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Keep Product Fresh, Reduce Food Waste, Save Money with BluApple Produce Saver #MegaChristmas23

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Don’t you hate when you just went to the grocery store and you bought beautiful fresh fruits and veggies. You put them in the refrigerator and the next day they already don’t look appetizing anymore? 

Enjoy fruits and vegetables even longer than before with the Bluapple® produce saver! The iconic Bluapple® can be used in a refrigerator’s bin or fruit bowl to help extend produce shelf-life. Keep fruits and vegetables crisp, firm, and fresh up to 2 to 3 times longer! Using commercial shipping technology that has been in place for decades, each Bluapple® has a 9 g active ingredient packet that absorbs the ethylene gas (ethylene gas not only ripens produce, but once released, also starts the decomposing process). A longer shelf-life of these nutrient-rich fruits and veggies means that you can reduce waste and frequent trips to the store! 

Purchase the OneYear Refill Kit and continue to use Bluapple® throughout the year, as each packet lasts up to three monthsBluapple®’s mission is to create less waste. All of their products are designed to be reusable, while reducing produce waste! 

About Bluapple: 

Our Mission is to provide consumers with high quality, affordable products that promote sustainability and a healthy lifestyle, and make the world a better place. We understand the science behind keeping produce fresh and want to offer it for everyone to use, not just the big industries.

We strive to continue learning about:

  • The best ways to store all different kinds of produce

  • How to reduce our carbon footprint

  • What sustainable swaps we can make while maintaining the quality of our products


The Bluapple®  2-Pack contains two Bluapples® and two active ingredient, ethylene gas absorbent packets that will each last for at least three months. Also included is a detailed instruction sheet filled with proven methods and strategies for keeping your produce fresh longer.


FreshMats® are designed to help promote healthy produce. FreshMats® provide cushion to help prevent bruising, lift your produce out of condensation that collects at the bottom of crispers, and allows for airflow all the way around your produce. Each pack comes with 4 large, 15” x 12” mats that can be cut down to the perfect size for your fridge! FreshMats® are also washable and reusable.

VeggieZips® with HydroLiners® are premium produce storage bags designed to meet the humidity needs of your produce. Each VeggieZips® bag is lined with U-Vents®, small flaps that allow ethylene gas to escape and fresh air into the bag. Each bag comes with a HydroLiner®, a thick, cloth-like towel that, when dampened, adds moisture to produce and when used dry, absorbs excess moisture, depending on the produce item’s specific needs. VeggieZips® bags and HydroLiners® are washable and reusable!

Bluapple products are available for purchase on Amazon and Bluapple’s Website

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