Make It a TastyKake Breakfast this Holiday Season #ChristmasFAL16

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When I was a kid growing up in Indianapolis, we would travel to visit my grandparents and other family in Pennsylvania and Maryland. Aside from the delicious Maryland Bay crabs we would eat, I would always look forward to enjoying delicious TastyKake treats.

My personal favorite was the Koffee Kake Juniors®! We would always stock up on them while there and bring several boxes and varieties home.


Since those times, many years ago, TastyKake has expanded their territory and I can now enjoy them anytime right here in Ohio. They makes several types of snacks including snack cakes, donuts, honey buns, cinnamon rolls, kandy Bar, snowballs and pies in various flavors as well.

Now that Christmas is here, I can enjoy their holiday flavors. Imagine waking up Christmas morning with delicious pastries and delights from TastyKake. With seasonal flavors including red Velvet, Sweet Maple and Gingerbread, TastyKake products will be the most delicious treat for you and your family all season long.

You can find TastyKake products in select stores near you. Utilize their store locator to find out exactly where you can purchase them.


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57 thoughts on “Make It a TastyKake Breakfast this Holiday Season #ChristmasFAL16

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  • Love the mini donuts!!

  • I have never had their red velvet flavor. I am going to look for these this weekend!

  • I have never had any TastyKake products, but I would love to try them!

  • The Kandy Kakes do look tasty and festive for this time of year!

  • I’m putting some Tastykakes on my shopping list right now!

  • I love these! They are so good!!!

  • i love red velvet cakes

  • This article made me hungry, not complaining.

  • This article made me hungry – not complaining.

  • I love the mini donuts the best. They go great with hot coffee.

  • The Peanut Butter KandyKakes are the best. Yum!

  • Happy Holiday’s I’m Dreaming Of A Tasty

    • Christmas

  • I was born and raised in Western Pennsylvania but never was introduced to TastyKakes until I moved to Georgia and a friend of mine (who’s territory was Eastern PA) brought some home to share. I love them and I can now find them in my stores down here. Delicious!

  • TastyKakes are my favorite!

  • SO many delicious tasting cakes here from tastykakes.

  • The red velvet kandy Kakes are calling 🙂

  • PeanutButterKandyCakes are my absolute favorites, it’s like eating a pb cup with cake Num

  • The snack cakes are really tasty and convenient to take to work.

  • Tandycakes still my favorite

  • All kinds of goodies warmed up on Christmas morning, nice fresh coffee or cocoa for the kids and boom there’s breakfast

  • I love TastyKakes. My favorite is the kandy kakes.

  • I have never had tasty kakes but I would love to try some!

  • These all look delish! I love to have snacks like this with my morning coffee!

  • Tastykake is great-i love having some donuts around when the grandchildren visit.

  • The pumpkin spice sounds like something I would like to try out

  • Love those doughnuts. My kids would also love this.

  • I Love Tasty Kakes! I hope I win


  • The kandy kakes are so sweet!

  • I’d like to try the red velvet, yum!

  • I was delighted to find they made pumpkin spice donuts, and of course here in the South the key lime donuts went over in a bug way, but year round it’s hard to beat their chocolate frosted.

  • I haven’t bought TastyKake for a long time. I don’t know why! It’s sold at the Jewel near my house. I think I just forgot about it, especially when I haven’t made anything out of TastyKake for a while. I think it may be time again to start!

  • I used the store locator and was very pleased to find out there is now a store not to far that carries them.

  • I tried their mini donuts a couple of months ago and absolutely loved them. Would love to win this.

  • I have yet to try TastyKake but their snacks sound amazing. There would be zero complaints with a breakfast like this!

  • Yum! I love all the different donuts that tastykake makes for us, So many delicious! flavors to choose from, I think
    in my home we all have our own favorites.

  • I would like to try the Red Velvet Kandy Kakes

  • They all looks so very tasty,, my kids love snacks like this!

  • hi i love astycake he’re my favorite desert,after supper.i’ve been tastycakes biggest fan ever since they first cameout.

  • I was happy to see that they do sell these here in my state, NE. I can’t wait to try them out the next time I go to the store.

  • I’m going to hunt for those maple sweet rolls, they look divine, all of these yummy treats would be perfect for breakfast.

  • I have loved these yummy treats ever since I was a kid

  • I love Tastykake donuts. My favorite is chocolate covered and powered sugar. We live in IN. so can get them at our local store.

  • I would be so happy to try the red Velvet, Sweet Maple and Gingerbread flavors. TastyKake has a lot of fabulous flavors.

  • These treats look so delicious!! I’d love to try the Gingerbread flavor!

  • I would love to try the sweet maple rolls!

  • I love tastykake donuts and would love to try their other snacks!

  • TastyKakes looks really delicious. I love all the varieties. They are the most yummy treat all year long anytime of the day.

  • After so many years in Pennsylvania, I was surprised to find that Tastykakes aren’t available everywhere. They’re still a family fave. 🙂

  • Tastykake–it’s probably as good as Entenmann’s!

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