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  1. Culturelle.

  2. Amanda Whitley says

    i do take probiotics! i just started recently though

  3. vivian blevins says

    no I haven’t.

  4. Philip Lawrence says

    I have not tried Probiotics as of yet.

  5. Yes, I take them!

  6. No, I haven’t tried them yet.

  7. No I do not take them but I want to start trying them out.

  8. Trisha McKee says

    I do not yet, but I need to.

  9. Vikki Billings says

    yes, I do take probiotics for my digestive system

  10. Seyma Shabbir says

    Yes! I take probiotics so it helps my digestive system. I do not always eat as healthy as I should so it helps.

  11. I do take probiotics. I do believe that they help with gut health.

  12. Juanita May says

    I do take them. I like the way they help my digestive tract stay healthy.

  13. I do not take probiotics.

  14. Claire McKeon says

    I do not take probiotics

  15. Eileen Boyce says

    Yes I take them every day,

  16. I actually just got some the other day but I haven’t started taking them yet.

  17. Buddy Garrett says

    I don’t take them.

  18. no

  19. Kayla Klontz says

    No, I do not take them, but I probably really should be.

  20. Elizabeth Ray says

    No, I do not take probiotics.

  21. Kimberly Louise Brown says

    No but my daughter does!

  22. Kimberly Louise Brown says

    Thank you the opportunity to enter. Have a very blessed day!

  23. Donna Porter says

    Yes, my family takes probiotics on a regular basis.

  24. Kelli Bryson says

    I did take probiotics but I haven’t recently

  25. Alisha Sawyer says

    At times

  26. Jessica Staley says

    My Dr recommended me take them

  27. Jessie Redding says

    I tried probiotics, but did not have success. Things seemed to get worse. So no, but should probably just try a different type or something.

  28. Yes I take them daily!

  29. Kim Keithline says

    no I havent taken them

  30. Kelsey vinson says

    I don’t usually

  31. Lisa Vanhook says

    Not currently,, but I have been wanting to give them a try..

  32. I do take probiotics

  33. Christina Gutierrez says

    I would love to try these

  34. Catharine R says

    I take probiotics when my digestive system feels “off”.

  35. I love this stuff! its awesome!

  36. Angela Nichols says

    I do not take probiotics but I have considered taking them.

  37. Carrie goodin says

    I take them daily on and off on so many months off a month.

  38. Jennifer Brinker says

    I take probiotics when taking antibiotics mostly but should take them daily.

  39. laura bernard says


  40. Elisa Bradstreet says

    great product

  41. I haven’t started taking probiotics but have wanted to start!

  42. Yes, we take them sometimes.

  43. I take probiotics and switch them up all the time to get a diverse bacteria colony going on

  44. JASON JENNINGS, Sr. says

    no i dont

  45. JASON JENNINGS, Sr. says

    thanks for the chance

  46. No i don’t but i need to

  47. Cheryl Repeta says

    I do not take probiotics.

  48. I take a probiotic gummy every day.

  49. I have never taken them but should start to

  50. Richard Hicks says

    I have considered taking them

  51. Have used them on and off… can’t hurt.

  52. Stephanie Liske says

    i do not take probiotics.

  53. Maryrose Hazzard says

    I do take them occasionally but I am always cautious.

  54. Danielle Magee says

    No, I don’t currently take Probiotics.

  55. Denise Donaldson says

    no I dont take them

  56. I occasionally take them if I am having difficult, um, intestinal problems. Thanks and God Bless!

  57. I take vitamins.

  58. kathy pease says

    No I do not take probiotics

  59. I have taken them before. I don’t have any probiotics in the house right now.

  60. Dee Hadley says

    I don’t take probiotics, I had never heard of them until today.

  61. Lori Walker says

    I did but do not currently take probiotics.

  62. Saundra McKenzie says

    No I’ve never taken probiotics

  63. I take probiotics occasionally. I’m not consistent with it.

  64. We have just started taking them.

  65. I don’t take probiotics, but I do drink beverages with probiotics in them from time to time.

  66. I occasionally take probiotics.

  67. Melissa Williams says

    I do not currently. I would like to try though

  68. Hesper Fry says

    I don’t take probiotics right now, but have thought about possibly trying them out in the future.

  69. Brenda Elsner says

    I don’t take probiotics

  70. Debra Francis says

    No, I don’t.

  71. No, I don’t take probiotics.

  72. Angela Thorpe says

    I do not take probiotics

  73. I don’t right now but I do really need to start. I’ve been taking steps to be healthier – first step was to quit smoking – been smoke and nicotine free for almost 2 months now.

  74. I do when I remember

  75. Michelle Scott says

    I don’t take probiotics but I should start.

  76. I don’t currently take Probiotics.

  77. I used to, but I stopped for some reason. Probably just ran out and kept forgetting to get more.

  78. Yana Ryjova says

    I do! It really helps keep my digestive system healthy and to help regulate the good bacteria in my lady parts.

  79. I do not take probiotics yet, but I know I should start to soon.

  80. I don’t take probiotics.

  81. I do not.

  82. I take plenty of vitamins but I havent taken probiotics.

  83. I do not take probiotics, but some family members do.

  84. Jane McGregor says

    Yes! I’m a vitamin addict!

  85. Kyl Neusch says

    i do not

  86. I do take probiotics and would love to try these

  87. I dont take priobiotics

  88. I do not take them but I’ve been hearing a lot of good things about them and want to try them.

    kport207 at gmail dot com

  89. Julie Hawkins says

    I do take probiotics I think they are very helpful.

  90. Stephanie Larison says

    I do sometimes, probably not as often as I should be.

  91. Carolyn Gonzalez says

    Yes i do

  92. I like the Desert Tribe set of 4

  93. Mary Somerville says

    I do take probiotics. They have helped.

  94. Angie Ford says

    Yes I do ,when I can remember!

  95. I took them awhile back but I stopped taking them.

  96. i do not take probiotics

  97. Sam Brooks says

    No I do not.

  98. yes, I do

  99. I’ve never taken probiotics before

  100. Melissa Shirley says

    I have taken them in the past but I’m not consistent with it. My mother always tells me to take them.

  101. Tina Palazzolo says

    I try to take at least 1 a day even if its only half the dose.

  102. Kelly Wilson says

    I’ve never tried probiotics before but I ordered some and will be trying them soon.

  103. Anne Higgins says

    I don’t take any but eat products, like yogurt, which contain them

  104. Jason Vaughn says

    I have taken them on and off again.

  105. Darlene Carbajal says

    I do not, but I need too.

  106. No but I really think i need to. I have had problems in that certain area lol for a bit now and I think it is because of stress. I have a doctors appointment and if he wants (I will ask) I will be taking them soon.

  107. Cynthia Schmied says

    I do take probiotics as part of my efforts to improve my health.

  108. I do

  109. Kelly Grant says

    No But I probably should

  110. Ashley Trail says

    I did for quite awhile and then just forgot to keep buying them. I have been getting stomach aches and they did truly help.

  111. Theresa Jenkins says

    I currently do not take probiotics

  112. Dawn Monroe says

    Ive never taken them but my sister in law recommends them often.

  113. nicole bowers says

    After having children, I began taking probiotics!

  114. I don’t currently take probiotics.

  115. Jennifer Reed says

    No, I do not currently take probiotics. I would love to learn more about them and their benefits.

  116. Emily Adams says

    Not currently!

  117. Monique Rizzo says

    No, but I would like to start!!

  118. I would like to try to take some

  119. My son takes them due to some medical issues.

  120. Holli Joren says

    I have taken probiotics, but do not currently.

  121. No, I don’t take probiotics. I probably should. However, I just can’t get into the mindset of taking that stuff every day. Plus, I’m not big on taking any type of pill. *Shrugs*

  122. Alexandra Y says

    I do not take probiotics unless I am on antibiotics.

  123. beth shepherd says

    YEs, I do take them. THank you

  124. Cheryl VanBrunt says

    No I don’t take probiotics

  125. I don’t currently take a probiotic, but my doctor suggested it to help with digestion!

  126. Yes, I take probiotics daily!

  127. No, I don’t take any.

  128. I don’t take probiotics but we eat a lot of yogurt.

  129. Casey Everidge says

    no but i want to start taking them

  130. Susan Smith says

    Yes, sometimes I do take them.

  131. Yes, I do take them.

  132. Tara Darity says

    I have taken them occasionally!

  133. David Basile says

    No I have not but I should

  134. No, I have not yet tried probiotics but am thinking of doing so.

  135. paige chandler says

    no I dont but I need to,

  136. Yes, sometimes I do take them.

  137. Antoinette M says

    No, I do not.

  138. I have taken probiotics in the past but I don’t currently. My dog does though LOL

  139. Debbi Wellenstein says

    I am not currently taking probiotics, but I plan to start.

  140. No, I haven’t tried probiotics yet, but I want to.

  141. Christina Sparks says

    Yes, sometimes I do take them.

  142. Kimberly Hilbert says

    I eat yogurt every day and they have probiotics there. I wish there was more information on exactly how much is the optimal amount.

  143. I do not take probiotics, but have in the past.

  144. Adrienne Gordon says

    I currently do not.

  145. Betty Curran says

    I haven’t been taking probiotics but I should start.

  146. yes I usually take a probiotic daily

  147. I do not take probiotics regularly, but I do take them after a stomach virus.

  148. I sometimes take probiotics

  149. Tandi Cortez says

    No, I haven’t yet started taking probiotics.

  150. I don’t take them but I do eat a lot of yogurt.

  151. Tari Lawson says

    I do not currently take probiotics.

  152. alice minx says

    I do and I don’t ..I probably should take them more often

  153. no but someone in my family does all the time.

  154. I do not take probiotics, but I’d like to. Thanks for the giveaway!

  155. I do.i’m trying to get healthy.thank you.

  156. Tracy Shafer says

    I do not..but really need to.

  157. Dwayne Berry says

    I occasionally take probiotics

  158. Holly Thomas says

    No I don’t take probiotics.

  159. No I don’t but wouldn’t mind trying

  160. I don’t regularly; a lot of the foods I eat naturally have them.

  161. I have but didn’t finish them a while back! I heard some are better than others.

  162. sharlene caisse says

    Yes I take probiotics to help with my stomach problems.

  163. Yes, I take probiotics

  164. I don’t take probiotics

  165. I do not take probiotics. I do need to start taking them.

  166. I try to eat probiotic foods like kimchi and yogurt, since I prefer them to pills.

  167. Linda Lansford says

    I do not take probiotics

  168. christina purvis says

    I do when I remember to!

  169. David Hollingsworth says

    I don’t, but I do eat foods that contain probiotics, like yogurt.

  170. Abigail Gibson says

    No I don’t. I do eat yogurt though.

  171. Danielle Wood says

    I do take probiotics, my kids take them too. It helps keep their digestive systems healthy

  172. No I don”t

  173. I have never taken them before but I would give them a try.

  174. Margaret Smith says

    Yes, to help with digestion.

  175. Kristin McCall says

    I do not take them but I should probably start tomorrow.

  176. Yes, my entire family takes probiotics. My husband and daughter swear by them because they have digestive issues, and it really helps them. I take them because it really keeps me regular and keeps my gut healthy.

  177. Jessie Mohler says

    I do and I don’t care much for them they are too seeet

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