Getting Your Kids Into Music

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It’s been a notable observation for decades that teenagers may have differing music tastes to older generations, as popular music tends to be whatever is in the charts at the time. If you have kids who only listen to current releases, you’ve probably said the same yourself, but you were probably much the same when you were their age! Whatever era you grew up in, there would have been the passing fads and then the real, quality music that lasts beyond fashion and stands the test of time. How can you get your kids to listen to classic bands and singers and get them to find out what they’ve been missing?

Start them young

The best way to make sure your kids have an interest in a variety of musical genres and the music of your youth is to expose them to it from an early age. Play some Springsteen in the car, and put Blondie on while you’re vacuuming. Even if they aren’t actively listening at this stage, they’ll still be hearing the music and forming impressions of it before any social influences take effect. Pre-teens are much more open to appreciating classic music because the peer pressure of being in with the latest trends won’t have kicked in yet, so don’t miss this opportunity to introduce them to the brilliance of The Who and Led Zeppelin before the inhibitions of teen society shut them off from experience.

Cool or cringe-making?

The problem with teenagers is that for many of them if it’s not new, there may be an opinion that it’ll less popular. Relationships with parents can fluctuate during teenage years, and influencing music taste at this time may seem a little difficult. Quality, brilliance, and endurance are all far more important. If your child does share a passion for a certain style of music like you do, this can be embraced, and be incorporated into gift ideas, for example. You could look into sorting some classic rock t-shirts that’ll not only open their minds to listening to a broader music spectrum but can be an ideal gift for them if you’re struggling.

If you find that despite your best efforts to share your music taste with your children, and this  still proves difficult, don’t despair. Teenagers are going through major changes, and although daunting to look at from a parental angle, letting them be themselves is key to eventually finding themselves. Encouraging music taste is a great way to bond and spend time with your child, as you could organize a concert with them, or watch a tv show about the artist, for example. People bond over music like nothing else, with festivals ever growing in popularity. The way in which we access music also means it’s easier to both discover and re-discover albums long forgotten. Through passing on your key knowledge, who knows, with time, you might be surprised to find your son or daughter listening to Queen or U2 themselves one day!

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4 thoughts on “Getting Your Kids Into Music

  • I wish I had encouraged my girls to play,,I love music

  • My two son’s ages 4 and 10 but love music. It’s in their genes I suppose cause I, as well as my Mother enjoy music, and our tastes are very versatile.

  • We are always listening to music with our grandchildren and find that by taking turns deciding what to listen to helps us all respect each others choices.

  • My grandchildren all love to make music together and I have so many options of instruments for them to choose from.

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