How To Travel In Style – Whatever Your Budget

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Seeing the world is an adventure that is high on most people’s bucket list. And whether it’s spending months trekking around South East Asia living out of your backpack or flying to the top VIP suite in Las Vegas on your Cessna Citation X+, everyone wants to feel good when they travel. But if you don’t have the champagne budget, is it all out of the question? Can you have the trip of a lifetime without unlimited funds? It turns out that travelling in style is just as much of an attitude as a credit card limit. You can have the A-list experience without living on beans on toast for months to fund it. Here’s how…

Plan It Out

Scoring big travel discounts means shopping around and getting in their early before demand rises. With anything that is selling well or in demand you aren’t going to find the sort of steep discounts that will let you experience luxury for less. Getting your trip booked in early however, generally means that you can find great travel deals, especially if you are prepared to travel off-peak. Use the power of the internet and store retailers combined – shop around online for the best deals, then take them into a store and use them to negotiate a further discount. Sites like Secret Escapes also sell off last minute hotel packages at top rated establishments for a fraction of the normal.cost.

Choose Your Destination For Maximum Luxury

It’s time to use your choice of locations to secure luxury for less. The upmarket travel sector has been expanding massively in certain countries over the last few years, with lots of hotels being built to the point where they are beginning to outstrip the number of visitors. All this means is that in certain destinations, the supply of luxury hotel rooms and apartments is currently exceeding customer demand – and that gives you the chance to save big. Destinations in the Indian Ocean, the Middle East and the Caribbean are all key locations to look out for cut price deals. While airline operators can reduce the number of flights they run if demand tailed off, hotels don’t have this option. They have a set number of rooms which need to be filled, as they can’t turn a.profit unless they operate at very close to full capacity. That means competition on pricing or special offers on the length of stay in areas where demand isn’t keeping up. Use that to your advantage. It’s also true that there are certain countries where your travel money goes much further – the Fat East such as Cambodia and Vietnam, parts of Central America and Greece or Bulgaria in Europe will all give you more bang for your buck as your travel money will stretch much further when you’re out there. Lesser-known but higher value destinations mean that little luxuries and treats, services such as spa days, nicer hotel rooms, meals out and airport transfers are all much more affordable. Try and look for locations a little off the beaten track or further out of large population centres to make your budget stretch more and also see more of the authentic side of your chosen destination. Another strategy is to consider where you live, and what the largest population of immigrants is. This is simply because there then tends to be frequent, cheaper flights to that destination due to local demand.

Be Flexible For Greater Value

Changing the time that you choose to travel can also have a big impact on costs. Go outside of the usual season, and you can often find huge discounts on flights and hotels, plus lower prices and entry fees when you arrive. For example, in Asia you can travel in the traditional rainy season. Many think this means it will constantly be raining but it can mean just an hour or two a day – leaving you the rest of the day to explore. For attractions such as galleries and museums, there is also often a greatly reduced entry fee outside of set months or even times of day – if you’re a speedy visitor, there are late entry discounts to be had as it nears closing time. Your accommodation is also likely to be less costly off-peak, or try a ‘high – low’ approach where you mix some five star stays with other cheaper digs such as one of the new wave of boutique hostels which are popping up all over the globe now. Check with the hotel direct to make sure you aren’t paying over the  on a comparison site that is supposedly helping you save – many hotels now deliberately reserve the best rates for direct bookings.

Score A Free Upgrade

When it comes to flying in style, the sweetest feeling is to score a complimentary upgrade on your seats. You’re dealing essentially with a service based industry, and that means people. Knowing how to treat people with politeness and great manners is the key to securing favourable treatment, including that coveted seat upgrade. Be friendly, polite, personable and certainly not too pushy to unlock an upgrade which could have you travelling in style without paying extra. Being dressed well and traveling solo are among the top tips from those well versed in charming airline staff. Approach check-in attendants, hotel personnel and car rental agents politely and respectfully and try your luck – you never know what could happen!

Beat Jet Lag

Flying through time zones can take a big toll on the body, so try and be proactive about minimising the impact. You can do this by staying hydrated and avoiding salty foods, as these will make you feel worse. Try a workout the morning before boarding to ensure you are physically tired and prepared for sleep when you board the plane. An eye mask, cashmere travel blanket and some noise-cancelling headphones can go a long way towards helping you sleep in the plane environment.

Try A Sleeping Aid

The more time you can spend asleep in the air, the better – not only does it make a long journey go quicker, but you have more chance of arriving at your destination feeling rested – this is especially important if you have onward travel arrangements to consider. If you have trouble drifting off, it may be wise to consider using a sleep aid, which as a melatonin tablet. This is a naturally occurring substance that triggers our sleep patterns. When sleeping on your flight, set the alarm for at least 45 minutes prior to arrival. That way, you have time to wake up slowly, grab a drink or snack, use the bathroom to freshen up and get all your things together before the approach.

Dress The Part

Think only A-listers with a full on glam squad in tow can rock airport style? Not true! Being comfortable when you fly doesn’t have to mean a ratty tracksuit – you can combine comfort and style. Chic jersey trousers can look smart and also be comfortable. Wear several layers so you can adjust according to the fluctuating temperatures of your journey. Try not to choose anything with a restrictive waistband or details like rivets that dig in. A great option is to layer a simple white t-shirt in a silk mix fabric that doesn’t crease with a lightweight blazer – pulled together without being overly restrictive. You may want to pack a spare t-shirt if it’s a long haul flight so that you can arrive feeling refreshed. Always bring a travel wrap or shawl as airline-supplied blankets are rarely sufficient. A roomy tote bag in supple leather looks beautiful and is also a practical option for storing all your in-flight essentials.


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