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“Beauty is pain” is an adage everyone, especially women, know all too well. In truth, being beautiful sometimes mean going through surgeries and diets just to get fast noticeable results.
But there is one beauty trend that many people (celebrities, models and beauty bloggers included) swear by. It’s the jade facial roller, initially made popular in ancient Chinese, Indian and Aztec civilizations. It is said to make your skin appear youthful and glowing.

But does it work?

Jade rollers have been around for centuries. Since the ancient times, it has been used by royalties and elites to enhance and maintain youthfulness and glow in their skin. Many believe that jade rollers bring prosperity and health to the user. It was considered a staple beauty tool in the past and has regained popularity in the recent years.

Of course, jade rollers are not miracle workers that can treat all skin problems overnight. In fact, it can take a few weeks of continued use to see it’s full effect. But its skin benefits are not work of fiction. It can certainly make your skin healthy, and there’s a science behind it.

Benefits Of Using Jade Rollersollers

Boost the Lymphatic System

Jade rollers provide a soothing massage that stimulates the area around the lymph nodes, therefore causing lymph and toxins to be removed. They are then moved and drained in drainage points located in different parts of the body.

Without excess toxins and fluid, the lymphatic system gets a boost and therefore enhances the body’s protection against sickness. It also detoxifies the body, reduces inflammation in the muscles and helps repair tissues, thus creating a healthier and glowing skin.

Reduce puffiness

Morning facial puffiness can be caused by crying, insufficient sleep, salt intake, stress, dehydration, and even hormonal changes. Puffiness, or swelling as some people call it, is usually normal and doesn’t directly equate to a health issue. But if you’re really bothered by it, consulting a doctor might be best, or consider using a jade roller.

As mentioned earlier, jade rollers aids in lymphatic drainage. It drains the excess fluid under the layers of the skin, which is what causes the puffy appearance. To relieve facial puffiness, just massage the roller towards the drainage parts of the face and neck, such as along the ears and the clavicle.

Reduce the appearance of eye bags

Getting rid of under eye bags can be challenging. The skin under the eyes is delicate which is why treatment for it should also be mild and gentle. Aside from its ability to reduce puffiness, pure jade also contains minerals that can lighten the skin, therefore reducing the appearance of eye bags.

Some jade facial rollers come with double edges. One side has a big jade roller for wider parts of the skin, while the other side has a smaller roller for hard to reach areas. The small jade roller can gently massage the area under the eyes and provide the exact desired effect — skin lightening.

Promote proper blood flow and hydration

Jade rollers massages the skin, which promotes proper blood circulation on the area and tones the facial muscles. It therefore promotes skin elasticity and reduces the appearance of fine lines, making it an effective anti-aging partner.

Jade rollers also tone the facial muscles, giving the face a sculpted look. Aside from that, jade rollers are also effective tools that are usually used alongside beauty creams and moisturizers. It helps the absorption of these products to hydrate the skin and promote the generation of healthy skin cells.

Jade roller as a skin improving tool

Jade rollers offer a unique set of skin benefits without using machines or chemicals — no wonder a lot of people have loved it. It has its own unique ways of making your skin healthier inside and out.

Jade rollers are not recommended for people with serious skin issues (severe acne, psoriasis, eczema or skin ulcers). A doctor’s guidance is highly needed for these cases. However, jade rollers can help relieve mild skin problems and prevent the development of new ones.
It has the ability to make you feel and look younger. It also does not work against other products you may use on your skin, so it only really works to enhance your routine. It can also work on any skin type — whether oily, dry, or combination.

While there are many products and procedures that claim to provide healthy looking skin, there are very few that delivers good results without the needles or sticky feeling from creams. That’s why it’s almost refreshing to come across products that provide benefits minus the pain and hassle in other commodities. The fact that it feels good on the skin is an excellent bonus!

Jade rollers can be an effective tool to improve your skin’s condition. If you’re willing to try it out, you can find lots of jade rollers on Amazon or other certified pure jade sellers. The price range for jade rollers is usually between $7 to $100. But depending on your frequency of use, seller and the quality of the roller you get, you can reap it’s skin improving benefits without breaking the bank.

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