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Summer is a time of year that we spend as much time together, outdoors as we can. From swimming in the pool to baseball games, from cooking out with friends to just relaxing with some s’mores over an open fire, this is one of our most favorite times of the year. While maintaining work and family life is important, sometimes I get burned out from making a weekly or bi-weekly trip to the store. That is why I LOVE the service of!They have the latest for all of your summer needs. My personal favorite is the summer cooking section. This allows me to shop for all of my family needs and have it delivered right to my door. The convenience factor alone is a bonus for me.
Shopping with is easy and actually makes shopping fun. As you make your selections and add your items to the cart, the real-time view allows you to see when prices drop during your shopping process. I use to get some of my weekly grocery shopping done and it comes right to my door within 2 days. You can even have cold-packed groceries like cheese and sour cream delivered right to your door.
Hosting a party this summer? Jet as fabulous party supplies like balloons, confetti, tableware and more for your outdoor grilling and party needs. With our July 4th celebration just a few days away, I was able to get some fabulous holiday themed decor for our gathering. makes is as simple as possible to shop for your needs. They have a great, detailed “Categories” section that you can click on and shop based on your household and personal needs. I love their health and beauty section. Do you have little ones? Babies and toddlers can be a handful and hard to take with you to the store. Save time and energy and order all your baby supplies from Jet.
Sometimes, on a rainy day, you need some indoor activities to keep you and your family busy. Jet has a great Arts and Crafts section that allows you to choose your favorite DIY activities to create with your family. You get visual appeal and top-notch service from start to finish with You even has the option of cancelling your order for up to 30 minutes after placing your order. is the best choice for saving time and money, giving you more time to enjoy with your family this summer. Are you a first time user? Here is a great bonus just for you! On your first THREE orders, simply enter promo code SAVE15 for an extra 15% off*! (Be sure to visit for full details.) You also get free shipping on orders of $35 or more. Start ordering today and await your purple box to arrive at your own doorstep. Jet offers 2-day delivery with no annual membership fee on thousands of items. You can bundle items together and save even more on shipping!

*New customers only. Min. $35 in eligible merchandise per order required. Max. discount $20 per order. Offer expires 9/1/2017 at 12:00 AM PST; if any of your first 3 orders are not placed by this date, they are not eligible for the discount. Excludes products marked as ineligible for promotion on the product display page. Offer cannot be applied to previous orders and cannot be combined with other offers or discounts. Offer is subject to change or cancellation. Void where prohibited. Brand, category and other restrictions may apply. 

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  1. Stacey Roberson says:

    I tried last week for groceries. Half of my delivery was here the next day and the more I bought, the more I saved.

  2. Margot C says:

    Nice to give Amazon a bit of competition!

  3. Tammy Catterton says:

    wow love the site great one to check it out thanks for sharing it

  4. Fantastic deals and prices and convenient shopping from your home.

  5. gloria patterson says:

    This is not for me BUT did tell my cousin about it. Her mother law might be interested

  6. Margaret Appel says:

    I’ve looked at a couple times. It looks really nice being able to save the more you buy!

  7. Dewane Morris says:

    I haven’t tried but I will have to look into it a little more now that I have read this.

  8. Holly Thomas says:

    I could spend hours on this site!

  9. Jenna Hudson says:

    I though the curb side service was a luxury! This is even easier!

  10. Have not tried but this is something that we may look into in the near future.

  11. Amber Deuel says:

    Wow!! Never heard of this, interesting!!!!!

  12. This is a neat innovative service, I like it. I can imagine how helpful this would be, especially for elderly folks who have trouble getting out.

  13. This is cool I don’t have to leave home to shop

  14. This is great.. What an option for when I don’t want to leave the house to shop.. Right now I am on vacation but when I get back home I am going to look into it….

  15. Sandy Cain says:

    What a great, convenient way to shop! We don’t have a car…so shopping is a major problem when we buy anything that can’t fit into 1 shopping bag, or is very heavy. Going in to check it out more!

  16. Shakeia Rieux says:

    I haven’t done any shopping on Jet, but I definitely will that way it’ll save me time and money.

  17. Lisa Brown says:

    Grocery shopping has never been so convenient

  18. Rana Durham says:

    jet seems like a website that beneficial to busy families . i def need tto check out jet.

  19. Gabrielle says:

    This sounds so handy. Definitely makes things easier.

  20. Sarah L says:

    I used up all my expendable money on Amazon Prime day.

  21. Rebecca b says:

    The selection looks reasonable and good prices.

  22. Margot C says:

    I bought 2 Costway 24” x 12” Outdoor Elevated Garden Plant Stand Raised Tall Flower Bed Boxes from them, I love them. I just looked for them to get you a link and it looks like they are gone. So, maybe this is like Zulily sort of.

  23. I have not ordered from Jet yet but may in the near future. I always do a price comparison and they do have some really great deas.

  24. gloria patterson says:

    this is a good thing for a lot of people………….. BUT it is not for me. I do my shopping by what I am in the mood or want. This would be hard to do on line. But if someone has no transportation and cannot get out this would be great for them

  25. I could definitely see myself using this especially when I am hosting a party so I don’t have to go to a bunch of different stores to get what I need.

  26. Jenna Hudson says:

    Amazing how far grocery shopping has come!

  27. Dana Rodriguez says:

    This would save me a lot of time!

  28. Chasta howes says:

    I haven’t purchased from her but looks like they have more items than i would have thought. I will have to check out their items. Ty

  29. Any way that would enable me to not to have to go to the store would be great! That way you don’t have impulse shopping.

  30. I like how many items are offered with no annual membership fee here. Also fast delivery in 2 days and no having to run to the store.

  31. Gabrielle says:

    This seems like a terrific and very convenient service.

  32. wen budro says:

    That looks like a wonderful way to save time and money. They have a nice selection and it’s so much easier than dragging the kids to the store.

  33. Rebecca b says:

    It looks like there are some good offers. I have less and less time to shop so it would be handy.

  34. This looks like a cool service.

    Diana C

  35. Looks like a great place to get your shop on! I’ve heard there’s great deals there too

  36. I haven’t used Jet, but I defiantly like to try it

  37. Linda Manns Linneman says:

    This sounds so easy. It would definitely save alot of time. I love that you get it within two days and you can even order refrigerated things. Thank you so much for sharing

  38. Laura G says:

    I haven’t tried Jet before but it looks like a great way to avoid going to the store. lol

  39. Kelly O says:

    I have not used JET yet, but have been really impressed by their variety as well as their prices. I need to try them.

  40. Jenna Hudson says:

    I like that there is multiple ways to save! I love promo codes and free shipping!

  41. Sha'rrell Haws says:

    I’ve used a time or two. So far I’ve been very pleased. Online shopping is my preference, I have several kiddos and dragging everyone out for a shopping trip is usually more trouble than it was worth….

  42. Rana Durham says:

    i oove to try jet because i am in love with box of stuff delivered to my home.

  43. Dana Rodriguez says:

    I love shopping online so I have to give this a try!

  44. Marti Tabora says:

    I really hate going to the store and I have to shop for my mom as well as myself. Just might check this out.

  45. Lisa Brown says:

    It’s great to be able to cancel your order is you need to

  46. Gabrielle says:

    This sounds like such a terrific service.

  47. Sandy Cain says:

    I’ve never used before, but I’m seriously considereing it. What a great convenience and good prices, too! And their site says they have 24/7 customer services based in the US! A big plus for me, I have trouble understandins accents when I call on the phone for other customer service, and get someone in China, India or the Philippines.

  48. I dislike going to the store so would really appreciate having items delivered with such ease.

  49. Deanna Marissa says:

    I never seen such convenient place to order groceries online. its very easy and user friendly.

  50. Jenna Hudson says:

    Online shopping would definitely save the hassle of loading up the kids to go to the grocery store!

  51. I like that you can cancel shortly after you’ve placed the order as well as get free returns

  52. Marti Tabora says:

    I absolutely hate going to the store and I have to shop for my mom as well as myself. Just might check this out.

  53. Lisa Brown says:

    I have heard about the service, never tried it.

  54. Gabrielle says:

    This is a really convenient and helpful service.

  55. Nidhi C says:

    Thanks for sharing your valuable opinions. going to place my first order, I bet there will be many more in future.

  56. Rana Durham says:

    i really need to try out jet because these reviews are great.

  57. Mare Wagenbach says:

    Talked this over with hubby ~ and, he has offered to do all the shopping since he loves to go to the stores! I took him up on it. I’m no dummy!

  58. Susan,TN says:

    I have seen a lot on this site but have yet to try it. I need to check it out more..

  59. What a great service this is and a super idea,I’m dying to use it.

  60. Jenna Hudson says:

    The site looks very user friendly and easy to navigate. Like how everything is in categories!

  61. Dana Rodriguez says:

    I prefer shopping online. I am going to check this out!

  62. Deanna Marissa says:

    I love shopping at Its fast and so convenient.

  63. Marti Tabora says:

    I absolutely hate going to the store and I have to shop for my mom as well as myself. Just might try this out.

  64. Lisa Brown says:

    It’s a nice service, I have yet to give it a try.

  65. Gabrielle says:

    This is such a terrific idea. Great for those times when you have too many other things to do.

  66. These are super fun to play with.

  67. Mare Wagenbach says:

    I’ll have to show this to hubby and get his opinion on it. He loves going to stores and I’m the opposite!

  68. denise low says:

    This is great. Just about anything delivered to your door. Thank you for sharing.

  69. Margot C says:

    I bought the cutest plant stands from them.

  70. Pat Ferro says:

    Have yet to try Jet but they do offer a wide selection.

  71. Pat Ferro says:

    Have yet to try JET but what a great selection!

  72. Judy Schechter says:

    I love that you can order cold packed items! I can’t do that with Amazon Prime Pantry!

  73. Jenna Hudson says:

    I have been wanting to do some type of grocery delivery service for myself. Anything to make like a little easier!

  74. Dana Rodriguez says:

    I have never tried Jet but I like the way it looks. I am going to check this out!

  75. Marti Tabora says:

    I absolutely hate going to the store and I have to shop for my mom as well as myself. Definitely going to try this out.

  76. Gabrielle says:

    That sounds so incredibly convenient! There are times when you just don’t want to have to go through all the hassle of going to the store.

  77. Rana Durham says:

    jet has it all in time eff=icent qulity products time. i need to try this plave ot.

  78. Mary Wagenbach says:

    As someone who would rather shop from home, this is a great idea! Just don’t know if it’s as cost effective!

  79. I’ve heard some great things about jet,thinking of giving it a try for things I buy a lot of.

  80. This place sounds awesome!

  81. Terri S says:

    This is so great It would be great to have items delivered right to the door! I will have to check it out!

  82. I like how the categories are organized so everything would be easy to find. Quick and convenient.

  83. Margot C says:

    Kind of an alternative to Amazon or Zulily.

  84. James Robert says:

    For someone who hates going to the stores, this would be pretty terrific t use.

  85. Cynthia R says:

    How convenient and a great array of products. I hate going to the store too!

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