Haggar Pants Offer Affordable, Stylish Comfort for Father’s Day #FathersDay2017

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Give your dad the gift of classic, stylish comfort this Father’s Day with clothes from Haggar Clothing Company.  

More about Haggar Clothing Company

Founded in 1926 from Lebanese immigrant Joseph Marion Haggar Sr., it started as a one-room office in Dallas, TX, where it is based to this day. In 1970, Haggar became the number one slack brand in the U.S. In 1978, Haggar partnered with the Pro-Football Hall of Fame to create the infamous “Gold Jacket” that all football inductees receive to this day. 

In 1992 came the introduction of the 100% Wrinkle-Free Cotton casual pants. In 2015, Haggar introduced the No-Iron Khaki pants with stretch technology, and remains the top seller of casual pants in the United States

For the dad on-the-go and traveler,  Haggar Clothing Company Premium No Iron Khaki pants. They include a hidden expandable waistband that gives the wearer up to 3 extra inches of comfort. They have several styles including flat-front or pleated and several fits including classic, straight and slit fit.

Two of David’s favorite colors include the classic khaki and a darker toast shade.They offer the perfect fit and are perfect for his corporate, busy and traveling lifestyle. They are great to take on the road, as he can load them into his suitcase and take them out to wear without ironing.

These pants are available online including Haggar and Amazon, Kohl’s, JC Penney, Belk and Macy’s and retailer for under $45.
Other gift ideas for dad would be the Cool 18 Pro Pants and shorts. They offer 4-way stretch fabric with hidden, expandable waistband. It also has a shirt gripper and comes in several colors.

These pants are available online including Haggar and Amazon, Kohl’s, JC Penney, Belk and Macy’s and retailer for under $40.

For the dapper or eco-friendly dad who likes to get a little dressier, the E-CLO™ Stria pant is perfect. A dressier choice to pair with the In Motion Travel Blazer, Haggar’s E-CLO Stria dress pant comes in 11 different colors for any time of day. Not to mention, it  is America’s #1 selling dress pant.* A great option to look good, feel good and do good, the pant contains fibers made from recycled plastic bottles and has saved more than 125 million bottles from entering landfills.

These pants are available online including Haggar and Amazon, Kohl’s, JC Penney, Belk and Macy’s and retailer for under $35.Want to give him a dressy sport coat? The Haggar Clothing Company InMotion Blazer is the “little black dress” for men: versatile and light-weight with a fabric that gives the freedom and comfort to go anywhere, anytime.  Available in black & navy, this wrinkle-free blazer features side vents and shoulder motion panels, and it comes in tailored and slim fits.

These pants are available online including Haggar and Amazon, Kohl’s, JC Penney, Belk and Macy’s and retailer for under $35.

Be sure to stay connected with Haggar Clothing Company for their latest product information and specials

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43 thoughts on “Haggar Pants Offer Affordable, Stylish Comfort for Father’s Day #FathersDay2017

  • I love Haggar pants and the expandable waistline is great for men.

  • My son likes Haggar pants because they’re wrinkle resistant

  • My husband wears the no iron expandable waist pants every day for work.

  • I used to get my dad who has passed away pants from Haggar years ago. I need to try them again for my husband. Great quality.

  • Haggar has great quality of clothing. My husband’s favorite clothing company.

  • I love the wide variety of styles that Haggar offers.

  • My husband loves Haggar pants. They last a long time, wash well and are versatile. They look great for business or casual. Pricing is fair too!

  • I do like that these pants have a hidden expandable waistband. This would be a super feature for my husband.

  • Haggar pants are wonderful. They can be worn for business or casual. So versatile and great quality too.

  • The company has been around for a while. They have good quality clothing.

  • My husband would like pants like this with Stylish Comfort!

  • These pants are such a good value and it is so impressive how good they look even after many washings.

  • My husband is going to have to choose a pair. I wouldn’t know what style and size he needs.Different brands have different sizing.

  • My husband has been enjoying the quality and fit of Haggar slacks and shorts for years. This style will be comfortable and convenient for him when we travel.

  • Haggar dress pants are the only pants my boyfriend will wear – they are so comfortable and have the nicest material and colors!!

  • I love, love the no iron part the most. These are really affordable also.

  • Their products are so nice! I think my fiance’ would love their shorts.

  • I feel the price is reasonable for these terrific quality pants.

  • It does not surprise me that they are a top seller of casual pants since their pants are so versatile and durable.

  • We have a JC Penney, and Macy’s in our local mall. I will have to look for this brand of pants.

  • My husband just bought a couple pairs of their shorts for the summer. Look good and nice quality.

  • I love that they also come in Big & Tall sizes. I hope they have my husband’s size.

  • I wear their pants all the time at my job. Just cannot beat them! Great quality and comfort.

  • I do shop at Kohl’s and I will definitely look for these pants there. They have a good section to choose from.

  • It is nice that they are available at so many retailers and that they have nice choices for both causal and dressy.

  • These pants sound awesome! I’d love to try them out.

  • Haggar Clothing Company seems to have a wonderful assortment of pants and shorts for my husband and son.

  • So many stylish options. I love that these are high quality and there are lots of different options available. My husband could definitely use some Haggar pants or shorts!

  • I like the color choices and I think that the toast shade is my favorite.

  • The InMotion Blazer is wonderful. I would like to see my husband in that.

  • These look like very well made and comfortable pants. They would make a great Father’s Day gift!

  • I think my husband would look terrific in these Premium No Iron Khaki pants. Such a nice style.

  • Haggar is a favorite brand of my husband’s because they look good but are comfortable to wear.

  • I love that these pants are so easy to wear. You can travel with them, use them for work or just around town. They are so versatile

  • Haggar has been a staple for a very long time. Good product.

  • I’ve always loved the quality and craftsmanship that Haggar puts into their clothing. The clothing is not cheaply made and will last for years.

  • I really like the khaki shorts. My hubby would love to have a pair.

  • Haggar seems to have a lot of wonderful clothing to choose from. I see a lot of pants that would be perfect for my husband and son.

  • Great company… The men in my family have
    worn Haggar clothes, as long as I can remember!
    Thanks, Cindi

  • They look like such comfortable pants. My husband is looking for new cargos since his old ones have gotten pretty worn out.

  • Haggar makes great products that last! Thanks for the article.

  • Loving the pants looking good great fathers day gift

  • Haggar makes such a great product. Their clothing always look nice on and easy to clean. This is a great idea for Fathers Day. Thank you so much for sharing

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