Don’t Pad the Problem, Solve it at Home #bladderleakage

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Do you ever feel like there are just some subjects you really don’t want to visit with your friends or family? Bladder Leakage ranks pretty high up there on my list of let’s not and say we did.  When I was pregnant with my first child, it happened. I sneezed unexpectedly and yes… I had a little surprise awaiting me. I was so embarrassed, so upset that I cried. I sobbed. I didn’t know that sometimes that happens. I really thought I was just falling apart, at such a young age! See, women don’t want to talk about the pee sneezes or laughing until we pee a little. It is embarrassing. It makes us feel old, weak, weird, not good at all really!

We all know about Kegels, but did you know how hard it is to actually perform a Kegel correctly? Sometimes trying to self strengthen the pelvic floor actually harms more than it helps. So much has changed since Dr. Kegel made the discovery of Kegel muscles and the role they play in improving the pelvic floor. One of those amazing changes is a device that I can’t wait to share with you.

Apex is a really neat product that all women who suffer from bladder leakage need to know about! It can help save you an estimated $50,000 on pads during your lifetime! Apex was specifically designed by InControl Medical to provide a better solution to strengthen the pelvic floor naturally and quickly, treating bladder leakage at the source.

After childbirth or as we age, bladder leakage is a real problem for women from all walks of life… and none of us really want to talk about it. We are sensitive about it, we feel shame with our changing bodies which really hurts self esteem!

But, with Apex you can treat the issue of your bladder leakage at home. You can stop feeling like you are going to have an accident when you run, sneeze, laugh or play with the kids! Watch the video to see how Apex works so you don’t pad the problem, you solve it!

Apex can change the game on incontinence for women! Instead of padding the problem or trying to cover it up, this device can help make bladder leakage an issue of the past. With Apex, you can fix the problem on your own time, in your own home and forget all about the issue!

To learn more about the Apex device, please visit For the next 30 days we will be offering $35 discount plus free shipping (enter code KH0415 at checkout).

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