Getting Kids Outside All Year – Snow or Sun From Starlux Games

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Vikings of the Northern Lights from Starlux Games will get your kids playing outside and off their screens and season of the year. They will have fun playing an updated version of freeze tag while running around in the snow. Wouldn’t that be fun? It’s Vikings vs. Ice Dragons as players compete in this game that’s part freeze tag, part team sport. Use for the game as designed or as a dress up accessory.

About Starlux Games: 

At its heart, our company began on Boy Scout camping trips in the Sierra Nevada Mountains playing Capture the Flag. Working together as a team, sneaking around the forest, sprinting at full speed – it was the best game ever! These experiences took root as a business concept when one of us discovered an LED light shaped like an ostrich egg. Somehow, this strange object combined with a classic childhood activity and our first game emerged: Capture the Flag REDUX.

We encourage people of all ages to set aside their screens, open up their imaginations and do something active! But, most importantly, we want people to interact together, form memories and share experiences. We pride ourselves on doing this in an innovative and exciting way:

  • Bring people of all ages together

  • Motivate physical activity

  • Inspire teamwork

  • Provide a unique gift that feels good to give

  • Offer a thrilling group activity

  • A NEW KIND OF FREEZE TAG! Vikings race to collect the glowing gems and return them to the scepter while Ice Dragons freeze tag all the players to win the game
  • ALL AGES PLAY TOGETHER: Ages 5+, for 3-10 players – children, teens and adults work together, forming strategies, guarding and helping each other – perfect for birthday parties, family activities, sleepovers
  • INSPIRE IMAGINATION: A magical medieval scepter, glow-in-the-dark gems, special player powers (and all required CR1220 batteries) – this game kit offers creative game play and can be used for dress up games, fantasy costumes, cosplay events
  • PLAY OUTSIDE ALL YEAR: Designed for both sun and snow, this group game is good for winter and summer – an outdoor activity designed for camping, ski trips, family reunions, backyard play
  • UNIQUE GIFT: Great for youth ages 8-12, this game set offers a family friendly alternative to shooting games, video games, board games, party games, laser tag, foam weapon fighting, frisbees

  • Race to collect and protect glowing gems in a game that’s part capture the flag, part freeze tag, part team sport
  • All ages play together: Ages 5+, 3-10 players
  • Includes a magical medieval scepter, glow-in-the-dark gems, and special player powers
  • Inspires creative gameplay for kids who love Halloween, fantasy, cosplay, and live-action roleplay
  • Winner of a 2021 Parents’ Picks Awards 
  • Affordable and reusable, $34.90, all batteries included

You can purchase on Amazon and on Starlux Games Website

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  • i wish my son was more motivate to do anything.

  • This sounds like a fun way to get kids out doors and play. Really awesome sounding game!

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