounts to your post

Another way to get more likes on Instagram is to tag people and brands that have related content. By doing this, you are publicizing those accounts and making yourself visible to people who view the contents of those you tagged. This can lead them to you, and it increases your chances of getting more likes.

However, ensure you do not tag accounts that are not related to your post so as not to be guilty of spamming.

Know the right time to post

One of the things you have to know about your target audience is the time when most of them are likely to be online. This should inform you of when to post your content. Some platforms carry out analysis of the time most people come online. The early hours of the morning and late hours of afternoons have been noted to be this said time.

You can carry out your experiment and analyze the time your target audience comes online using Instagram insights to optimize your chances of people viewing and liking your content.

Share your Instagram post on other social platforms

You can optimize your social media by sharing your Instagram handle and posts on other platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, and other related platforms. When people click on these posts, it takes them to Instagram where they can view your posts and like them. This is a guaranteed method for you to get more likes on Instagram.

Like other people’s posts

When you like other people’s posts, they get the notification that someone liked their post. They can click on your name and then view your content. They are most likely going to return the favor by liking your posts and, in some cases, follow you.

Be consistent

This cannot be overemphasized. You should be consistent in your posts. You might have created a fanbase as a result of your content, but your audience might go away if your page takes longer to refresh. Therefore, you should be intentional in your posting. One of the best ways is to schedule your posts, and you can do that using some online tools.

Consistency helps you get more likes on Instagram.

Hold a like, follow, and repost to win a contest

Everybody likes giveaways, and a few giveaways for likes should not harm. This action would get you more likes on Instagram. Holding a simple game where the contestants will like, follow, share the post and even tag friends would help spread your content and bring in more likes


Following this set of actions in the right manner will increase the number of hearts you get on Instagram. Still, you should avoid practices that can lead to your account being red-flagged for improper usage or behavior on Instagram.

Here’s a brief recap of the top ten ways to get more likes on Instagram:

  • Always post high-quality content
  • Use interesting captions
  • Know your target audience
  • Use the correct hashtags
  • Tag related accounts to your post
  • Know the right time to post
  • Share your Instagram post on other social platforms
  • Like other people’s posts
  • Be consistent
  • Hold a like, follow, and repost to win a contest
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