Keeping Your Family Healthy And Happy Through Food

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When you’re working hard to balance work life, family life, and a house overflowing with people and animals, sometimes grocery shopping falls by the wayside. Then, you get the inevitable “Mom/Dad! I’m hungry!” And, you look inside your refrigerator to find there are not that many healthy options for you and your family. Certain things are essential to make sure you always have on hand to keep everyone in your household from getting hangry and making sure you have the best and healthiest things on hand. Because, after all, we are what we eat – so, when we eat healthily, we look and feel our best, which makes the whole family happy.

So, let’s take a look at some ways that can not only keep everyone nourished and smiling but also at some ways to make this easier on us as parents – between school, work, extracurriculars, and the inevitable curveballs life throws at us, the easiest way is the preferred way, right?

Look Into Subscriptions

Subscription services can be a serious life and time saver, especially when it comes to the staples you and your family seem to go through quickly. Whether you subscribe and save through Amazon or directly through the manufacturer’s website, subscriptions save you time and completely take it off your plate. If your household contains fur babies as part of the family, which many homes do, streamline your litter and food shopping through a website of your choice and never have to worry about running to the store for pet supplies again.

In addition to individual product subscriptions, if it’s within your budget, it’s worth it to pay a yearly fee for a grocery delivery subscription. Tipping the shopper and driver of your groceries is a small price to pay for not dealing with lines in the store or taking the time out of your already busy day to run to the grocery store. You can even get most of your toiletries and other household needs through these same services. So, just like online shopping for clothes, save yourself the headache and have your groceries delivered.

Let Thy Food Be Thy Medicine

Speaking of groceries, it’s even more important to make sure you’re eating as healthy as possible when you’re raising a family. You know the saying, “Pay the farmer today or pay the doctor tomorrow.” There is a lot of truth in that statement. Making sure you and your loved ones eat foods in their purest, least processed form is one of the best and healthiest gifts you can give them. Not only that, you’re setting your children up for success by teaching them healthy eating habits from the beginning.

Additionally, some people in your household may have specific dietary restrictions or lifestyle preferences that need to be adhered to. Since you don’t want to become a short-order cook, making separate meals for everyone in the household, it’s best to be on the same page about healthy, whole food eating. Ways to get your children involved and on board with this are visiting local farmer’s markets together, talking about the nutritional value of the foods and how they benefit us at an age-appropriate level, letting your kids get involved in the meal preparation process and always try and eat your meals together as a family.

Don’t Forget The Drinks!

Not only is the food we eat essential, so is what we hydrate ourselves with. As parents, we all know the perks of coffee and can feel okay drinking it because we know about its health benefits. Drinking our recommended amount of water every day is especially important and a great habit to pass down to our children.

There are also specialty drinks to incorporate into our family’s daily routine to make sure we’re keeping our health in tip-top shape. Drinks like kombucha, vegan probiotic drinks, and sugar-free fruit juices are great options for children instead of sugary sodas or artificial fruit juices. The bottom line – don’t drink your calories when you can, and if you are in the mood for something flavored, try and make healthy beverage choices for the family.

We all have a lot on our plate, but believe it or not, if we start our days and end them with healthy choices when it comes to what we put into our bodies, the stress of the things on our to-do lists doesn’t feel as daunting because we are feeling healthy and happy. Here’s to your health!

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  • Food subscriptions make it so easy to make a healthy meal. They take the guesswork out!

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