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When spending a lot of time on a computer, our wrists tend to start hurting or even get damaged from all the repetitive motions. The Ergoslider Plus is a device that takes cursor control to a whole new level.

Think about the traditional two button mouse. You have a button on the left and one on the right. The Ergoslider has many, many more options for you if you need comfort and precision without the drawbacks of a traditional mouse. It also has optical tracking which allows for a more comfortable and precise control of your cursor control.

When you think of working at your computer, do you think of aches and pains associated from all the repetitive motion? Wrist, forearms and shoulders tend to get achy when using traditional equipment because comfort is not the first thought in the minds of computer equipment engineers. The Ergoslider has a roller-bar mouse control and centralized 5 key functions on the maneuver panel. Your work will be completed faster, easier and more comfortable than ever before. Also, this is THE best device for balance in a central pointing device. The wrist control is detachable which allows for more comfort when typing and scrolling.

The design of the Ergoslider is sleek and chic, making the modern design look like it belongs in any office, whether at home or work. It has an adjustable cable-out direction, meaning that you can plug it into any USB port, on either side of the device without wires tripping you up or being an eye-sore.

Because it’s a device that is made to plug and play, you don’t have to worry about any software to download or install. Just plug the device into your computer and it will be ready to use immediately. I plugged it into my MAC laptop and it was amazing. I could immediately use it and without reading any information on it, I was able to navigate it very easily. It looks complicated and scary (at least to me) but honestly, it’s really great. I wish I had one of these when I was working for this small newspaper I used to work for. I made advertisements and this would have been great for using photoshop.

For more information on the Ergoslider Plus, visit them online.

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